Truth that fans need to accept

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dckid, Jan 19, 2022.

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    Every year that passes proves that those Championships were the result of Jimmy. That has to be the
    Exactly. When Jerry bought the Cowboys he made a statement that nobody knew him as a rich oil man, but as the cowboys owner people knew him. The Cowboys are a stage for Jerry. Winning is secondary. Jerry wants to win, but if winning took him out of the spotlight he wouldn't do it.
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    I dont recall any ohter OWNER being the CLOWN and having all the spotlight JJ has.
    That is our curse
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    If you think that Jerry Jones has "given up power" to McClay then you must be living in an alternate universe.

    Jerry Jones has never stopped insisting that he has final say in all decisions Cowboys. The only part of the GM job that Jones has bequeathed to McClay is the actual work. McClay is not the GM. He does not have the authority of a GM. When people insist that McClay is the GM it means he has GM responsibilities. However, in no way does he have the authority to make decisions without Jerry Jones's approval.

    I can't stress how ridiculous this mindset is if you have been watching the man for 33 years. The entire point of Jerry being the GM is that he wants credit for any success this team might have. He craves it, it has consumed him to the point that Head Coaches don't even get the level of authority typically found in the NFL.

    Sure, there have been times when Jerry was grudgingly persuaded not to go down a certain road but that was still ultimately his decision. He has sworn never to give another coach the level of authority Jimmy had, so why would he bend to the will of a non-titled GM ? Not going to happen.

    Ultimately Jerry made the coaching decisions and he made the personnel decisions. He made the contract decisions. He listened to a great deal of advice from staff member, yes, but he made those decisions and so he is responsible for the results just like any other GM.

    Everything that the Cowboys have been over the past 25 years falls directly on his lap and just because he's the owner and won't fire himself from the GM job doesn't make this fact any less crystal clear.
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    he has give n most of it up so no he doesn't make all those decisions by himself allowed that to be done by delegation and democracy type final decsions.

    its been known for while his power is about the same as the king, queen,& princess in Europe,. they are now figure heads, public speakers and sure jerry will get his opinions and if he chose, he could countermand things but he hasnt in but hes not making the decisions you think he is.

    im not reading past your first lines as its all-hollow hyperbole diatribes.
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    I agree. I don't understand this narrative floating around that he doesn't care about winning another Super Bowl. Of course he wants to win another Super Bowl. It's just that he has no idea how. He thinks he does from the early 90s, but clearly he backed into his first 3 with his then buddy Jimmy. Since then, he has proven he has no idea how.
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    The disk says it all, and my beta tapes.
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