These Playoffs Are the Reason Cowboys Should Wear Navy More

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    I know it's 2 days until the first playoff game and so this is probably a terrible time to mention this, but I just saw Tampa is wearing white at home versus Philly. I have also had the thought that if Dallas were to make the Super Bowl, since the AFC gets to pick their jersey color this year and there's some crazy statistic like 90% of the SB winners in the past 20 years have worn white, coupled with Dallas' blue jerseys being considered "cursed", it is almost a certainty the AFC team in the SB would force Dallas to wear navy, as would Tampa if we go there next week.

    Dallas is the only team I know of that has a "cursed" uniform they seemingly try to avoid, and in a game where mentality is everything, every little edge matters. Fortunately this year they are 3-1 in navy and no, the uniforms shouldn't matter to the players, but there's a reason Dallas only wears navy on the road. It's because teams who normally don't wear white at home force them to for the reasons I mentioned above and because there is at least some belief amongst opposing teams that forcing Dallas to wear navy creates an advantage.

    For this reason alone I think Dallas needs to start voluntarily wearing navy at home more. It doesn't have to be as much as the whites but at least 3 home games a year consistently should kill this dumb narrative that I'm sure the players and coaches get asked about. Just my two cents. Plus, I've always wondered if the Cowboys players (well, really Dak/QB when he's making quick reads) ever get thrown off when they change up the uni's since they wear the same thing 90% of the time.
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