Thoughts about last night's win-it's ok to win ugly!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Dec 3, 2021.

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    -Heading into last night, I sensed the Cowboy offense would have their struggles, unlike the Saint offense, pretty much their defense was healthy. Strong against the run and have a good secondary personnel. It was indeed tough sledding all night long.

    -What has happened to the Cowboy run game? Probably need a separate discussion. I will say this, Kellen Moore deserves some blame. Why in the world did it take 3 qtr's to give an outside run to Pollard when the Saints bottled up the interior? Those 4th Qtr play passing calls protecting the lead, c'mon.

    -Having Cooper back, even as pretty much a decoy, opened up the offense. Thought that 3rd down catch was huge to get the offense going to lead to their 1st td. Lamb in the slot, makes the Cowboy passing offense that more difficult to defend.

    -Thought the OL pass protected well, Dak had ample time in the pocket to go through his reads. Two things that are worrisome in regards to Dak, he refuses to use his legs and he was forcing some passes, looked like he was trying to play hero ball at times.

    -What can you say about Parsons, total stud. He was in on the 2 game changing plays of the game, tipped the ball that Kearse intercepted and made that sack to take NO out of FG range late. He not only shows up, but shows up on the money downs. We have ourselves a megastar!

    -Thought in limited snaps, DLaw played well in both the run and rushing the passer. Did notice him playing inside on the nickel, which I think will happen more when Gregory returns.

    -Hill absolutely destroyed our run defense. They kept on running the same play over and over, and yet the Cowboy D just couldn't stop him. Linebackers, outside of Parsons are total trash and both Kazee/Diggs are perhaps the worst tacklers at their respective positions. This is a big problem.

    -Cowboys got a big time favorable call with that blindside block. Just awful, but I guess after all those bad calls last week, they were due to get one in their favor.

    -A win is a win in this league, especially a conference win. Right now it's all about fixing their run game and they are ready to embark on the final stretch run with a huge game next Sunday against Washington.
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  2. DuncanIso

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    KMoore getting exposed on his weak ground offense.

    His college offense needs revamped.

    they need an elite OL coach. Good luck finding one though. Costs $$$.
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  3. Whyjerry

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    OL was terrible last night. No push in the run game and pass protection was average to poor. A few bad penalties as well. LVE can not play. At all. Felt bad for Zeke. He had nothing and needs rest. Dak is a gamer but his timing is off and he has happy feet thanks to the OL getting him killed.
  4. shabazz

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    Ugly wins against devastated teams usually signals an early entrance from the playoffs......unless the expected excuses get factored in.
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    The offense looks like a spread college offense, mainly relying on speed of CEE DEE and Gallup and Pollard.
    Dak is up and down as usual and not a top 10 QB for sure at this stage . Seems his early season start has cooled off .

    defense is special with Micah .
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  6. Smith22

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    Glad they got the win, but the idea is for the team to improve and gel as the season progresses. This offense is doing the opposite despite being pretty healthy overall on offense.

    OL play has declined as the season continues, QB play has been more erratic and playcalling has been questionable.

    I mean they were gifted 4 turnovers by the defense and struggled to score 20 offensive points.

    Dak needs to use his legs more, the run game needs a bit more imagination and the passing game needs a bit of work.

    OL play is worrisome because we have used multiple draft picks in that area and aren't seeing good results.
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  7. Hawkeye0202

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    We should have Gilmore and Gregory back for the Washington game but unless this offense can find its groove, it may not matter. For whatever reason, we can't run the damn ball.
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  8. Cowboyny

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    Doesn't help when all the OL staff was out.
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  9. Shadowfax

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    Going to have to disagree on the pass protection. I thought Dak was harassed and hit all night long. It would help if he took off a few times.
  10. BotchedLobotomy

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    I am not going to pretend that the OL and Dak are not in a funk, but any OC worthy something can scheme around a lot of these issues. I don't think KM is the guy to do it.

    N.O. made it pretty clear that they are not going to let you run inside on them, but KM tried it over and over and over without any success at all.
    Looked like N.O. was playing two deep safties all game to take away the deep routes. If you're taking away the deep throws and committed to stop inside runs, there has to be some pretty big holes behind the LBs. Does KM see this? No, instead he continues to ignore slant passes to the WRs, quick passes are rare and he doesn't use the RBs in the run game to any effect. Dalton S should have had 12 catches 10 yards past the LOS.

    The NFL has figured out the boy geniuses offense and he doesn't have a counter move.
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  11. CATCH17

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    It costs draft picks.

    Most teams don’t have good offensive lines and they don’t let quality linemen hit free agency.

    I’m all for drafting linemen in this upcoming draft. I want some brawlers.
  12. Cowboyny

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    I would either rest Zeke or make him a 3rd down back. Saints schemed to take away the inside runs, where Moore keeps on calling runs up the gut.
  13. nightrain

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    Winning ugly - OK.

    Looking ugly for 5 weeks - not OK.
  14. shabazz

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    Offensive line getting him killed?

    26 other NFL QBs have been sacked more than Dakota. Rayne has been sacked 18 times for an average of less than 2 per game.....and no , it’s not his escapability that’s causing that because we all know he’s moving like he’s running in concrete.

    The offensive line can be blamed for their run blocking but they are giving Elite pass protection and their sack numbers back that up
  15. Cowboyny

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    They need to spend these 11 days figuring out how to fix their ground attack. Is it due to Zeke's injury? Connor Williams being replaced? Playcalling? Defensive scheme against them?
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  16. 8FOR!3

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    Agreed with some of these takes. At the end of the day the Saints are a bad team to have 5 wins at this point in the season. That tells you that they’re well coached and play tough defense at home
  17. Hawkeye0202

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    Funny you mentioned this......I was thinking the same thing. He had his issues with penalties, no doubt, but has McGovern improved the position?
  18. Hawkeye0202

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    Something I think WE ALL can agree..........Washington will be fired up for our game. Rivera will the boys running through brick walls (LOL)
  19. MountaineerCowboy

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    The Saints had a hurt WR playing QB and he still outplayed a 40 million a year QB until the end of the 4th quarter.

    That, my friends, is cause for concern.
  20. Crown Royal

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    I think we need to redefine what an ugly win is. The Cowboys won by 10 points and never really were close to losing in the second half. The Saints offense was terrible and moved the ball between the 20s but STOPPED after that.

    the offense needs some work and hasn’t looked right since Denver, but y’all act like we barely scraped by on a late FG or something.

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