Umpire was out of position

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSkaven, Jan 17, 2022.

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    I know there’s a zillion threads about this, but I haven’t seen this posted.

    I was in section C312 and I had a perfect view of the final seconds. My friend, seated next to me, was recording those last sections on his cell phone.

    Yeah, it probably wasn’t the best play call but what I can tell you is that there was plenty of time still on the clock when Dak slid. He didn’t do anything wrong with the ball. There’s one referee who is charged with placing it.

    Now you can call this conspiratal, you can say that this particular referee was daydreaming or maybe he just never expected a QB draw, but he was 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage when the play started and he stayed there until the moment that Dak slid.

    Then, and only then, did he start sprinting toward the line to spot the ball. I watched this with my own eyes. No matter what Dak did with the ball or who he handed it to, there was a snowball’s chance in inferno that his referee was going to get there in time. None.

    So go ahead and blame Kellen Moore. And trust me, I’m not one to say the fix was in. But the game was a comedy of errors by the officials and that ball should have been spotted with enough time for one more play call.

    Remember one more thing:

    There were controversial outcomes in the games against both the Raiders and Cardinals. If Dallas wins one of those games, they were playing Philly yesterday. If they win both, they had a bye week.

    I get it - play well enough that the outcome can’t come down to a play decided by the referees. OK. But we were robbed yesterday, pure and simple.

    Flame away.
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    Yeah maybe. But we lost the game way before that
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    I don't care.

    With 14 seconds left they put their chances on the foot speed of a 60 year old man to run up and set the ball. It was a stupid play in that situation.
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    We shouldn't have been in a POSITION where we had to leave it in the hands of the refs.
  5. tyke1doe

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    Funny :laugh: and excellent!:clap:
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    He actually did something wrong with the ball. He gave it to the Center to snap it, instead of looking for the ref and saying “here is the ball, we are already lined up and your wasting time”..

    at least then they could have cried about it.

    Dak’s explanation in the OC shows he still doesn’t get it. He says he spiked the ball. But that has zero to do with the issue, which is, you gave it to the center to hike it to you, when the ref is supposed to set the ball. This is what he said:

    He then says,

    Sounds like he’s making stuff up. First he says he’s not even sure what happened, then he says an umpire usually just taps it (sure Buddy), then he says he knew the ref was going to touch the ball…
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    I saw that too but they put the end of the game on a run play, within bounds and were counting on the ref to be there asap.

    Low IQ play with the postseason on the line
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    it's our fault for letting the game come down to that, but at the same time it would have been nice to have one of those flying bottles find the face of Ramon George afterwards
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    Yup. And aliens killed JFK.

    Posting again:

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    We didn’t lose because of that. No offense to you but I’m over our coach and players blaming refs for loss.
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  11. tyke1doe

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  12. unionjack8

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    Daks passes were out of position
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    How does Dak not know the ref has to touch the ball. He’s not a rookie anymore.
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  14. Swagger

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    We would have still been on the 25 yard line. People seem to think it would have been a gimme from the 1 yard line! Amazing the spin coming out of the Cowboys can flip the narrative to blaming the officials for their own failings during the prior 59 minutes.
  15. Maverick84

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    it doesn't matter if it was the 25 yard line or the 1 yard line or 99 yards away, what happened happened, and people are allowed to talk about it in isolation regardless

    more than one thing can be true at the same time - we deserved to lose, and Ramon George deserved a bottle to the face
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  16. TheCoolFan

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    Dak blew it. Ran for too many yards, wasted extra seconds and then did a full slide to waste even more time. I guess they did not trust Dak's endzone accuracy from the 40
  17. nathanlt

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    I'm with you, we were less than one second away from getting one shot at the end zone to tie or win the game. I would have liked to have seen that.

    However, it is terrible planning to rely on a 50+ year old umpire to react to a QB sneak and sprint with his 50 year old speed toward the new spot of the ball. (Mike Fisher pointed this out, and I agree with him.) Unfortunately, the Cowboys performance put them in a place where they relied on such a slim margin for success.

    I think referees, in general throughout the season have ruined football with their inconsistency and incompetency. However, in this game, there's only 1 of the 14 called penalties that I think was whimsical on the officiating. The officiating was generally good, and the Cowboys didn't play hard enough to use that to their advantage.
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    Of course it can be talked about but surely the focus should be on how/why it reached the stage of relying on a fire drill from the 40 yard line with 14 seconds remaining as opposed to why the QB didn't simply hand the ball to the official.
  19. Sydla

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    This is why people make fun of Cowboys fans, because they assume we all think as silly as this.

    No, we were not robbed. One, that ignores the reality that the team played terribly for 59 minutes of that game. But it also ignores the reality that even if we can stop the clock after the Dak run (which was a ********* stupid play call), the odds of us then getting a TD on that last play from like the 24 yard line is extremely unlikely.

    So no, we were't robbed. We robbed ourselves.
  20. Swagger

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    On a sidenote the officiating throughout this season has been horrific and ruined a number of games.

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