This game was over before final drive

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardblues, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Diehardblues

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    Some fans want to blame a failed last gasp effort but this game was lost well before this .

    We can begin with the 49ers final drive where we knew the defense had to make stop allowing us enough time for a legit shot. With over 7 minutes left when SF took over there was time for a couple more possessions if needed .

    But as usual our defense can’t make a stop when the game is on the line . And our rushing defense continue to be exposed. Not to mention Boneheaded penalties without discipline .

    14 penalties which were drive killers and in the end a game killer.

    And a top paid RB who had 31 yards on 12 carries. For a team that went 11-0 when we rush for 100 yards or more our running game was nonexistent for much of our second half of season and again in this playoff game. And our OL couldn’t hold up with only 4 rushing most of the game.

    The matchups and concerns coming in turned out to hold true. We couldn’t protect against their front four. Their defense shut down our running game. And we couldn’t slow their running game. They out gained us 166-77 yards on the ground.

    When our defense isn’t creating turnovers they give up tons of yardage and can’t make crucial stops. 49ers scored on their first 4 possessions and we didn’t force a punt until 2nd half.

    It’s a similar story and the same blueprint remains out there if you have a good enough defense to execute . Stop our running game and pressure. And an undisciplined and often rattled OL leads league in penalties which puts us behind the chains killing drives .

    We roll against lesser teams which creates a perception we are a great offense. And we struggle against better defenses. We still run up numbers when we are making a valiant comeback but it’s not a recipe for success when these dramatic comebacks are needed to overcome all of the weaknesses.
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  2. Eddie

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    After going 3 and out on our first drive, I knew the script was written for this game. We've seen it over and over and over again.

    Mentally weak, undisciplined, poorly coached ... and of course, our maverick owner who is still trying to show the NFL he can do it "his" way.
  3. TheMarathonContinues

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    They got punched in the mouth first possession and that was the story of the game......
  4. jsb357

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    The offence stagnated about half way thru the season and never recovered.

    You can put up good numbers and play exciting games with a high flying offense.

    The way SF took control of the game early and the offense did not show up till the 3rd quarter
    should bother the front office.

    All season long I expected a one and done.

    Until the team stops falling in love with players and overpaying them
    expect the current results to continue.
  5. CATCH17

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    The game was over when we got down 10-0 and needed Dak’s arm to win us the game.

    Romo was echoing what I’ve been saying all year about Dak and how crucial it is for us to run the ball and how we are not good when we don’t.

    If you rely on the 40 million dollar mans arm to win you a football game you’re in trouble.
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  6. Legend

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    Game was over after the 49ers first drive.

    They played like the early 90s Cowboys on that drive.

    Everyone including the Cowboys knew what they were going to do and the Cowboys could not stop them.
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  7. Gorgon

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    This is about as succinct a review as you will find.

    *KNOWING Jerruah won't get rid of Dak (and probably shouldn't), and EXPECTING he won't dump Zeke, the very best thing the Cowboys can do is focus everything on three positions: O-line, interior D-Line/safety, and TE. Schultz is adequate, but neither a great down-the-field receiver NOR a great blocker. This is probably a position where you can begin saving money. I don't know what, if anything, you can do about Zeke. He's clearly nowhere close to where he was a few years ago, but then our line is light years away from the Frederick/Martin/(healthy) Smith line. Given $ realities, I think I would put everything into O-line, make due with either Schultz or Jarwin, cut the other, and use the scraps to try and find a DT who wants out of his current situation.
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  8. Darkhound

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    Thank God I AM NOT THE ONLY one who thought that
    After the 1st Drive I told my wife, the game is almost over and decided, and she said, but it just started! And I told her, yes it just did but I already know the tone and attitude of my team. this is mot certainly a loss
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  9. sunalsorises

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    The D did what they had to do considering they were basically middle of the road most of the year. The #1 offense needs to put up more than 17 points.
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  10. CowboysFaninHouston

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    the niners said, plan was to stop their run game and let them beat us with passing game....and their plan worked to perfection.

    we need to invest in the OL this off season. say buy to Biadasz and Williams. we have to go back and establish the run, and allow Dak (next 2 years at least) to use play action where he was good at doing that. the team was better that way...we have to become the niners. they don't lean on Garapollo to win. he has to do just enough. their identity is to run the ball. we need to get back to that.
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  11. Darkhound

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    For our misfortune we are stuck with

    Dak Fiascott
    Mike Suckarthy

    And worst of all
    With the JONES family
  12. MountaineerCowboy

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    The 40 million a year elephant in the room says “hi!”
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  13. Diehardblues

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    Yes they do but the reasons why they didn’t are important with several contributing factors.
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  14. Aerolithe_Lion

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  15. CowboysFaninHouston

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  16. Diehardblues

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    It’s a shame he’s identified as such.

    He’s definitely over paid and not Elite like his salary or hype would lead us to believe. But he is enough to build around and effective when the contributing factors are in place.

    But if we’re expecting him to overcome our other weaknesses then he’s not enough. Not many are.
  17. Brooksey

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    As soon as I saw the first play, a weird sprint right play by Dak that was incomplete and had no chance..I said were in trouble today
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  18. MountaineerCowboy

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    He’s not good enough to build around though. Trying to build around Dak is a waste of time.

    Our best bet is to rebuild right now and hopefully have a solid foundation in place for the next QB when Daks contract is up.
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  19. Typhus

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    No need to keep banging that drum, think even most supporters of Dak now finally realize what he truly is.
  20. CowboysFaninHouston

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    I am not sure if Moore and McCarthy are stupid....I can easily tell you, when Dak runs to the right, he can't throw. just watch some film. half the throws on the run to the right are either sailing out of bounds or hit the ground short....I did an analysis earlier in the year and said as much.....and I thought McCarthy was an analytics guy
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