Vick vs Prescott?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by garyo1954, May 8, 2022.

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    Yeah, yeah.....QB1 is a hot button topic, but I was reading.....

    "A tweet has been going viral this afternoon stating (seemingly as fact) that Prescott is already a better quarterback than Vick. And in some ways that is true.

    "Through six seasons, Prescott has a significantly better completion percentage, more completions in fewer attempts and more touchdown passes than Vick has. Vick had half as many touchdowns and more interceptions through his first six seasons.

    "But NFL fans believe almost universally that Vick was the better quarterback. Going to Twitter you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone showing support for Prescott over Vick.

    "It's no big secret that Michael Vick was far from a polished passer as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. But that didn't stop him from leading the Falcons to the playoffs twice and making the Pro Bowl three times in his first six seasons.

    "And when Vick became the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010, he turned the Eagles offense into a juggernaut. It's no surprise then that NFL fans are convinced that Vick would have done more with what Dak Prescott currently has."

    It seems strange to me to make that comparison to start with, but hey! Cowboys make headlines!
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  2. Beats_By_Zeke

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    RKG > Convict
  3. youngjerryjones

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    Dak Prescott is not even in the same universe as Michael Vick. If Michael Vick never got expelled from the NFL and went to prison, imagine what he could have been. Even with access to zero NFL programs while he was locked up this guy beefed up, put on weight and came back to the Eagles solid.

    The way that Vick throws the ball, I wish Dak could sling it like that, not even counting the running aspect.
  4. TheMarathonContinues

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    You must be high. Vick got out of prison and had arguably his best year as a passer. Vick was dynamic with his legs. He had a arm but not the accuracy.
  5. HungryLion

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    Dak is a better QB than Vick was.
  6. NotForLong

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    For the Gazillonth time you cant use raw stats when comparing contemporary QBs with QBs of yester year . . .
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  7. NotForLong

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  8. Kevinicus

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    This is a very odd conparison. Extremely different players.

    Vick was obviously the much more feared player, but he was feared for his legs.
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  9. HungryLion

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    It’s ok buddy. It’s true.

    you don’t have to like Prescott and can still acknowledge it’s true.

    Vick was mediocre to downright bad at times as a passer.
  10. sunalsorises

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    Vick was pre-epiphany Willie Beamon. He never even bothered to learn the plays. Prison gave Vick focus. That and a long line of creditors looking to collect. Vick is far better than Dak pure talent wise. Dak by far has the better character and leadership skills. Vick’s ceiling was so much higher than Dak’s ceiling is but Vick never got there.
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  11. Mobinvans

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    Dak is nothing like Vick

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  12. conner01

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    That’s why fans don’t run teams lol
  13. conner01

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    Not at all
    His dogs only bite people lol
    But they aren’t the same type of player either
  14. America's Cowboy

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    Vick is better than Dak?

    One of the most ridiculous notions I've ever heard.
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  15. Mk2_Cowboys

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    Dak > Vick
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  16. StarOfGlory

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    I think some people look at Vick and wonder how good he would have been if he started his career with a coach like Andy Reid. Few QB's in NFL history had his arm strength.
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  17. Cowpolk

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  18. Big D

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    Vick was a dynamic and exciting player but Dak is a better qb.
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  19. Runwildboys

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    Vick is a piece of crap, and comparing him to Dak is going too far. Also, if not for his running ability, he never would've made it into the NFL.
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  20. HungryLion

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    It may have made a difference.

    Then again , Vick himself readily admits that when he was with Atlanta, he was entitled, immature and didn’t put in the necessary work that an NFL QB needs to put in.

    Going to jail made him wise up and try harder. Which is why he improved after jail until his body broke down.

    Dak is kind of the opposite of Vick in that regard. Vick had absolutely elite physical tools but a crap work ethic.

    Dak’s pure physical tools aren’t on the same level as Vick but he is clearly a much harder worker than Vick was.
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