Audio: Troy had some doozies on todays Troy Aikman Show - full show posted here

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by yimyammer, Dec 3, 2019.

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    You can tell he's as frustrated with Jerry, et al as many of us. He talks about what he feels the problem has been the last 20+ years, thinks things have just gotten worse and its refreshing to hear.

    Heres the full show (expresses his exasperation around the 5 minute mark):

  2. Chocolate Lab

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    I still say he's mostly covering for his BFF Jason. He doesn't like Jerry but he didn't defend other coaches the same way.

    Yes, Jerry is a problem, but even Troy slipped and admitted how bad the coaching was in the New England game. That part isn't on Jerry unless you somehow believe Jerry is sabotaging punt blocking and kick returns.

    Also, he made it sound like fans get impatient and want a new coach every year. It's been a decade of this guy. A decade.
  3. Future

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    Troy has been hammering JG for two years.
  4. Rayman70

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    Jimmy J even covered for Garrett somewhat. Jimmy showed class... I AM PROUD HE WAS OUR HC. Good man right there...and you can tell he has some regrets about how it all went down with he and Jerry. ALSO..he regrets being so hard on the players..but in the end, he got the desired results. You cannot coach like that league would ban you. Its a soft league.
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  5. MrPhil

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    Lack of real accountability within this organization is all on Jerry.
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  7. JeffInDC

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    Troy gets it.
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  8. Rayman70

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    too cushy all the way around. The result is to be expected..can't win like that.
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    But really, he was hammering Jerry more here.

    He says we could fire yet another head coach, but what difference would it make if things don't change at the top.
    He still thinks Jerry undermines the coach. Not on purpose, but just by being Jerry and talking to the press all the time.
  10. Creeper

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    I don;t know how much inside information Aikman is getting these days but he said something that does seem to explain the situation in Dallas. But this, too, we have heard before many times. He said that when Jimmy was their players were accountable to the head coach. After Jimmy left, that changed. As I posted last week, I read somewhere the Barry Switzer complained about the same thing, that players who he tried to discipline were let off the hook by Jerry. Someone else said that Aikman claimed Switzer was the one who didn't want to discipline players so who knows?

    But this point Aikman makes explains why we see the same kind of issues in Dallas regardless of who the head coach is or who is on the roster. While we all look forward to the day Jason Garrett is no longer the head coach of this team, the reality is the first change that has to happen is Jerry needs to step back - and I don't think anything but old age or illness is going to make him do that.
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  11. gimmesix

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    I think Jerry is willing to have an authoritative head coach if the coach proves worthy of it. He showed that willingness when he hired Bill Parcells. That doesn't mean Jerry is going to shut up, but the model worked because Parcells was a force to be reckoned with. He wanted some things a certain way and that's mostly the way it went. There was give and take on both sides.

    This is from an article in 2013:

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  12. big dog cowboy

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    Ready for Jerry to name Troy to some position with the team.

    I don't care which position just somewhere in the building.
  13. morasp

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    Jimmy said it best in his interview. He said when he won the first Super Bowl Jerry was off trying to pay back the loan he took out to buy the team so he wasn't too involved. After the first Super Bowl he came in and told Jimmy it was paid back. He also said that playing in Dallas brings so much attention that the players eat the cheese and they haven't really done anything.
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  14. Jake

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    Jerry hires the coaches, Jerry decides whether to fire them or not, but how well the coaches do their jobs isn't on Jerry? If Jerry isn't accountable for those hiring decisions, who is? :huh:

    You're rationalizing because we both know Jerry isn't accountable for anything. That's the problem. Everything else is a symptom.
  15. Bullflop

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    I'd say it's very likely that the Cowboys are a team that's suffering morale problems and lacks confidence in their direction this year. It shows! :rolleyes:
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  16. gimmesix

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    I think it will depend on the coach that he gets. If he gets one who has proven success, then I think he'll let him essentially run the show like he did with Parcells. If he brings in an unproven coach, then Jerry will interject himself into the football operations more
  17. jimmy40

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    Pretty safe to say that neither Jerry or Switzer wanted to discipline players.
  18. Chocolate Lab

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    No, I've explained this before. They're two separate issues. Jerry is responsible for keeping him this long, of course. But I don't buy that Jerry makes the coach irrelevant as far as doing his job of getting the most out of his team. At the very least, Jerry isn't causing Jason to make rudimentary clock and game management mistakes.
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    Thanks for this, I missed it this morning as it's a snowy mess here in MA.
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  20. khiladi

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    Jerry NEVER neutered Jason, until Romo’s contract came around and Dallas was in a position dealing with him on the open market. Even then, he still didn’t completely do it, while tolerating Garrett interfering with Callahan as a play caller, who was also making changes in the offense.

    Wade was neutered with Garrett, while Jerry was doing everything in his power to make Jason succeed.

    Jason, with his incompetence, forced Jerry’s hands. If it was any other coach, Garrett would have been fired. Jerry even went through multiple defensive coordinators for Jason.

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