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News: Thoughts on cutting Tyron Smith

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. mattjames2010

    mattjames2010 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, bad offensive line, so get rid of one of the better LTs in the league to make it worse....
  2. Pessimist_cowboy

    Pessimist_cowboy Well-Known Member

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  3. G2

    G2 Taco Engineer

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    I'd simply draft a Tackle and play them at RT until it's time for Smith to retire/move on.
  4. ChronicCowboy

    ChronicCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Can’t cut Tyron until next off-season and even then he’ll count 8 million against the 2023 cap. Unless he retires, he’s probably here for two more years. Same goes for just about everyone on the offense. Only cuttable players this year are Coop and Jarwin on offense.
  5. mattjames2010

    mattjames2010 Well-Known Member

    19,597 Messages
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    This is your scapegoat this offseason. It's a bad one and you should feel really ignorant as a fan that Smith is the one you're going at. Nobody thinks he's elite anymore, he can, however, play like a top 5 LT at times and no worse than top 10. You don't trade a LT like this unless you know you can replace them.

    Log off and cool off. Then return and see how silly you're acting.
  6. Plankton

    Plankton Well-Known Member

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    Smith shouldn't be cut. Have him get the ankle surgery during the offseason to remove the bone spur(s), and keep a high level OT who is on a team friendly contract. Focus on getting Josh Ball physically stronger and groom him as a potential replacement. They should also look to find another candidate in the draft who could possibly kick inside to guard for this upcoming season. Releasing Smith doesn't make any sense, given that you would not find a competent replacement on the street at the same price point.
  7. lukin2006

    lukin2006 Well-Known Member

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    One last run… we haven’t had a run in 26 years. We are not going anywhere…
  8. shabazz

    shabazz Well-Known Member

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    yup, the 2 “hot mic” pissants need to know the broadcasting pecking order. A lot more people were able to keep the volume on because of their absence….bless their hearts
  9. TheMightyVanHalen

    TheMightyVanHalen Well-Known Member

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    1 bad play and 1 borderline. That's all you can come up with? You want to get rid of a guy who was voted to the Pro-Bowl this year and only given up 2 sacks in his last 39 games?? LMAO!!
  10. elcowboi

    elcowboi Well-Known Member

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    I bet you watch this mess all over again next year. You care. Lol
  11. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard

    CowboysZone DIEHARD Fan
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    You don't go there without a bonafide grade "A" replacement already hired.
  12. pasando

    pasando Active Member

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    Tyron Smith has been an unreliable/injury prone dude for 3 seasons now, but due to his contract we can't get cut him without some $$ issues - thank our GM for that.

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