This video of Cowboys WR Tavon Austin will get you excited to see him return punts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zekecowboy, Jun 16, 2018.

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    Austin is a bit of an enigma in some respects. We’ve talked about things as rudimentary as his position (because there’s been legitimate cause to) and where he’ll line up and how he’ll be used, but regardless of all of this one thing is certain, Tavon Austin is still very fast.

    Cowboys minicamp has come and gone, the next time we’ll see the players in action will be out in Oxnard during training camp; however, we’ve got some footage of Austin blazing the trails of The Star in Frisco courtesy of his own Instagram account.

    In the video the Cowboys are obviously practicing punt drills, but Tavon is working on his stutter step. He steps up, draws two defenders in, spins out, and bolts to the other side of the field. Even in his sixth season, Tavon is still generally the quickest player on the field.

    To see the video:
  2. Hardline

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    You can't coach speed but let's not forget Austin's NFL career up till now hasn't been impressive.
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  3. gp_cowpolk

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    Well at least he is almost as fast as Witten
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  4. Corso

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    Lofty aspirations...
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  5. cowboyblue22

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    got to remember the rams traded him to dallas for a sixth round pick maybe he will do something this season but I think it should be wait and see with him
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  6. Corso

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    Of course it should be, but many enjoy being exuberant in their excitement for what is deemed to be new toys.
    It's all good. We shall see where the dominoes fall.
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  7. GMO415

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    Line him up in the slot and run pick plays like NE
  8. Risen Star

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    I think everyone knows he's fast and explosive. It just hasn't amounted to anything for 5 years in the league and the Rams hot shot offensive head coach who seemed to have all the answers last year couldn't fix him.

    But hey, the staff here that everyone claims is unimaginative and boring should be able to handle this.
  9. jazzcat22

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    I want them to knock the dominoes down, not wait for them to the bully on the NFL block...:laugh:
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  10. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    My expectation for Austin is about 5 touches per game and 2 of them hell do something nice for a first down and occasionally a touchdown
  11. glimmerman

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    I hope we utilize his s speed. Let him get behind some defenders and toss a few deep ones his way. Will back the defenses out if the box. I don’t like the ideas of him returning punts. A major amount of his fumbles came that way.
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  12. ItzKelz

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    I believe he had 17 fumbles as a returner in the NFL. Only 4 on offense. My point is I'm more excited about how Tavon can help our offense than Special teams. Sure he can get better at securing the ball on STs but until I see it I will remain suspect.
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  13. glimmerman

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    That’s the way I feel. Show me first. That fumble by Switzer last season basically cost us that football game. I don’t like the idea of Beez returning punt either.
  14. mcmvp

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    Not only couldn’t they fix him, the only thing they could get was a 6th. That pretty much tells you what other teams felt about him.
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  15. GenoT

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    Nothing like watching a guy excel in punting drills while knowing that, over 5 NFL seasons, he’s already mishandled 15 punts in actual games.

    One thing’s for sure...if/when this highlight-reel queen drops back in a real game for the Cowboys, it certainly WILL be exciting.
  16. CPanther95

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    Forget the punt returns and the smoke & mirrors about him being a RB. He was brought in to bolster the anemic WR corps.They may start him in a more unique role, but by week 4 he'll just be another WR in the rotation.
  17. CapnB

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    People are still freaking out over Switzer's 1 fumble all last season ironically enough against the Rams. Some will have seizures when Austin does it a few times.
  18. CapnB

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    YOU'RE just another WR in the rotation. Happy fathers day
  19. rkell87

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    Not even close to right.

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