These playoffs have shown the Cowboys are not close to contenders

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyFFan, Jan 23, 2022.

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    Kelce and Kittle are not receivers.
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    You're right, but I don't see the results being much different than years ago. Bad teams occasionally beat good teams too. Plenty of games that were high scoring with tons of offense. The only real difference I see now is there are a lot more garbage teams. Falcons, Jags, Texans, Jets, Giants, Panthers, and Lions. Hell, the Saints almost made the playoffs. I see more disparity in the NFL this season than I have in the 70s.
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    I think a problem people are having is Dak makes as much money as Allen and Mahomes but he can’t carry teams like they do and we have to somehow build a team so good that it can get us to the Super Bowl while paying our QB like something he is not.

    The reality is we’ll probably never win anything because of that contract but the 1 positive we have is we are a NFC team and not a AFC team.
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    I disagree. They were closer than it looks. In the first 7 weeks of the season they definitely looked like they could compete with any of the teams remaining. They have the talent. Get them a smarter set of coaches and they could still be in this thing.
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    It's an elite QB league. Let's face it.

    Defense and a dominate run game can help tremendously in getting you to the championship, but at the end of the day an elite QB is going to win you a championship (see 49ers/Chiefs a couple year ago).

    Here are the QBs left standing :

    Joe Burrow (1st round)
    Patrick Mahomes (1st round)
    Matt Stafford (1st round)
    Jimmy G (2nd round)

    Here are the QBs that are now watching:

    Tom Brady (6th round. The ultimate outlier)
    David Carr (1st round)
    Aaron Rodgers (1st round)
    Josh Allen (1st round)
    Jalen Hurts (2nd round)
    Big Ben (1st round)
    Mac Jones (1st round)
    Kyler Murray (1st round)
    Dak Prescott (4th round)

    Besides Tom Brady (The GOAT) and Dak, every single QB was a 1st or 2nd rounder. The two 2nd rounders (Hurts and Jimmy G) clearly need to be carried and cannot be trusted. The 49ers could realistically get to another Super Bowl with Jimmy G behind their run game and defense, but then they'll more than likely be up against Mahomes again and I see a repeat of the previous time they played.

    The last QB the Cowboys drafted in the 1st round? Troy Aikman.

    We have wasted enough time with the undrafted/late round QBs trying to find the next Tom Brady. He is a once in a lifetime type of talent. He is the outlier. Tony Romo and Dak overachieved and Jerry thought he'd found the next Brady.

    The Cowboys need to find a true 1st round talent at QB. Yes, there are busts, and it requires some luck, but if you hit on your 1st round QB then you could have the next Allen, Mahomes, Burrow, or Herbert. We have Dak for the next 3 years. Why not use these nesxt 3 years trying to find the next QB that is going to compete wit

    My idea:

    I'd like to see us do a Bret Farve/Aaron Rodgers type of situation. We draft a guy high in the draft. 1st or even early 2nd round. We do not play him right away. We instead let him learn behind Dak. Then when Dak's contract is up, and if he looks and plays the part, then we give him the reigns. Maybe it'll work out, maybe not, but I'd take my chances because its obvious to me that if you're going to win a Super Bowl in this day and age you need elite QB play.
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    This team needs an iron fist guy. Too many paid, intitled,soft guys. You would think they would learn but, they never do.
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    Brady was horrible for 3 qtrs yesterday, rams had 4 turnovers and gave up a 27-3 lead.
    Buffalos defense was awful down the stretch as was the Chiefs. The Packers offense was awful
    the whole game as was the 49ers who won because of blocked kicks. The Bengals gave up 9 sacks on the way to their win.
    We tend to look at all the good from other teams and dont see all the flaws.
  8. Beast_from_East

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    We don’t have an elite Qb,

    Until that changes we are never going to be a serious contender. We might get lucky in the Wildcard round every now and then but that is our ceiling.
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  9. MountaineerCowboy

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    Does anyone really believe Dak could do what Allen or Mahomes did last night?
  10. blueblood70

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    wrong, i believe we are but the penalties and mistakes talent is other just have to clean this up period. we are a very talented team, we can play with any of those teams sans mistakes.
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    Unreal games this weekend. I saw 8 teams that were hungry and well coached. They played hard to the very last second.

    He played like that against TB in September. Haven't seen it out of him since then. He's erratic in the pocket.

    So no, I don't think he could
  12. blueblood70

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    JG is not elite not even as good as dak that fact so wrong ..its the incessive amounts of penalties killing games not our qb , OL is inconsistent, OC isnt great, run game is missing..we have far too many mistakes to win against equal talent., stop blaming the qb..nick foles isnt dak yet they won a sb.

    so why is brady and rogers one and Done, explain to of the finalist for MVP..odd narratives like the QB is the only position on the team, Josh Allen played near perfect post season and game last night and his dense who was #1 lost the game.. its TEAM game and we ahve the talent to win but not the talent to overcome 14 penalties.
    that obvious the OL is our biggest issue not dak the OC next, OLC next yes dak could be better but he didn't allow the 9ers to score on their fiorst 4 drives did he> did he get 14 penalties? jeez dude let it go..i watched the same games Bills KC had FOUR (4) penalties between them and no TOS..

    be nice to have team play clean because we can win a lot of games

    lost by 3 in ot to raiders 14 penalties some bad calls LOSS
    lost by 2 to TB on the road
    Lost by 3 to az penalties and missed calls
    lost by 6 to 9ers 14 penalties
    lost by 10 to KC who didn't score like last night against us but our offense made too many mistakes. drop balls, allow too much pressure and yes dak was off

    these close losses show actual factual proof clean up the mistakes and those are easy wins.
  13. Blitzen

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    The Cowboys oline is much better than Cincinnati’s (even with the turnovers). Agree on the rest. Front office/coach/QB are so far behind that there is no realistic chance of becoming a real contender. However, all the best young QB’s play in the AFC so they have a shot at getting to the SB (just not much chance of winning once they get there).

    You will get plenty of blubbering fans disagreeing with you obviously. They get emotional and view Dallas as even with the other clubs that also qualified for the playoffs. “One you make the playoffs, you are a contender” (read in Jimmy MacElroy voice). To be a true contender, you need to make the conference title game much more often than the cowboys have the past quarter century.
  14. CowboyFanInLexKy

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    Though I agree with your overall reply, Drafting is a crapshoot. How many first and second round quarterbacks have busted over the years? They may have been great in college but it's a complete different level in the NFL. It's frustrating....
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  16. MountaineerCowboy

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    It's a crap shot I agree, but if you hit then you're set for the next 15 years.
  17. Silly

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    How can you say Aaron choked? He had the game won until the blocked punt and touchdown. Also, he was throwing the ball in 0 degree weather in the snow.
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    @OP, agreed. Dallas didn't belong on the field with any of the teams that played Saturday or Sunday. All 8 teams are markedly better than the Cowboys team that was the only home team to lose in the Wild Card round.
  19. RS12

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    26 years and counting: Its the rotten Jones culture.
  20. SteveTheCowboy

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    Despite people sayin we have/had the best o-line....I think it's one of our biggest issues. When I see Mixon run...he can get a head of steam, he has a lane...the o-line has push and ATTACKS. It's also not very predictable.

    We on the other hand....look like we're pass blocking......there's no push...we just create this wall, then run Zeke up their backs.

    Three times in a row then claim our run game isn't working and blame zeke.

    I'm tellin' ya...there is something wrong with our run game design. It's like an afterthought that we put almost zero respect into.

    I agree Pollard looks better...but he gets more plays in space/flats. We dont; ask him to pound it up the clogged middle as much as zeke.
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