This isn’t bad luck

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Nov 25, 2019.

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    Jerry Jones needs to have a come to Jesus meeting at the Tom Landry statue....the drought(23yrs) is approaching the same length of time Coach was here(29).....that ain't coincidence.
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    Amazing post.
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    And that team was 4-12 last season. o_O
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    The NFL just came out and said the 2 tripping penalties by the REFS in the 4th quarter were wrong!! Dallas fans who are complaining about these calls are not making excuses. They are using common sense!! The opportunity to continue game winning drives in the 4th quarter were taken away from us!!!

    The officiating in this game hurt our team 100 times more than it hurt NE. If you don’t understand that, I feel bad for you.
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  6. Captain43Crash

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    Very true!!
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    No it didn’t! We held on multiple screens that weren’t called. This went on to produce FGs snd keep us in a game. Same with PI calls. All calls that are weak affect a portion of the game for both teams. People here just have this irrational mindset that the league is out to get us. The league apologizes to teams weekly. You are just whining when the issue was coaching, special teams etc. It’s weak sauce. Go to your crib. The tripping calls were bs and made me mad but we still had chances all game to win. NE played pedestrian snd with and without calls we didn’t do much. Truth
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    But you don’t want to talk about how they even got to that game with the officials help, do you?
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    there were lots of post in july and august about how this is the most talented team the cowboys have had so the front office gave them a pretty good roster to work with so if those posts were true then why are they 6 and 5 and looking like a average to below average team according to the stats that the offense produce weekly this should be a 8.9 win team so its not the talent and the front office gave them a good roster to work with there is only one area left and that's the coaches the staff from top to bottom are failing
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    Not bad luck.JG cant beat good teams. Y? What Ivy league coach do you know that ever has in the NFL? Maybe 1 or 2...Red swindled Jerry or maybe we were swindled by Jerry...probably both.
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    Jerry built Jerry World. And slammed it down right next to Six Flags. That's all he's ever wanted. It's why he hired Parcells. And it's the only reason.

    I've been there twice. And regretted both times. It sucks balls compared to Texas Stadium.

    Just like Jerry can suck my balls.

    But at the end of the day, its still about the Cowboys. Not Jerry. At least to me.
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    The kind of coached needed, Jerrah do not won't because he wants the credit and being able to say he did his way.
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  14. IceBowler

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    What many of you fail to consider is the fact that, Yes, Dallas is THE revenue generating juggernaut ... but not necessarily because people want to see them win ... there are millions who watch the Cowboys to see them lose and humiliated. More money in that than letting it play out even.
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    Please let it go!
  16. morat1959

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    Thank you! It’s sad our fans need as much or more tissue as the Aints! That’s how low we’ve sunk!
  17. morat1959

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    Well said!
  18. Bobhaze

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    True. But it’s this owner that is the biggest problem.

    With his nose in coaches meetings, holding post game press conferences in the locker room, undermining his HC by making public statements about player discipline before discussing it with him, and making himself the face of this franchise for nearly 25 years, Jerry Jones is primarily responsible for this culture.

    Yes the head coach is terrible, but Jerry is the one continuing his employment. Yes we have better talent than the record but isn’t the person at the top who constantly crows that he’s responsible for everything from jocks and socks to hot dog buns the one most culpable for this entire near quarter century drought? Yes he is.
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    Most definitely and obviously by Jerry. Red just took the money, can't blame him at all.
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    Thank you!
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