Things the Dallas Cowboys must fix in order to win the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zekecowboy, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Swaim is the most complete tight end and I think he is a free agent.
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    We had a lot of issues in red zone last year. No Witten, no Dez, poor protection, poor short yardage blocking in the run game, only one TE who can really block and he goes to IR, and a QB who can't really throw a decent fade. They need to be aggressive about fixing it in the offseason if we're going to score more points.

    On defense, we need turnovers. If we can't get them with the young players getting better, we need to add an expensive FA safety.
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    Not arguing the point, although I'd prefer to bring in another mid round QB, but one of the many unheralded benefits of Dak is his durability. Hasn't missed a game in 3 years.
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  5. Idgit

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    He's great that way. But I'd also like to run him more. If one of the two we've got steps up in preseason, great. But if not, we don't need them both. I'd pick the best of them and bring in a vet who could play for a game or two if Dak sprains an ankle or whatever. We don't realize how thin we are there right now because we haven't needed them, but it could be 2015 all over again in a minute. I'd like some insurance there.
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    I think the biggest problem was we keepd pulling out plays that end up targeting JAGs that couldn’t execute rather than handing it to Zeke. How many times was he stopped this season? My recollection is that Zeke rather failed to produce in short yardage.
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    I'd like him to run more too. And I know that increases injury risk, although I am skeptical that the increase is really that much.

    If they give him a long extension, I'd go for that.

    If a 1 year extension or none, then I want to bring in another mid round QB to compete. Give us a chance to get a QB. And I think he gets at least a 1 year extension.
  9. Blackrain

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    Only someone from the forum short bus would view Dak as criticizing his coaches instead of himself

    This is so bad even the other forum jackwagons Matt James and Pappy dog didn't like it . Come on Risen your the Likes Collector on this spit hole of a gossip column get your group on board LOLOL
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    Isnt this disguising the offense some. Having different players alternate the routes they run. This is what Brady does all the time and Dak is complaining about not being comfortable. I think Dak is full of BS. He doesnt throw downfield because he doesnt trust his arm to throw into tighter windows past 15 yards.
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    A QB like Brady has thrived year after year with different players, so to blame this on different receivers at X and Y is weak thing to say. Just use the ole Garrett line of we will work harder and get better. Sure sounds like our QB is blaming others.
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  12. dfense

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    I think Dak has about 2 more years of excuses to spend. Then its time to call it like it is. A pretty good athlete playing QB.
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  13. Dorsett33

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    Well...there weren't many teams that found this out. They only lost 3 games. Some of you were praising the Rams QB all season long. Now he's a system QB....smh.
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  14. Dorsett33

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    Excuses?!?!? Lmao. Ok.
  15. ChuckA1

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    The D got gashed up the middle multiple times this year and last. The DL desperately needs a huge 1T eating up two blockers.
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  16. Hadenough

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    Reminds me of Tim Tebow. I dont understand what people watch during a Cowboys game. They disregard Daks inability to read a defense, not trust his arm in the redzone, wait twice as long as any QB in the league to get rid of the ball, ball security, unable to complete 3rd downs with any consistency, doesnt go through his reads. His accuracy issues are obvious with all the circus catches the WR, RB have to make. This is not the type of QB that will win a SB. But still people watch the game and think Dak is great! Come on man! The team is carrying him! If Dallas wants to win a SB they need to start right now by planning on targeting Trevor Lawrence in the 2020 draft. That kid is going to be the #1 pick and even if Dallas traded Zeke and Lawrence and (2) #1 draft picks to move up it would be well worth it. They would have a better chance at winning a SB for the next 12 years than they do with Dak.
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  17. DallasEast

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    4. Strengthen the interior of the defensive line

    ^ Main reason why I want the front office to look extremely hard at all remaining unpicked defensive tackle talent before using the team's first pick of the draft.
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  18. ItzKelz

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    I think you misunderstood what Dak was saying. He was not comfortable because the WR by committee was not working.
  19. Jake

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    I'm saving my "well done Jerry" for when the team actually accomplishes something this century.
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  20. ColoCowboy

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    At the risk of unleashing Hades' demons, this is where and how advanced analytics will greatly aid this team. As much as we were hurt by poor execution, our tendencies and predictable play-calling really affected our performance just as much.

    Most have rightly pointed out red zone and third down efficiencies as areas of improvement along with defensive stoppages and take-aways as areas of improvement. The real question is, how to affect improvement?

    Aside from individual player development, I think we could see significant improvement in the offense through such things as no huddle, play action and QB roll-outs.

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