News: TLH: Cowboys fan trolls fans at Washington training camp

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Jul 29, 2021.

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  2. Aviano90

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    One of the few teams we’ve outperformed the past 2.5 decades.
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  3. Jake

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    Not sure why Cowboys fans are "trolling" anyone, other than "America's Team" and still acting like it's 1996.

    Please, stop embarrassing the rest of us. :facepalm:
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  4. 88sAndHeartbreak

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    Fans like this make me cringe...
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  5. AsthmaField

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  6. RoboQB

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    There are as many Cowboys fans in the DMV area as Football Team fans.
    We've got no problems with confrontation up here.
    All in good fun... mostly.

    (DC, Maryland, Virginia = DMV)
  7. StarBoyz83

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    I'll take trolling cowboys fans having fun all day over the fans that say we're going to be contenders every year when there's been no reason to think that since 07 tbh. That's the real embarrassing crap and why everybody hates the cowboys.
  8. JoeKing

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    And yet they swept us and won the division last year.
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  9. CowboysWillRise

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    This is the year brother. Hold tight.
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  10. stasheroo

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    Not a fan of trolling, no matter who’s doing it.

  11. JBond

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    Depends on the number of beers...
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  12. DakPresgoat

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    Just let the other fans enjoy their training camp practice. To be honest.

    If you go out of your way to attend another teams event so you can just troll people….. get a life.
  13. Jipper

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    It was good fun, got to appreciate it….miss the days of crazy ray and the Football Team mascot going at it.

    Cowboys vs Football Team used to be a classic and classy rivialry where both teams brought it and left it on the field. I have always found most Washington fans to be good fans and enjoyed the rivalry.

    Football needs fun rivalries and less hatred, drunk, fighting….makes it a more fun environment for all.
  14. America's Cowboy

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    I'll take that true Cowboys fan anyday over the trolls that show up here in CZ on a daily basis!

  15. J-man

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    I think it's great that he's a Cowboys fan in DC. But I see no good reason to go to another teams practice. What was the purpose other than to tick people off and/or to start a fight? As a life long Cowboys fan, native to south central PA, I can assure that if he did that at an eagles practice it wouldn't go that smoothly.
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  16. Reality

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    I agree and I almost did not post this, but I think sometimes we need to see that it's not always "the other side" causing problems.
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  17. LACowboysFan1

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    If memory serves, we didn't have our starting quarterback for over 2/3 of the season. And they won the division with a LOSING record. Yeah that's something to brag about.

    And that's not to mention 5 Cowboys SB wins vs. Washington's 3, all of which were won in strike years, again if memory serves.

    As Jipper said, it's all in good fun. And notice the guy wiping his sweaty face with the Washington pennant? Remember Crazy Ray? Ray did that many years ago, and both at Dallas AND away games.

    Chill out folks, no harm no foul...
  18. JoeKing

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    None of that is relevant to the present, it's ancient history. Crazy Ray is dead. Washington is the reigning champ of the NFC East.
  19. DeaconMoss

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    This is in the 804 though
  20. blueblood70

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    I fully endorse this thread LOL:flagwave:
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