Video: Tyron is looking pretty good

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. Techsass

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    I wonder who would be more nervous about that matchup. I doubt it would be Tyron.
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  2. fansince68

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    Yeah but he has so many other body parts that will probably break. We must draft a replacement. I don't trust Tyron to be healthy.
  3. McKDaddy

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    He didn't get the surgery because he didn't want it. He chose other ways of trying to deal with it. They have not worked. His choices haven't been limited by a football schedule.
  4. Tussinman

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    Him and the team tried to manage the injuries because they thought the team had a good window to win. You where basically trying to spin it as "yeah well they never go the playoffs anyways so he should of already had it" which is a pretty weak recollection of what really transpired
  5. McKDaddy

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    I'm pretty confident the team preferred him getting surgery after the initial non surgical efforts didn't allow him to play a full season. We've been to the playoffs 2 of the 5 years he has missed games. Even in the seasons with a playoff game he could have had the surgery and been back for the next season. If you go back, I am pretty confident that you will find reports that Tyron refused surgical procedures. You were spinning it as he was making the choices because it was the best choice for the team whereas he really made a personal decision. As i said in my original post, I have no issue with a player making a decision about their treatment but let's not paint it as this is the first time he could choose surgery.
  6. Whyjerry

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    Exactly. Great player. Hasn’t been right in 5 years. Time to move on.
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  7. morasp

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    There were some comments from the offensive lineman about the heavy squats they had them doing. I sure hope it didn't shorten their careers.
  8. Patrick

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    How many offseasons in a row have we had this exact same thread?

    I love Tyron but he is clearly not reliable anymore and we need to start looking for a replacement. I'm not drafting one in the first this year but if you can find good value in the second or third I would consider it depending on what D are still on the board.
  9. Killerinstinct

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    Tyron once called in sick when he wanted to play video games.
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  10. LowTech

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    We need both
  11. Denim Chicken

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    That why you get a good swing tackle. He's only missed at most 3 games a season before last year. He has a very team friendly contract.

    If he looks like he's feeling good, invest in a swing / development guy (may be on the rostor) and keep it going with Tyron who is one of the best when he's right.
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  12. john van brocklin

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    Would be great if he can stay healthy.
  13. CowboysBravesSpurs

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    It’s pretty pathetic how this fanbase treats players who get older and/or more injury prone. Some of these comments are pretty shameful.

    Must suck busting your a** for a single franchise your entire career, then have the fanbase completely turn on you after your body starts to give out. I understand wanting to find/draft his replacement, but the disrespect doesn’t make any sense.
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  14. cristglo

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    WOW some of you can been ruthless lol
    I understand the frustration but if we cut all the players that some posters have said to cut who would we have??
    Names posters have wanted cut in the last couple years
    Dak Zeke LVE Jaylon Smith Conner Williams Tank Tyron Smith Lael Collins
    Trade Gallup Cooper
  15. chagus

    chagus Well-Known Member

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  16. Hadenough

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    GREAT! Maybe they could trade him and get something for him now. Tyron says this every year and after 4 games he starts missing practice. After 6 games he is holding like crazy!
  17. noshame

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    I like the guy and am grateful.
    But...backs and necks aren't kind time to find a body to take over.
  18. DuncanIso

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    Surgery and football go together...
  19. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    Cowboys' management should be proactive not reactive..It is time to move on...sometimes we keep players for too log
  20. chagus

    chagus Well-Known Member

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    I'm convinced this forum has been infiltrated with Cowboys haters disguised as fans. This has to be the case. I see no other reason because the amount of complaining and negativity is literally staggering! NOTHING pleases some of these perpetually bitter people! Top 10 pick? Nope. Top rated offense? Nope. A rehabbed and now running franchise QB? Nope. Two very solid TEs? Nope. Now... one of the best LT in the ENTIRE NFL says he's feeling well after a surgery he had previously avoided? What a surprise! Its a NOPE.

    Please, go back to your real teams and complain on your own forum. Let the real Cowboys fans be optimistic and hopeful here.

    Jeez! smh
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