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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Dec 27, 2021.

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    I have been ordering lunch through DoorDash for awhile through their app. There is a standard range of percentage tips for the delivery person built into each order. There may be an option to refuse the tip but I always tip so I am not 100% certain. I will try to remember checking for that option next time I place an order.
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    Oh, for sure, they auto-populate a tip amount. Didn't really care when I first noticed but when a coworker told me she knows someone who drives for DoorDash and they said they are paid without that tip, it kind of pissed me off.

    It kind of makes sense. If a driver knew there wasn't much pay coming, who knows what some weirdos might do. Paying outside the tip kind of incentives order completion, which is a win for the business and the customer. Now, she did say that they are paid pretty well. Even without tips she said her friend makes good money (relative to the task) delivering.
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    I always tip at least $4.

    That's interesting. I don't use any of the delivery services, only the ones offered by the restaurant (usually pizza). Last I knew their delivery fees do not all go to the driver. Not even half when I last asked. The rest is probably used to cover insurance, etc. for operating delivery.

    When I did pizza delivery no place charged a delivery fee. Most pizza chains gave 50-75 cents to the driver per delivery. My local Papa Johns paid 5.5% of the sale at the time (they stopped this years ago). Great if you took a $100 order, sucked if you took a $6 to the furthest delivery location and got no tip.
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    Yeah, that's like when I used to deliver furniture. Sometimes you'd get $20 tip for delivering a wing chair, then the next stop you'd deliver and assemble a whole bedroom and dining room and get a glass of water. Lol
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    I tip food delivery well just because I’m not a cheap bastid, but I have to admit, it really irks me that I’m expected to tip the same percentage to someone who throws a bag of food on my porch as I am a real waiter or waitress who is busting their arse kitchen to table to kitchen and dealing with ingrates.
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