This Draft seems to be about mentality

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, May 5, 2022.

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    One thing about this Draft for the Cowboys seems to be about selecting players with a certain type of mean/aggressive mentality. The Jones' and Will McClay mentioned that the were looking to change the mentality of the players due to how they were bullied in the second half of the season and especially in the SF playoff game.
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    A defense has to maintain a high level of play, for more than three years, in order for me to put them among the all time greats. Now, when thinking about these all time great defenses, how many of them were loaded with big and physical players?

    The NFL history of all time great defenses should have been taught the Cowboys that big and physical was the way to go.
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    Crucial part of the game.
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    Hot Boyz need not apply...
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    When you keep losing to physical teams in crunch games that will cause you to want to change your mentality. We have to get tougher in the trenches. We’re not going to get very far losing battles in the trenches. Losing the battle in the trenches has been a sad theme for the Cowboys.
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    I felt the same last year
    Guys who are big effort guys
    I like the idea of effort guys because they obviously love the game.
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    I think hotboyz is finally done... thank god lol
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    Been needing players with an attitude for years. Seems we are getting a few over the last few drafts.
  10. jazzcat22

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    From Hot Boyz to Micah's Monsters.
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  11. john van brocklin

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    Are you saying we were Charmin soft last year?
    Glad we are addressing this in the draft.
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    Sure was. Testing the mentality of the fans.

    They failed. All off season. You're welcome. Salty out.
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    Good point!

    I believe that's exactly why they passed on Jermaine Johnson.

    People were tired of the talented guys who under-performed the baggage they brought.

    There's a long list of players who were seen as great draft picks, talent-wise, but always brought some sort of prima donna schtick that usually negated their talent.

    And . . . for example, to highlight the OP's point, Jermaine Johnson is known to be sort of a narcissist, who's father is overbearing and overly involved, who couldn't cut the minimum academic requirements to play anywhere other than Junior College.

    Still, to this day, he's known for loving himself, being a ham, loving attention, and thinks his crap doesn't stink, because of his dad. At least in this regard.

    That's actually in his scouting report, by the way.

    And that's why so many teams passed on the "top 10" talent.

    I know some may bring up Sam Williams. But his interviews, and reports on him, are that he likely understands the gravity of his actions and attitude and that he's trying to put it all behind him, and put his best foot forward.

    We also didn't burn a first rounder on WIlliams. We went with a guy with excellent character traits.

    Historically, it's not the flashiest teams who're winning in the playoffs. It's the most disciplined, functioning, well-coached teams that end up making it through to the end.

    So, yeah, I believe you are right. And I dig this strategy, for a change.

    The people overly-criticizing would rather see us doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That's been a knock on Jerry for decades now. It took years and years of getting burned time after time, again and again, but he's finally doing something different.. for a change.
  14. cowboyec

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    every play.
    we got pushed around last season.
    lets start pushing back.
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  15. Risen Star

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    If you don't want to be bullied you upgrade your line play on both sides of the ball. I don't care what attitude they have. I care about talent.

    Either Big John Studd is the truth or that defense will still get bullied because their DTs suck.
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  16. BourbonBalz

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    Many so-called lesser talented players are currently residing in the HOF. Yes, you’ve got to have talent, but heart, determination, and aggressiveness are also very important and shouldn’t be discounted.
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  17. Risen Star

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    I literally don't know a single player in the HOF who didn't have great talent.

    I don't care what attitude this group of DTs show up with. They suck and will get pushed around by any quality opponent.
  18. BourbonBalz

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    I’ll throw out two just off the top of my head. Jack Lambert and Drew Pearson. Neither were that big and neither had blazing speed. Don’t get me wrong, they obviously had talent but neither was Uber talented. Lambert loved the game and played with great heart, determination, and a nasty attitude. That’s what made him. Same with Drew. There were many receivers that had greater athleticism and natural ability, but he just had IT, whatever IT really is. There are others that fit the mold. Desire can get a player to greater heights than talent alone. My $.02 for what it’s worth.
  19. Risen Star

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    Yeah Lambert and Pearson lacked talent. They were all attitude.
  20. BourbonBalz

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    You didn’t even read the post. That’s obvious. Either that or you just want to be your contrarian self.

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