These playoffs had the worst coaching decision ever? Maybe but not our own

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 24, 2022.

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    I too was calling for a squib kick. But, the player receiving the kick could’ve just downed the ball where he caught or fell on it, so no time would’ve run off the clock then either.
  2. Risen Star

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    Yeah but that's not a coaching decision.
  3. Redsfan_83

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    Bills HC taking lots of heat, and it is not the first time this season either. Put it this way...I'd rather lose like we did than lose like the Bills did....We ne never had our game, they had it.
  4. Blast From The Past

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    Romo as a matter of fact said they should squib kick it before the Bills decided to boot it into the end zone for no possible return. He was surprised that they did so. So major brain fart by the head coach and special teams coach for sure.
  5. Tommy

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    I think kicking it deep was the right call.

    If the ST coach calls for a squib kick and it goes out of bounds or the Bills get a long return out of it he would be getting hammered today for not kicking it deep.

    The Bills losing yesterday had zero to do with the decision to kick it deep and everything to do with a monumental collapse on defense.
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  6. Tommy

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    One thing you can say with certainty is that the 49ers had no idea it was coming. They were completely fooled.
  7. Chuck 54

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    I agree with the premise. I felt, while the final quarter was entertaining for fans, both teams defenses were absolutely horrible with bad coaching decisions. However, if you squib kick, the clock still doesn’t start until a player touches the ball, so a Chiefs player could simply fall on it, giving himself up, costing the team 1 second at most, and probably having much better field position than the 25.

    On defense, I play 3 deep across the back, so no huge play. I bracket 2 guys on Hill, and I single cover the other guys 1-1, especially Kelsey, and that still leaves 3-4 pass rushers. There is no excuse for allowing the two easy completions prior to the FG. In overtime, the only contested catch was Kelsey’s TD…..WTH! Were they playing prevent in overtime?

    And on the other side, how the hell do the chiefs give up 4 TD’s, 3 long ones, to Davis who was ranked 129th in receptions and 77th in yards in a league with 32 teams?! That whole 4th quarter blew my mind.

    Not to mention how the heck the Bucks didn’t double both OBJ and Kupp in the final seconds!

    If either of those endings had happened in Dallas, our fan base would be even more angry than it is now.
  8. TheDude

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    Squib was the right call. But Tyreek Hill was back there...50/50 he gets it to the 40 with 8 seconds left. But you take that option
  9. conner01

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    They practice squib kicks just like regular kicks
    Rarely do they go out of bounds
    The biggest threat is a return that gets them even better field position, but the clock was more important than say being at 35 rather than 25
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  10. TheHerd

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    This is what I was thinking. Penalties don't matter. I know the game can't end on a defensive penalty, but do it once or twice so there's only time for a hail Mary and no time to complete a pass and call a timeout.
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  11. Diehardblues

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    The Chiefs could have downed the squib or pooched kick only taking a second or two at most. . There’s also the possibility the kick goes out of bounds which would place it at the 40.

    It’s easy to second guess but the bigger crime is giving up 2 plays with only 13 seconds for over 40 yards left to set up the FG opportunity.

    I don’t think there’s any comparison to our misjudgment of the 14 seconds play. Which the call itself wasn’t as bad as not knowing or looking for the referee to set the ball down before the snap.

    There certainly appeared to be enough time to get our snap off if we just hand it to a referee first. We weren’t even looking for a referee.

    It didn’t look like we’d been coached on how to handle that situation wasting valuable seconds.
  12. Floatyworm

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    To answer your question....Cowboys are privileged....the Bills....not so much.
  13. CTcowboy203

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    no it’s a coaching blunder.
  14. Mark

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    The Bengals are 7.5 pt. dogs, but I wouldn't FedEx the Lombardi Trophy to KC just yet.

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