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Twitter: Two NFL teams with a playoff win percentage below .250

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound, May 4, 2022.

  1. SteveTheCowboy

    SteveTheCowboy Well-Known Member

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    So why have game stats? We should just keep career stats.

    According to your logic.
  2. Bullet22

    Bullet22 Well-Known Member

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    Some here need to step away from posting,...everything is negative....all the time...
  3. DogFace

    DogFace Carharris2

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    We all complain. Some complain incessantly. Some do it for attention which is sort of pathetic, but to each his own. Just as they love to criticize the team’s every move I love to critique that behavior and the motivation. Irony I guess.

    Explain this “earn our trust” statement. That sounds to me like an emotional issue with the team or a coping method that I don’t understand. I get mad as hell every loss and it affects my daily life, to a point. But do I trust them still? I don’t even know what the **** that means.

    I mean, I want them to win every game. Do I trust them to do it? Sometimes…Do I pull for and hope they do? Yes.

    Are you saying it’s to painful to be a supportive fan and that criticizing nearly every move protects your fan feelings? Help me understand.
  4. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    ir doesn't show the entire picture that why these threads cherry pick and the Lions arent even on the ist because they have zero wins it was done to start troll thread..

    kudos to all that buy into the nonsense that 3 SBs doesn't count toward a total career record as an owner and gm.. You don't take that war. Also take into account over that time person we have a winning record in the RS, many division titles, and are at least what one would call relevant years in and year out VS the lions who are NEVER that way. How about the last 10 years have the lions even made the payoffs since Romo beat them?

    the comp is \s plain ignorant and make zero sense in reality. You cherry pick years to troll, thats it..the stats start in 1989 and that just how it works.. there are teams that broke out of droughts that were far longer ie KC took 50 years to get back to a sb, Philly took 60 years to win their first, cinci took 31 years to finally get back to one and still lost, they are stil on zero. .there are many more examples..tryig to lump the Cowboys in with those lions is Stright up troll nonsense,.im betting any teams fans wish they had 3 SBS to brag about not nit pick out of history as if they never happened. that fanbase credit ie ill be patient and wait on our next one..

    I experienced the great times and will suffer through the bad or average to get to the next one. Hats pretty common. fkr fans unless you are weak and soft..

    if that what alleged fans think we are they need to move on down the road, you arent a real fan..we may have a long drought getting out of the 2nd round but we are far and away many levels above the lions and that straight fact.. the lions coaches cries when his team one ONE game the teams proud when they almost win a game , lmao that not the Cowboys..

    so we have failed in the payoffs but the RS we are relevant more then we are not and the Lions have one winning season every decade.

    as doie hard fan im willing to wait this drought out without turning on my team thats a real fan,

    So take your bandwagon arse on back to the 70s..we don't need you on our wagon.

    No we aren't perfect ,no we arent bragging over being regular season successful but fail in the playoffs but we are saying the Cowboys are nowhere near a comp with the lions..

    thats what a troll jaded hater fan base would say..you all are the softest weak fan base ive ever seen,.i understand fans losing their patience with the way seasons end like its ground hog day but in no way will i ever accept my team being bashed on a daily basis and will punch back even if it gets me benched.

    that real fan is disappointed but are still proud and never ever gives up or contact bashed their team.

  5. MountaineerCowboy

    MountaineerCowboy Well-Known Member

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    To painful to be a supportive fan? lol

    This team winning or losing games does not affect my happiness or sadness in my everyday life. If you live your life that way then I feel for you.

    So, the answer to you asking if it's "to painful to be a supportive fan" that answer is no. I'm saying that I'm not dumb enough to put blind trust into something that has failed for 26 straight years until that something shows me that it is consistently working. I will always root for and watch this team. They are my time. But I will not be suckered into believing "this is the year" every year like others constantly are. I will HOPE that this is the year things change, but getting butt hurt at others for thinking year 27 is going to be like the past 26 years is clown behavior. If they want to earn fans like myself trust back then they need to build a winning product that does it consistently .Don't talk about it, be about it.

    Let me ask you this, in your everyday life would you trust anything that has failed for 26 straight years? Would you take a car on vacation when it hasn't made it to the end of your driveway without breaking down for the past 26 years? Would you hop on a plane that's had to have an emergency landing every flight for the past 26 years? No, you wouldn't. Why the Cowboys? Why the blind faith? Why are they the one thing that doesn't need to earn it? I mean, you're clearly upset that I don't have faith in this organization or you wouldn't have took the time to say what you did. Why does that bother you?
  6. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    First of all Landry begun with 5 losing seasons . His 6th season in 1965 he went .500.

