Thoughts on Bo Scarbrough

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jason 82 Witten, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Looking at the group as a whole is key. You are exactly right, we have a "big" group.
    If he were a shorter, more bowling ball back, maybe. But if you have to block it & get him to the second level quickly, well, all our guys can punish 2nd level defenders.
    If i want to pound the front lines without wearing Zeke out, I use Olawale & Smith.
    That last RB spot is going to come down to all around contribution including ST's, just not sure Bo can earn that spot.
    Bo can be a productive player in this league but I don't think he helps the makeup of "our" group.
  2. Bleu Star

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    Lol... Savage....

    He does look as good as many of us hoped and expected he would.

    Do we keep 4 RBs though?..

    To me #s 21 and 45 are locks. So the competition will be between 44 and 36. I suspect it's going to really heat up. Man. It's tough too because 44 was my pet cat but Bo is winning me over. It'll be fun watching those two horses battle it out for a roster spot. No doubt.
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    He busted off a big run and scored a touchdown behind the 2nd oline which wasn't that great. I don't know what else he was supposed to do.
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    Rod Smith has been in our system for a while and Bo is just a rookie that's played a few snaps. I don't think it will be long before Bo surpasses him on the depth chart. The cowboys actually do a good job drafting and developing rbs and Gary Brown is a great coach. All three rbs should be pretty good behind this oline but I bet Bo overtakes Smith as the number 2 back before game 1 .
  5. Aviano90

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    Same thing Alfred Morris needed to do...spell his name Z-E-K-E.
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    There's still a lot of preseason left to evaluate Bo.
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    Wk1 of this season? You are quite high on Bo.

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