Valerie Harper Dead At 80

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    :( [​IMG]
    "Valerie Harper -- who starred on the classic sitcoms including "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Rhoda" and "Valerie" -- is dead.

    Valerie died Friday morning ... and while a cause of death has not been released, she's had tons of health issues over the years.

    Harper was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009 and then, after beating that, announced in 2013 she had terminal brain cancer."
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    Always had a crush on her as a youngster, so sad to hear this. RIP.
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    Very sad. I was just a little kid when Rhoda got married. Still remember it. At least she's out of pain. :(
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    Rest in peace Ms. Harper.
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    She is part of that great 70’s decade of tv.

    Mary Tyler Moore show, Rhoda and the likes of MASH, Sanford and Son, welcome back Kotter, SOAP, Barney Miller and countless more.

    Salute. RIP,.

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