Tradable Assets In Terms of Talent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Jan 17, 2022.

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    I'm calling Cincinnati to test their Ohio River waters. They are a good O-line away from doing some serious damage. They may want Collins too. Hell I'd even "give" them Conner Williams for a bowl of Cincinnati Chili.
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    Collins, his base jumps from 1.6m to 10m the next 3 season, his replacement is already in house and he’s an imbecile!
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    You can’t trade Dak (No trade clause). Why would you trade your All-Pro defensive players that are under team control for the next two years, Diggs, Parsons for the next 4 years. Maybe if there is an elite quarterback prospect, you could dangle those two in front of Jacksonville since they have Lawrence. I just don’t see Herbert, Allen in the next draft. In reality Cooper is the only tradable asset. You can get a third and fifth for him I guess.
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    People, when was the last successful trade Jerry swung that didn't involve Jimmy Johnson? I got nothing.

    Jerry and son are imbeciles at player management b/c they don't follow other teams. I bet neither Jerry nor Stephen could name Philly's starting offense let alone Cincy's or Baltimores. If you aren't familiar with the talent in the league, how can you trade without getting ripped off? How can you sign players to realistic contracts? This is why we have so many bad contracts and do things like extend jaylon smith. They exist in a bubble and are only familiar with their own players.

    The last thing we need is Jerry pulling out the rolodex and trying to swing a trade.
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    Some of these may make sense, but some do not.

    PARSONS: Absolutely off limits while on a rookie contract. The guy is a true star and impact player in the league and he costs very little.
    MARTIN: I don't see much slowing down, and with Williams a liability and Tyron Smith's health a concern, would we want to create another hole in the O-Line?
    SMITH: His better days are truly behind him, and he could have trade value for a team on the verge of contending but that has a weakness at LT.
    COOPER & LAMB: If we keep Gallup maybe one of these can go, but to lose Gallup and one of these would be shooting our offense in the foot.
    ZEKE: Not sure why he isn't on the list. He would have some trade value, though not as much as we would like, and I think time has told us he isn't the special player he was in 2016.
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    Some threads, like this one are laughable....
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    Diggs, Lamb, Collins.
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    Huh how is pollard included in that group ?
  10. BleedSilverandBlue

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    I would take that considering he is probably on the way out anyways.
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    Wow these are the only players needing new homes.

    Anthony Brown
    Jourdan Lewis
    Blake Jarwin
    La'el Collins
    Trystin Hill

    If you get lucky
    Mega trade Dak for Russell Wilson
    No one will take Cooper or Zeke.
    Schultz, Gregory Hooker, Neal, Kazee, Williams and Gallup are all gone.

    Keep Kearse
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    We don't have any players with trade value that is worthwhile. There is a reason there are so few trades in the NFL.
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    Patriots traded Brandon Cooks to the Rams in exchange for a first-rounder and 6th rounder in 2018. He only had 1000 yards and 7 TDs. I would think we could get at least a late 1st for Amari. But to be completely honest, for some reason I think the odd WR out might be CD Lamb. We could no doubt get a 1st + picks for him. And then we resign Gallup and either pay cut Amari or restructure.
  15. Cowpolk

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    It keeps the ledge jumpers occupied
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  16. Verdict

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    Pollard still has one year left on his deal.
  17. darthseinfeld

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    Is he still an 80 catch, 1000 yard guy? If a team thinks he is, he can probably get a #2 (most likely a low 2). His AAV looks bad on paper, but its really 17 per year which isnt bad for an 80 catch 1000 yard guy. His guarenteed is about up, so he will be willing to renegotiate. You can probably get him for an average of 16 over the next two seasons.

    Before this year he has been pretty consistent in terms of production throughout his career. 80-1000ish. Low end #1, top end #2 type #'s. A good team that wants an weapon to make a run would probably give up a pick outside the top 50 for him.

    I dont think trading him is the awnser though. Trading him just creates a hole out of thin air
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    I would trade Diggs or Cooper or both if I could get rd 2 picks for them

    We need to build a physical team and Diggs can’t tackle

    We don’t use Cooper because of our elite QB
  19. visionary

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    Cooper easily cracks 1000-1200 with a legit QB


    he’s a great route runner with excellent hands
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    Well he did have 70 to 90 catches with over 1K the past three years with Prescott.....but ok lol

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