Twitter: TO on Garrett: he gets what he deserves

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 7, 2020.

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  2. Fletch

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    Thx TO. Nobody cares what you think anyways when it comes to football.
  3. Fritsch_the_cat

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    So do you TO.
  4. atlantacowboy

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    Hell hath no fury like that of a diva WR.

    Its been 10 years TO. Let it rest.
  5. stiletto

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    Two Negatives do not = a Positive in this case. BYE to both forever.....
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  6. Red Dragon

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    Not sure what Owens has to complain about. It was Garrett's first coaching year in Dallas, as offensive coordinator, in 2007, that Owens and Romo lit up the league. Owens set a Cowboys franchise record of 15 TD receptions in a single season that year.
  7. Reality

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    Let's see ..

    Garrett = 19+ years with the Cowboys .. (7 as a player, 3 as an OC, 9+ as head coach)

    Owens = 3 years as a player for the Cowboys

    The math may be hard for Owens but hard to make that an insult toward Garrett without making yourself look much worse in his case.
  8. Rajat

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    Romo is probably thinking the same thing, just not saying it. :laugh:
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  9. ElGatoGrande

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  10. CF74

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    Worse than a stalker Ex :laugh:
  11. ClappingCarrot

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    TO holds grudges like no other :lmao:

    I loved him taunting Jerry Jones via Twitter about it though after the Jets game.
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  12. Wizarus

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    Romo is professional of course.
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  13. EST_1986

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    Owens still a better Cowboy
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  14. PA Cowboy Fan

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    :lmao: You tell him T.O.
  15. Reality

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    I never liked Owens before, during or after his Cowboys days.
  16. Ranching

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    Yeah, but Owens didn't suck. I liked TO. I have one of his jerseys that George Teague signed for me. He said it was the only time he had done that. Maybe I'll make it my avatar.
  17. Whyjerry

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    I am no fan of TO but I am a fan of Jason Garret bashing!
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  18. Rockport

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    TO and Dez both say the same thing. Both showing huge lack of character. No surprise.
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  19. DMX690

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    T.O accomplished more in his 3 years with the Cowboys then clapper boy did in his 10 season as head coach.
  20. birdwells1

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    Yeah it's cool to dislike TO so I'm in.

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