Umpire was out of position

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSkaven, Jan 17, 2022.

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    All you had to do was say, "I (boysbeyond4ever) don't know what I'm talking about. I've never officiated a game, so there are just some things I'm not aware of, but I'll speak as if I'm an authority on them anyway."
    It would have save us ALL a lot of time and effort. ;) :)
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    Crying over spilled milk will get you nowhere. It happened. Get over it! ;)
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    They used to have him behind the D line, but they made a change and put them behind the offense for safety. If I remember right, there might have been a back and forth in there somewhere. But, at the end of any quarter, and especially if the game is on the line at the end, there should be a judge right there.
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    Problem is it will keep happening as long as people like you accept it. Change for the better won't come from getting over it.

    Nothing is going to change what happened this Sunday, but if pointing it out until the League does something to change it for the better means it won't happen another Sunday it's worth focusing on.

    Nobody in their right mind thinks that focusing on this is going to change what happened , what they did, or its impact.. The goal is to stop it happening again and again the goal is to make officiating better which benefits all of us here and across the NFL.. And is being cheated out of a deserved chance to win doesn't bother you good for you. Go open a thread about bad reffing is okay even if it costs my team hugely. That's where you ought to be now.
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    Why did we not let the ref know that we were going to run a draw so he could put himself in better position?
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    Another option is have one of the Sideline judges run in and spot the ball - it's a straighter run and they don't have to run around or through the set O-Line.. Makes too much sense probably. This is the NFL after all LOL
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    Irony: This thread is still alive, kept alive by the very people who claim others are whiners. Come on, our own Stupidity helped us lose the game. Don't call stupid plays, then spot the ball yourself, giving yourself a favorable spot, and then complain because the Ref wasn't the Flash and moved fast enough to fix your greedy mistake.
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    It's not the Referee and it's the Umpire and they are under no obligation to respond as you would expect. As you saw there apparently, they don't even have to begin running downfield even after it's obvious that it's a run past the LOS, as if they're going to spot a penalty from 30 yards back up the field. Well on Dallas, who knows? Two defensive holdings on running plays?
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    1 This is just anti-Dak bs.First no one hands the ball to the Umpire to spot it., period.. We saw videos from other games which prove this conclusively. Show nme the rue that states you must give the ball to an official to mark it.. There is none.
    Second, how do you hand the ball to the umpire when he is 30 yards behind the play and never even begins running tioward the play till after Dak his been downed? Go ahead, explain the physics involved in that.

    2. Valid - but the O-line guys are focused on being properly set otherwise if they get a flag there, game over.

    3 Duh but still not the issue. The issue as a Former NFL Director of Officiating pointed out is that the Umpire delayed running to the LOS far too long,and had no need to hold his position 30 yards behind the play as long as he did. The ref could have gotten there quicker but either lacked the physical speed, situational awareness, or I'll say it genuine desire to do so.. I have no idea which it was but was one and any of the three is inexcusable and should be unnacceptable. to fans of football period.
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    Translation: "WAAAH, WAAAH, (sniffle), WAAAH"...

    Jerry Jones' Cowboys are fricken' stupid. We need new karma. Resign...TODAY!!
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    ok Rowdy lol
    1. I dont do anti dak BS. I never said there was a rule, just that it would be faster to give the ball to him and make a opening at center of line so he
    could quickly set it. If a player sets the ball the ref always resets it, I have never seen a ref just touch it, they always move it.
    3.The ref/ umpire , it is not his job to help a team get the play off quickly, by running down quicker, he will watch whatever he is supposed to watch until
    the play is blown dead.
    This is something else the cowboys were evidently not thinking about. The further dak runs, the further he will have to go to reset the ball.
    As for him delaying too long, I dont know I can only see him running into the picture. Maybe he had money on SF?

    As someone else stated it would have been smart to let him know the plan before the play so that he might react quicker.

    Bottom line is 14 seconds is not enough time to run 15 yds and get the ball set ok to go line set snap and clock it..
    mm said it could be done in 13 seconds, but that would be cutting it way too close. Trying to do this was just not sound judgement.

    I think to cover all the variables, you need 16-18 seconds to do what they tried. Or do it way more efficiently than the cowboys did.
    I think by the time they snapped it clock was at 0 so they needed at least 2 more seconds.
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    I understand what your saying but we had too many quarters where we did nothin. Only to create pentalities on crucial downs or negated huge plays. All those calls aganist us was legit. And for everyone to blame a ref who was a sec too slow is stupid in my book.
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    The umpire required position is 15 yards deep, opposite the referee, just outside the tight end position. He does not position himself to where the offense wants him to be.
  14. Big_D

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    They definitely need a better game plan. The play call was terrible, but the refs reaction was so ridiculously bad on top of it. Dak didn’t even know enough to find him so the whole dam thing was just a 14 second inept mess.
  15. Jimbo123

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    nope. Offensive side 15 yards deep
  16. UncleRico

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    Yes but if he knows a run is coming he can start running up as soon as play starts. He didn’t start moving until Dak slid down, he took forever to get there.
  17. boysbeyond4ever

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    That was Dean Blandino's point. The Umpire failed to do his job properly.

    No one has to hand the ball to anyone. There is no rule to that effect anywhere in the NFL Rules.. Moreover even if there was the only way anyone gets the ball to him sooner is if they run 8 yards back to meet him coming because that's how late he began to run up - he was still 30 yards behind the play when Dak slid down.. You tell me Dk would get the ball to him if the rules did require it?

    The play never should have been called. But that doesn't change the fact the the Umpire failed completely to get up the field in a timely fashion so the ball could be snapped and downed, and the referees were unwilling to consult New York about it to make sure is all proper and that's the issue..
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    Then you don't need to be here in this thread.

    People who disagree with tht have a right to do so, to say so and to discuss it in a thread. You have a right not to read it if you don't like it. No one is obligated to think like you anymore than they are to think like me. I don't waste my time or patience in those threads - maybe that's the answer here.
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    In your mind I should project what I would do or did do into what other people do? That’s childlike thinking. I’d never see a bank and think taking a gun in and demanding money would be a good way of getting money from them, but many people do.

    Refs are people and many people have bias and some aren’t able to control that bias. It’s very simple.
    if you don’t think the ref that was defensive holding the defender turned blocker for Tom Brady was biased then you don’t understand the concept. When refs joke around with Rodgers and the team never gets called for holding it’s a bad look at least. There’s likely bias there imo.

    Live in your pollyannaish world in which refs are beyond partiality if you like. I don’t like.

    Meanwhile the ref in our game can’t even be in postition to not spot the ball correctly. Morons. They are wannabe idiots, kiss *****, and jerks in the NFL.
  20. Big_D

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    you don’t hand it to the center and think the ref doesn’t have to spot it. You can toss it to him to hurry the process. But what happened was a mess on Daks part and the refs. A cluster *****. I don’t think it’s required of the ref to go quicker than the usual pace in that situation.

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