Watching Mahomes, coparing to dak and tears

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by CowboysFaninHouston, Jan 20, 2019.

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    watchingall the great QB play today...watching mahomes and seeing how he leads a receiver, even on a simple screen... so he doesn't have to slow down , just catch and run at full speed ....and comparing to dak, when he throws...behind a WR, the receiver contorting his body, stopping, reaching back..... even on a simple out or screen pass, then having to regroup, figure out his next move and get tackled for a loss or gain of 1....accuracy is not the location you are throwing the ball, but knowing where to throw the ball. just brings tears to my eyes....we are limited. very limited. how far can we go? not far or perhaps as far as zeke can take us....
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  2. Blackthorn

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    You mean Brady? If you want to compare and talk crap about Dak at the same time at least choose one of the QBs that won today. That will give a more dramatic value to this thread.

    Adios and good night.
  3. mahoneybill

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    Brady gets enough protection from his O Line to throw with his feet planted and he's very adept at a tight ball, with great placement . Some of those final passes to Edelman were rockets and right on target... Not bad for an old GOAT
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  4. jazzcat22

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    Did you watch the game, I guess you did not see all the over throws from him today. Or throw to where no one was there. Other bad throws as well.
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  5. Walker

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    Brady for being as non mobile as people make it sure knows how to avoid those sacks with a quick release.
  6. DakPresgoat

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    This is the story of the game.

    Chiefs led the league in sacks. They didn’t get one today.

    I believe Brady is the best QB ever. But MAN OH MAN does he pretty consistently get awesome
    Protection from his OL.
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    Dude. That’s just stupid. I am a Dak supporter and win or lose they both played well today. Mahomes had an amazing season regardless of the outcome of this game.
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  8. shabazz

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    Accuracy is overrated...we’ll be just fine
  9. skinsscalper

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    I was thinking the exact same thing. He made a lot of the mistakes Dak is criticized for (and I'm no Dak homer by a mile). The biggest one that I was thinking of was disappearing for 3 quarters and needing to pull it out at the end.

    Sometimes I wonder if people actually know what they are looking at or if they're just looking for a reason to whine like a *****.
  10. jakethepug

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    Dak isn't that good
    What will it take for fans to understand that
    Terrible in the pocket inaccurate etc
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  11. TheDude

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    I've yet to see a 100% completion, that isnt the point. He put up 31 points and was dropping in ridiculous passes.
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  12. rags747

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    Mahomes throws ridiculous balls from any and all contortions, mad mad skills the kid has. Sidearm, No Look passes it doesn’t matter. Pats are very fortunate that They were able to snuff out all life with the TD.
  13. Cowboy Brian

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    Mahomes and Brady each put on a clinic is the last quarter of that game. Good lord, those passes were money.

    I believe in Dak.
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  14. Vanilla2

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  15. jakethepug

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    Not trolling at all honest opinion
  16. StarBoyz83

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    I like Dak but hes ok. For sure not a top 12. Could say not top 15 at the moment.
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  17. DUO_CORE

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    (If this was a KC or NO forum last night)

  18. CF74

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    Mahomes is a rare talent and right now, nobody in the league is on his level.. Give the guy a top 10 defense and he probably never loses another game...:omg:
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  19. LACowboysFan1

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    No problem with that, none of us here are ex or current NFL head coaches, offensive coordinators, quarterback coaches, et al as far as we know. Seriously doubt any of them have any interest in or time for such things. Your entitled to your opinion.

    But so am I, I'm not saying Dak is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, but breaking down your complaints:

    Terrible in the pocket? Don't see that, he's no Staubach but many of the sacks he's taken or bad throws he's made came from very poor o-line play, I'd say he's average in the pocket.

    Inaccurate? Based on what standard? His completion percentage this year in the regular season was 67.7%. Brady's was 65.8, Stafford 66.1, R. Wilson 65.6. None of those quarterbacks are considered "inaccurate". There are numerous others like Ryan, Rivers, etc. that are between 68 and 69%, being 2% off from those guys is not statistically significant. And others like Newton's and Ryan's teams didn't make the playoffs or even have a winning record.

    I'd consider Dak a bit above average, overall, he's surely hamstrung with the coaching, as well. Hopefully the leaving of Linehan will mean improved coaching, more to his skills, which is what every good quarterbacks/head coach/offensive coordinator does. Don't see Belichick calling naked bootlegs with Brady, or such. You plan your offense to maximize players' abilities, that's not done well at Dallas...
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  20. jazzcat22

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    As Dak has dropped in some pretty good passes as well. And many other QB's.
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