This game comes down to Wade v. Jason

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Wade Phillips, our former HC, a hall of fame worthy DC, and the current DC coordinator of the Rams has built an impressive unit once again, but his unit has allowed the most yards per carry of any team, and he now comes head to head with Jason Garrett's offense, led by the best RB in the league, Zeke.

    This narrative of the offensive minded coach who replaced Wade as HC has not really gained much mainstream traction, but to me it is the game.

    Wade knows Jason, Jason knows Wade. They understand how each other thinks.

    Our defense will perform, their offense will perform.

    This game truly comes down to our offense vs their defense.

    The Rams are the worst defense in the league against the run ranking #32, allowing 5.1 YPC over the 2018 season - but here is the major key for Dallas... during away games, they have allowed 4.8, at home games the Rams have allowed 5.4 YPC

    Our recipe to winning tomorrow comes down to one man - #21, Zeke. FEED ZEKE. #TwoSpoons.

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    Why do you keep posting that goofy *** song
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    I'd say this game would be more of an embodiment of McVay vs. Marinelli/Richard.

    To suggest that Wade's lackluster defense is going to be the focal point compared to an offense where JG hasn't called plays in years is a bit of a reach.
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  4. Cowboy Brian

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    We win tomorrow if Zeke runs over the Rams defense.

    We lose if he doesn't.

    This game is on his back.
  5. Rockport

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    No it doesn’t. It comes down to our OL and DL against they’re OL and DL. Just like every fricken game in the NFL.
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    I forgot about wade lol , you know last time we played rams they beat us and wade was happy and his players celebrated with him,
    so he really wanted to beat JG and cowboys.
    About the run avg for home games, dont read much into that, rams are 7-1 at home, so those runs didnt hurt them much.
    In the playoffs what teams did in reg season often doesnt matter.

    The one loss at home was to the eagles with foles at qb, so beating them at home wont be easy.
    I imagine they will want to focus on elliot so be interesting to see how they do with that.
    Wade will devise a special def plan for the cowboys.
  7. Darthkuriboh

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    this game comes down to, can we move the ball in the red zone. nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Tangle_Foot

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    Players versus player staff versus staff.
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    Rams O Line from Center to RT is their weakness. If Cowboys get penetration on the run and muddy the pocket on the pass, I think this is really a key matchup for this game.
  10. JayFord

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    Yeah if it comes down to Jason vs anybody I don’t like our chances
  11. RS12

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    Wade likes to play man and Peters is a zone corner. His LBers are no great shakes either.
  12. RS12

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    True Cowboys have the worst red zone conversion rate of the remaining 8 teams by far.
  13. Cowboy Brian

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    I like our chances if our offensive playcalling doesn't get "cute"

    As long as we feed Zeke, and create opportunities for Dak to use his legs and get the ball to Cooper in space, we should be just fine.
  14. blueblood70

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    NO it comes down to players playing against players, or Linehan vs Wade and JG vs Mcvay..Jason is not coaching or calling plays against the defense..
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    I said that for the Seattle game, and said it again for this game.

    Control the trenches.
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