This loss was just flat out pathetic

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Nov 28, 2019.

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    our defense has got to stop the out passes. that is what kills us , almost every time another team throws one they gain 5-9 yards or more.

    I don't know what other teams do but they do not get burnt on those continuously like we do. is it because we don't have good man corners?
  2. MyFairLady

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    No he is not the only one that is why I said shining example. There are many others. Witten, Smith, Frederick and Zeke on offense are also good examples.
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    that is the simple story right there. I saw early on dallas should run heavy, so did romo, but not JG and kellen, it was pass pass pass. sacks and strip sacks, int.
    It is mind boggling jason gets 6 mil a year to be so dumb, and kellen, he isnt showing any common sense on play selection, if he is the one selecting them.
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    It better be!!!!! Jerry loves his stepson though, so no one knows for sure.
  5. Aven8

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    A team that has given up no matter what anyone spews.
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    If I had gone to this game, I would have demanded my money back.
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  7. AmariChill

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    But... but... they’re professional football players! Even if they suck, they still have to try!
    - A stupid person

    This team gave up half way through the season. I believe it’s because all of them decided their personal goals are more important than their team goals. An insider said it himself. This team plays more like individuals than a unit. They care more about their celebrity status, likes on Instagram, stats, money, and fame more than their team, winning, and championships like real athletes. What a joke.
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    That's why Garrett won't be returning. He has no excuses this season. In the past, it was always a Romo injury or the Tyron injury/Zeke suspension in 2017. This year, they've had good luck avoiding any major injuries to their core players and they're still struggling. He has finally been exposed.

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