This Draft seems to be about mentality

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, May 5, 2022.


    PAPPYDOG There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!

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    This is the SHOW no matter who the HC is......and it's not changing soonest.....
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    Terry Bradshaw off the top of my head.
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  4. BAT

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    Mentality should start from the top.

    What Troy said.

  5. morat1959

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    Not to worry, all players fall into the Jones clan, country club mentality shortly after they arrive.
  6. SlammedZero

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    I'm good with it, we could use some attitude, but please don't let the Hot Boyz name ever come back. No Fly Zone. Cool name. Legion of Boom. Cool name. Monsters of the Midway. Cool name. Steel Curtain. Cool name.

    Hot Boyz? The very opposite of a cool name.
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    Our only hope.

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