    And for an expansion team back then he was showing a steady continuous progress. Expansion teams weren’t expected to have immediate success.

    Those first six non winning seasons were followed by two consecutive NFL Title games in 1966 and 1967 losing to the greatest team of that era in both heart breaking fashion coming in the final seconds.

    And then we followed with two great seasons which ended in very disappointing fashion to the Browns in playoffs and followed with our first SB loss in 1970 season. We were coined “ next year champions “.

    While there was some frustration and disappointment it was obvious to most of us Landry had and was continuing to build a contender. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t some criticism.

    But the big difference in comparison is in this era we aren’t seeing a gradual increase in success as we saw back then. Landry made it to 2 NFL Title games and a SB appearance before finally breaking thru. We can’t even make it out of a divisional playoff round.
  7. CowboysFaninHouston

    CowboysFaninHouston CowboysFaninDC

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    but that's the point. the Owner/GM since Jimmy Johnson hasn't done anything. yeah yeah yeah yeah, he won with switzer, but the entire coaching staff and 90% of the team was from Johnson Era including 5 HOFers on the team.

    and that's the whole point. he doesn't have the right football people, doesn't hire the right football people and despite the division titles, in a notoriously weak division has had minimal post season success which is the most important measure. This GM/Owner has failed for 25+ years. does he get credit for the three superbowls? yes. but then you dig to find out what was the difference between the first 5,6 years and the last 25 (a generation removed).
  8. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    After reading through a couple of these supporters for our ownership it’s become apparent to me they aren't able to separate or distinguish between being a loyal fan of the franchise while being critical of our owners track record this era.
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  9. SteveTheCowboy

    SteveTheCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Wait a sec. Is this rant directed at me personally? Dang bro. Chill.
    I have no agenda. But i dont think there's anything particularly wrong with slicing out data points. Its done all the time . "Since xxxx, we have produced zzzzz". Or "from our fiscal year to now we have earned xyz".

    Not sure what YOUR agenda is....but you got some emotional issues. I dont think i deserved that.
  10. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

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    Because everything is negative all the time. No substance to this franchise anymore.
  11. starfan1

    starfan1 Well-Known Member

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    Hes one of the more whiny folks on this site. He can be seen in virtually any thread regardless of the topic whining. Thats his shtick say something negative get some likes by likeminded fans rinse and repeat. I mostly just scroll by him and dont give int to the attention seeking but occassionally he has a good post.. This sports team is just that "a sports team" and its entertainment. My days of being consumed by a sports event have long since past
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  12. CalPolyTechnique

    CalPolyTechnique Well-Known Member

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    So you get "mad as hell every loss and it affects (your) daily life" but you think people that have trouble "trusting" the team have emotional issues?
  13. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    at whomever started the post and whomever is trolling with replies as if they agree that who....:angry::espn::oldcouple:
  14. SteveTheCowboy

    SteveTheCowboy Well-Known Member

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    The whole thing...telling other people what to think and how to fan....is crazy.

    It's a plain simple fact...that we should accept....our win/playoff record SINCE (whatever year)....dismal...bottom of the NFL in that time period.

    It doesn't mean we don't support the team It doesn't mean we're miserable. It's just the facts.
  15. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

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    NO many of you trolls only point out the nagative you see it that way and come in and just hate on the Cowboys..dont blame the franchise for your poor attitude,,
  16. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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    And these Homer extremist can’t handle the criticism . Even if it’s from loyal diehard fans .
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  17. SteveTheCowboy

    SteveTheCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Whatever. I can;t find myself disagreeing with the facts presented.

    If you want to emotionalize it and project/make assumptions you have no clue about...have at it .
  18. Western

    Western Well-Known Member

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    1989 -- 1993: Jimmy the GM had complete control of all football operations -- hiring/firing of 1. scouting department, 2. player personnel department, and 3. his coaching staff.
    In addition, Jimmy the coach drafted the players, molded the players, and more importantly, created the culture of winning by establishing a chain of command for accountability, and authority in all football operations.

    Jimmy's winning culture was so strong, vibrant, and inescapable it permeated the entire football operations -- even lasting a few years after he left in 1994.

    The fact, and evidence that Jerry has done nothing since Jimmy was in charge is irrefutable proof, and confirmation that all football success for the Cowboys from 1989 -- 1995 resides in only one person:

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  19. BotchedLobotomy

    BotchedLobotomy Wide Right

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  20. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

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    Comical thing is, Stephen Jones actually has stated in the past he has an advantage over everybody else in football because when he came into the league, it was when salary cap started, so none of the owners and GM had any edge on him, the new guy. This is from the mouth of Stephen Jones himself.

    But they love to use it for an excuse when they don't want to get FA talent.
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