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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Nov 4, 2021.

  1. fivetwos

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    Saw them vs Giants.

    I was surprised at how good they were offensively vs a Giants defense that isn't as bad as the rest of that team.

    Bridgewater is a very capable player. Better than Cousins. He can definitely throw it and should keep them in the game. If I were a gambler, the backdoor cover at 10.5 would concern me.

    BTW.....have you noticed the local buzz on the Giants? Cat may be out of the bag on Garrett. People are getting antsy with the 5 yard curl routes on 3rd and 9 lol. I was hoping he would get another season or two to fully ruin what's left of Jones' possible development as an NFL QB.
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  2. Cowboyny

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    That was when they were generally healthy and also had Von Miller.
  3. Cowboyny

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    Will they be as conservative as the Vikings and Zimmer?
  4. Whirlwin

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    I think they’re better than the Vikings. What would Prescott back in the lineup not worried
  5. J-man

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    Good write up. I like our chances against their D. but no game should ever be taken lightly.
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  6. Ranched

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  7. baltcowboy

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    The Vikings were not conservative. They could not protect Cousins from the Cowboys pass rush. To beat the Cowboys you will have to run the football and convert on 3rd downs. The Vikings could not do either of them.
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  8. DBOY3141

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    In the games the bronco's won they have given up:
    13- Giants
    13 - Jags
    0 - Jets
    10 - WFT

    In games they have lost they have given up:
    23 - Ravens
    27 - Steelers
    34- Raiders
    17- Browns

    Against bad teams they have a good defense. If the Cowboys don't score 31 or more, something is wrong.
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  9. Cowboyny

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    It seems to me after the 1st 2 drives, their playcalling totally changed.
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  10. Cowboyny

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    Hearing their defensive scheme is a lot like the Chargers, expect more of a ground attack
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  11. Praxit

    Praxit Well-Known Member

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    7,444 Likes Received thing for sure, they'll be hungry for win in Dallas. MM has to pedal to the metal.
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  12. lwehlers

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    i see this game going like the panthers and giants game. close early in the first half then hopefully the cowboys can wear them down and pull away. no turnovers is the key in winning this game as all games.
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  13. baltcowboy

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    I will rewatch the game. Cousins got scared sometime in the 2nd quarter. Zimmer is a defensive coach but he was not conservative the last two times we played them.
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  14. ChuckA1

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    Great post, CNY. Very well done.
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  15. BAT

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    Dak and KM need to bring their A game.

    Need this win.

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  16. MoistMayonnaise

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    Really want this win. Living in the Denver metro I have to put up with Bronco fans daily. Want a reason to wear my Cowboys gear every day.
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  17. BAT

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  18. quickccc

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    - Bridgewater will hold the ball for sacks what Gregory himself is becoming, but would like to take our sack numbers among league leaders ...
    Teddy bear doesn't scare me as a passer and playmaker. he's really a back up in my mind.

    - Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeud have some threat in them, ..Jeud has missed 1st half of season ,is in his 2nd game return, but with Bridgewater i'm just not in fear.
    Will we play man press or zone vs Bridgewater ...

    - i'm just not a fan of Melvin Gordon... it would be more of what we did not do ..vs what kind of threat Gordon is ..

    - We have to protect against complacency and half-azzing it. Playing down to the low level of our opponents - and playing with no urgency and intensity.
    That's how we did vs Carolina and it became a one possession game

    -i'm interested seeing Patrick Surtain vs Lamb and Cooper. But Ceddy Willy has flat made big plays in every game he's inherited as the 3rd WR in sub place of GAllup.
    Will Cowboys sit Gally out one more game ? OR will this be the game where he sees a few reps to get re-adjusted to the game after a long time out ?

    - they shouldn't pose a threat defensively, with no more Miller and Chubb out,.. but watch the LT role with new starter Terrance Steele there.
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  19. Cowboyny

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    Bridgewater perhaps is a backup level QB, but he isn't going to make the big mistake.

    The Cowboys would be smart to attack Darby, who they torched as an Eagle. Interesting in seeing Surtain cover Cooper, can he handle a route runner like that? Think if Gallup plays, will be just on a limited snap basis.

    I read multiple times that Denver's scheme is very similar to the one the Chargers employ, two deep safeties. This tells me, expect huge rushing totals. The Browns also had great success on the ground against them.

    I am worried about Steele as the LT, but really not against this opponent.
  20. JohnsKey19

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    They are also missing their LT Bolles who has been highly rated per PFF.

    Their strength is in the secondary. Simmons is probably the best Safety we'll see all season except for Derwin James. Kareem Jackson is a good S. Surtain and Darby are good CBs.

    Im guessing this will be a game similar to the Carolina game where the Zeke/Pollard duo gets going in the running game. As you mentioned, they are extremely weak at LB.
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