This team can't compete with the big dogs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmariChill, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. AtomicDog

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    We need to tank now for the 32nd pick next draft!
  2. AtomicDog

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    Every weekend I get to watch the Cowboys play with my family is like the superbowl. Heh, thats what 25 years of mediocrity will do to you. But this team is definitely interesting. Dare I wish?
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  3. Cebrin

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    I knew this was coming. I don't care if no one got injured. We'd have still beat them by a mile. The offense threw up 37 of those points against their defense. We goofed a bit early. We're 5 games in. Relax. Let's also remember WE are playing without a few of our best players.
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  4. AKATheRake

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    Right now the Bills and Cardinals are the 2 teams I think we lose to for sure. Once we get the majority of our injured players back we can definitely challenge the Cards and the Bills would be outright interesting for many reasons the 2 brothers playing each other as 1 big 1.

    As of now Browns lost to Chargers, Ravens 50/50, Bucs we could have beat. Packers if we get those players back I think we’re better outright. Today we have a 50/50 game with them.

    We’re a good team right now and we are showing real signs of being a top 3 tier NFC competitor and we should only be getting better health and growing experience permitting.

    We also look well coached and are very aggressive on both sides of the ball. I’m sure we’re saving some ST’s tricks up our sleeves for if/when we need it.
  5. Streetwise

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    Dude relax, I know. I just said it was OK to have a different opinion. I have no desire to argue semantics.
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  6. Reid1boys

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    Yep, you talking nonsense.

    We already played and lost on a last second fg against one of your"big dogs," on the road.
    The Chargers lit up that vaunted browns defense, and we just beat that chargers team.

    We've stomped 3 straight. I didn't even read all that long post, because its foolish.
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  7. starfan1

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    Unpopular opinion any given Sunday ! We could lose next week or win next week but I’ll say this team has something different about them than previous teams

    that don’t mean we’re SB bound but there’s something brewing and if this defense fixed a few things we could have something to smile about in a few months
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  8. kevinhickey

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    We won in LA against the Chargers who beat the Browns. We are improving each week.
  9. DallasInDC

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    Yes, this wasn't a clean game, but the reality is, we had 3 bad plays that prevented us from scoring 54-60 points on this team had we avoided the 2 TOs and Schultz catches the TD.

    Even with the miscues, we scored on 8 of 11 possessions. We only punted once. The 3 possessions we didn't score on were a result of our mistakes... not because the defense stopped us (although the argument could be made the INT was a good Defense play and not on the QB). This shows, we have work to do it, but it's not significant.
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  10. NeathBlue

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    You’ve already proved yourself wrong as we competed very well with the Bucs, probably should have won and I’d back us to win more often than not if we meet them again.
    We are more than capable of beating any team in this league, however that can also be said for half a dozen others also.
    Who ever gets through from the NFC will need a bit of luck with injuries come playoff time, let’s hope it’s us… but whoever we play, we can certainly compete and beat them.
  11. Flamma

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    Not unpopular with me. I was kind of thinking the same thing. Some of the mistakes and bad starts we've had might not bode well against a top team.
  12. Whirlwin

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    It’s about getting better. You mentioned the Packers. They were lucky for two games the games are so much closer. The only thing that’s really good right now is Buffalo. And still I’m not sure about the Cardinals. Other than that the rest of them lol
  13. JoeKing

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    News to the OP... the Cowboys are the big dog!
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  14. Bates

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    Offense is playing well to start both halves. I think we may lead the league in 1st quarter points and TOP. Also at the top for 3rd quarter points. Defense is middle of pack first and 3 rd quarter scoring. No idea where the offenses the D has played rank. Get some of our defense players back and we might have something cooking on d.
  15. Whirlwin

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    Etc. You mean everybody It’s good but us. LMAO
  16. Flamma

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    I know the offense is playing well. I'm not referring to that. Against Philly we get a quick strike TD followed by a pick. All of that was erased by one stupid fumble in the endzone. That's what I am talking about. Then Dallas gets to the GL and get nothing from it. Dallas is dominating and the score is 7-7. You don't want a situation like that against Green Bay.

    Now this game with the 4th down interception and the fumbled snap at the 4 yard line. These are disasters we don't want to happen against really good teams.
  17. Pantone282C

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    LOL!! :lmao:
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  18. Bates

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    I agree. I was just providing some context where both sides of the ball stand scoring wise. The hope is that the team cleans up these mistakes with more game reps and that the defense continues to improve. Defense should be able to continue to improve with getting players back and the young guys getting more nfl reps.
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  19. Pantone282C

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    So, we didn't really win?
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  20. RD21

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    We're never going to play a perfect game.

    I used to micro analyze everything, & find stuff to be upset about, even in wins. These days, I'm just happy to get a win. I don't care if it's by 1 point, or 20. Just win. None of the rest of it matters.

    I think we've got a good team. Better than I expected. Are we a championship caliber team..? Too early to tell. I'm looking forward to games again though. Let's see where we're at come December. Things will be a lot clearer by then. If we stay relatively healthy, we just might have a January to get excited about.
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