Tony Romo’s 38 TD breakdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by khiladi, Jan 20, 2022.

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    You Romosexuals are the absolute worst. A joke.

    What's funny is this poster picks 2 gifs showing and proving how Romo had a much better line that gave him 7+ seconds to stay in the pocket, follow through his progressions and find the WR who eventually got open late. Yet, at the same time, he's in every thread saying that Dak sucks even though Dak's Oline struggles to give him more than 2.5 seconds.

    Most bias, untruthful and with the biggest agenda posters around.
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    A couple of things that always impressed me about Romo was his ability to look safeties off and his ability to keep his head straight but look with his eyes so not to tip off the defense where he was looking.

    He also had amazing pockets l presence and got through his reads so fast.
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    Dak has no chance in hell to carry that offense. Dak threw 24 TDs in 2016. The offense was basically predicated on the QB read option and the thread of Zeke. It was essentially a gimmick offense like Football Team with RG3. It was completely dumbed down for Dak and less than half way into that first season with Dak, Linehan had run play action more with Dak than Romo ran all season. Dallas was third in play action in 2016 in attempts, while Dallas was 23rd in Romo’s last full season. Hell, they are last in Garrett’s last ‘official’ season calling plays here Ahs Giant Garrett continued than in NY, along with boasting the worst RB in the league inckuding last in rushing attempts.

    1. Dallas was 31st in passing attempts in 2014 and 4th in TDs and 3rd in yards per attempt. The efficiency and threat Romo was with his passing arm was ridiculous. With a running game and Garrett out the way, Romo was elite period and the best in the business. He was firing TDs in relation to attempts at a ridiculous pace. This was a downfield attacking offense predicated on Romo’s elite passing skills.

    2. Tony Romo in the regular season put up these numbers on 435 attempts and played 15 games. Dak Prescott in regular season three 596 attempts, meaning close to five extra FIVE games worth of passing for Dak and could only notch 37 TDs in the 17th game of the regular season, though he played 16 games and we all know he got it, third string guys with the Eagles playing into the fourth quarter. And in this soft era.

    3. Romo was sacked 29 times to Dak’s 30 times on 160 LESS attempts. So Dak-stand have a comical way of telling us their QB is always under pressure, when his passing attempts per sack ratio doesn’t even come close to how much Romo was getting pressured

    4. Romo threw for 79% in sub-zero temperature in Lambeau in the playoffs and didn’t throw INTs that whole playoffs. He had 4 TDs and brought the team back against the Lions, though he got sacjed6 tines. The OL gave up 6 sacks those playoffs.

    5. 2016 and 2017 was the most idiotic move in franchise history by the clown show FO to start Dak. Zeke was still a home run hitter by then, meaning with Romo, the sky could have been the limit in that short SB window. The stats had finally aligned for Romo and this FO stabbed him in the back.
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    Look in the mirror.
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    Sounds like self identification. Trash from trash.
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    Dak may be the worst QB in the pocket in the league. Anybody that watches this and tried to argue that Dak is anywhere near this level has no business discussing QB play.

    He got sacked 30 times this year on around 160 more pass attempts than Romo in 2014, who got sacked 29 times that season. Romo’s attempts per sack ratio was way higher than Dak’s supposed season where his OL sucked…

    Dak can’t hit the broad side of a barn against zone.
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    They are both talented passers but they both struggled when the offense became one-dimensional.

    They are also both 1-3 in the play-offs because it becomes harder to win in the post-season with a flawed offense.
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    Actually correction.

    Romo got sacked 10 times in the 2014 playoffs, 6 by Detroit and 4 in GB.
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    You can’t be a talented passer if you suck against zone defense. If Dak had no running game to force defenses out of zone, Dak would look a lot worse than he does now. Dak been looking at cover 0 basically his whole professional career here.
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    He owes Dez for a lot of his success that year. They developed the "lob" ball down the sidelines in TC where Romo just threw it up and Dez got under it and simply out jumped the DBs, it was unstoppable. But as I said at the time Dez will be injured sacrificing his body crashing to the ground, and he did. But it was fun to watch.
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    Thanksgiving Day where he threw it in the dirt to wide open receiver to lose the game.
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    Romo didn't always have a good line. He got the snot knocked out of him many times and you dam well know it.
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    In reality, Terrance Williams ran more to routes than Dez Bryant, 215 to 200 respectively. TWill averaged 16.8 YPC. He had 8 TDs on 37 targets. Romo knew how to throw to his WRs, unlike the current QB.

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    Most were a bit over three seconds. One to Witten was under that. The Giants one was an anomaly (for any offensive line in the league) at between six and seven seconds.
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    Romo was a gunslinger, and a good one at that. Injuries really slowed him down late in his career.

    He was never a fast guy, but he had really good pocket awareness and could escape would be sacks pretty easily early in his career.

    The big issue with Romo was the random turnovers out of nowhere, but boy could that guy slice open a defense.

    Watching Romo play in his prime years, you didn't have to worry about suffering through a boring dink and dunk offense.
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    Dude's pocket presence was special.
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    Excellent comments there. When you look at the long careers of Brees and Rodgers and the amount of Super Bowls won - that would be 1 each, you begin to understand that it takes more than an elite QB to win a Super Bowl. I don't put a lot of emphasis on Super Bowl wins mainly because of the facts with those two guys. They are 2 of the best ever and only have 2 Super Bowls wins and have only played in 2 those Super Bowls as well. You can't even discount the Tom Brady winning 7 factor because they were not even in the AFC! They only got there twice in 32 years!
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    Man, i would give you a 1000 likes if I could. All this Romo worship, Dak Hate or Dak Love and Romo Hate are stupid...
    Come on this organization had two HOF QB's, lets have some standards.
    Do you see 49er fans gushing over Grbacy, Jimmy G, Jeff Garcia types???
    I don't long for the Romo days... What were those days ? Two losses in the divisonal round... We have had that with Dak....
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    Dak can barely hit his RB Dump Off outlet
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    Are you trying to say . . . discussing the 2014 COWBOYS SEASON should be permanently banned because it sets you off?
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