Tony Romo’s 38 TD breakdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by khiladi, Jan 20, 2022.

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    The following article breaks down Tony Romo’s 38 TD breakdown in 2014-2015, with GIFs for 9 of them, which include a bird’s eye view of him moving in the pocket. It’s actually an incredibly good article for those interested.

    The play 6 breakdown on the second page, which includes the pump to the WR which he pulls back and continues with his progressions, while maneuvering the pocket and throwing that dime, is crazy, though plenty of them are. That’s elite QB play.


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    That OLine was special...

    watching Smith/Leary/Frederick/Martin/Free in their primes just dominating, Romo had so much time..
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    What about having 7 seconds of a clean pocket to throw the ball is crazy? Lol!
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    Romo’s pocket movement and keeping his eyes downfield was incredible even in this GIF. Most QBs would bail in that situation, taking into account the WRs routes. That’s why this article is so good.

    Also, there were quite a few GIFs of clear breakdowns in pass protection with Romo maneuvering out to make plays. For example, the very first play with the GIF, from the blind side, the DE had a free path.

    Play 7 was a complete breakdown and Romo throws a ridiculous dime in between 3 defenders between them and the pylon.

    Play 9 against the cover 4 shell was a ridiculous dime.
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    Thanks for sharing. If you do the same for Dak, you will also see many credible plays and throws. I believe the scramble and pass to Beasley for a TD running to his left, may have been as good a pass and catch as one will see anywhere.

    The problem isn’t finding Romo/Dak highlights. The problem is game plans, balanced attacks where they aren’t passing 40+ times, and highlights in winning efforts in the playoffs. That’s where both QBs have very little to look at, but I don’t blame either of them entirely. There are more people involved, but when you pass 40+ times vs a good team, it’s not going to turn out well most of the time.
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    We're fighting over trash. Let's get a real star QB in here so we can forget Romo and Dak for good.
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    No, we wouldn’t. It’s not even close. This is a breakdown of his TDs which includes with Dez and TWill, the two scapegoats for Dak.

    What we find with Dak is like the Eagles game against third string scrubs where he ‘breaks the TD record of Romo’.
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    Damn,Romo was awesome...miss that guy.
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    Trying a little too hard
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    1-3 in the playoffs....that's not elite....that's good QB play...
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    romo could literally call his kids behind this line though
  12. Ken

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    Here is all 37 tds (not including his two in playoffs) from this year. You even get to hear Romo stammer trying to swallowing his hate about a half a dozen times lol

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    There isn't a chance in hell Dak stays in there that long. He doesn't know how to move in the pocket. He's stiff and flat footed. He would have probably wandered into a lineman or tried to blindly spin back oit of the pocket right into where a defender wants him resulting in a 10 yard sack.
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    Next year will be 7 years removed from Romo. That's two generations in NFL time.

    Can we move on, and I loved the guy.
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    Dak and Romo are both good QB's. Neither elite. Romo makes some bone head plays early in his career. But with Romo I always felt the team has a chance. With 2 min or less and we are down by less than 3 I am confident we will win. If down by <7 I am still confident that he'll give us a good shot at winning. Dak is a far better leader but he just can't dissect the D like even close.
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    Oh no you didn’t :lmao2::lmao2::lmao2:

    See how the Dak Hater OP ensured Romo had 38 tds:huh::lmao2::lmao2::lmao2:
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    Funny thing is, I Dak was a better fit for that offense and Romo a better fit for the current offense.

    Romo would put up close to Mahomes numbers in this offense.
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    Burrow plays a lot like Romo. I think that is a compliment to both of them. Put a white jersey on Burrow with a blue number 9 and you’d think it was Romo. Thanks for posting this. People forget how fun Romo was to watch. Especially his first few seasons as a starter.
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    jerry is king of dummy bra
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    god he was so good. miss you tony!

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