UCF D. Co. Randy Shannon talks about T. Hill

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Motown12, Apr 29, 2019.

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    So I listened to the "Doomsday" podcast with Ed Werder and Matt Mosley. They had Randy Shannon on who was T. Hills Defensive coordinator at UCF and was of course a former coach at the U but also a late round pick of the Cowboys in 1989. He's known for being very honest and straightforward and I found his opinion on T. Hill interesting and perplexing at the same time. He mentioned his first 2 years the prior coaching staff had him lined up directly over the center and his job was to basically knock the center backwards and only had 1.5 sacks his first 2 years. When the new coaching staff came in for his junior year, R. Shannon wanted Hill to shoot gaps and to try to get in the backfield and to the QB similar to what RM wants his 3 tech DT to do in Dallas. The reason he only started 1 game was because Shannon told his players that starters are not set in stone and will be awarded week to week based on that weeks practice habits/film study. He said Hill wasn't too happy about that at first and his practices didn't warrant him starting for most of the season.

    Positives: Great quickness, burst and twitch. Compared him to W. Sapp but not as athletic and still learning how to use his body to maximize leverage/angles. Good kid, coachable, smart. Thinks RM will get the most out of him and he has a chance to be a great player.

    Negatives: Didn't buy in to the new staffs philosophy on having to earn your starting position practice to practice including film study. He did bring up a specific game when Hill ignored everything the Defensive staff had preached all week regarding a certain player and that player wound up carving up the defense.

    So 95% of what R. Shannon talked about was all positive and that Hill is a great kid, very talented, and will be very coachable in Dallas. But yet in 10 of 11 games he didn't work hard enough in practice or film study to warrant starting? Very strange. As many others have mentioned opinions seem to be all over the place when it comes to this kid. McClay has earned my trust up until this point so I will wait and see and hope this kid becomes a great DT.
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    It's just weird they would take on someone with issues like this at that draft spot after all that has gone down with Gregory and Irving. Why another PIA?? He could end up "good" or (what seems sorta likely) easily be another trouble-case. Obviously everyone in Dallas just loves to be right about guys like him... problem is, half their faces already have mud all over it. They are gonna choke on it eventually...
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    Sounds like he thought he was entitled and the coaches tried to bring him back to earth. Hopefully, he's there now.
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    Interesting. Thanks for the post.
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    Short answer:. 300 lb + men who come off the ball like he does are pretty rare. So, when you find one w/worts you hope you have a good enough locker room to absorb the headache. It's all on Hill now.
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    His kind of talent in the second round always comes with baggage. The team has to ask itself whether it can handle the baggage, and apparently it thinks it can. Of course, it thought the same thing with Gregory. Irving's really a different case. It didn't cost us anything really to take on this troubles and try to get the most out of him.
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    put him at 1tech but allow him by slashing gaps. he hasnt done that
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    nice read, thanks!
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    Entitled, lazy-***, prima dona.

    Sounds much like Taco.

    Way to go Cowboys. You waste a 1st and now a 2nd on entitled punks.
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    u want round 1 talent at the end of 2nd
    u have to take some risks
    better risk than gregory and jaylon in 2nd
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    You watch this kid on tape...he flashes a great get off for a big guy. Disruptive...something we haven't had in the middle of our defense for years. I like the player...think we over-drafted him though. He would have been a great 3rd round pick...but I guess the staff didn't want to risk losing him...so I get taking him where we did.
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    Paychecks are big motivators
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    I think its too much risk,He wont be starting here either and he might be unhappy with that too.
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    1st round talent?

    Does this look like 1st round talent???

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    Or he really was much better than the other players and thought it was a dumb idea - which most 20 year olds think about basically everything.
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    He did not like the scheme, far cry from head issues and smoking weed!

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