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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MLB53, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Things that need to be done by next year
    1st. QB, Dak on tag but either sign him or draft one.
    2nd. Cut Elliot, he's slow and can't hit the hole and you might as well take the hit bc your not going anywhere with him at RB
    3rd. Say Goodbye to all the project players on the team, Steele, Crawford, Lee and Dalton some older players that are no longer player.
    4th. Time to start finding out just what you got in younger players at QB, DE, LB, S and RB and see what they can do, it can't be any worse.
    5th. Draft top 2 lineman on board, one at DL and OT to shore up the lines, this is a pressure league and thats what turns games around and makes turnovers, it starts up front on both Dline and Oline
    6th. Address RB we need speed at RB, either in Draft or FA, they are good RBs coming out in the mid rounds or pick one up in FA.
    7th. Draft secondary, we need speed, 3rd thru 6th rounds, CBs at least 2 of them bc with the rule changes there is no longer a shut down corners like there once was and beside good DL pressure counts for more turnovers and bad plays for them.
    That's my take for next year bc this year a washed.
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  2. big dog cowboy

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    #2 can't happen because of the cap hit. In a year where the cap is going down, that's to much of a price to pay for just cutting him.
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  3. cowboyec

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    extend our franchise QB.
    get Tyron,Zack and La'el healthy.
    draft better...finally address that poor ol' s position that keeps getting slighted...and a DT or 2 wouldn't hurt.
    i like our DEs.
    Gallimore and Woods are a start but we need more.
    for me....when healthy this is a good team...draft better.
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  4. 75boyz

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    New ownership group/family miraculously convinces the Jones Cartel to sell.

    Bout all I got.
  5. ghst187

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    Bring in another new coaching staff and D coordinator.
  6. Cmac

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    ….you singled out D coordinator from 'new coaching staff"......does that mean O coordinator is separate?....and safe?.....Just wondering?
  7. John813

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    I see no reason to cut our project players unless someone actually beats them out. Odds are Steele won't become a starter or even a good backup. Hes raw and it shows at times. However, he may have some improvement over time with a proper offseason.

    Our issues start at the FO. They do no wrong in the owners eyes.
  8. LittleD

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    Forget Dak...trade him or let him go. This team is toast for at least 3 years. Get rid of all bloated contracts by outright release or trade. Start over with young draft picks and hope for the best.
    Get rid of this batch of loser coaches and get someone from the college ranks. Jerry should retire and Stephen should sell the team to someone who knows something about football.
    That's All Folks!!!
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  9. dckid

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    Move on from Dak!!!!! Don’t pay 40 million a year to a Kirk Cousins type
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Keep Dak if healthy. Draft defense.
  11. BotchedLobotomy

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    Sign Dak long term
    Stick with Zeke and Pollard, reluctantly
    Hit FA hard for Top tier OL
    All DEF draft
    Give coaching staff, minus KM, another year with a normal offseason
  12. nightrain

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    Jerry and Stephen Jones are poison. Two arrogant clowns with no business running football operations. I am sick of their fantasy football mindset and obvious lack of skill with building a roster, operating a player development plan and executing roster maintenance. Their buy and hold strategy has been a disaster for decades and they have no clue how to utilize free agency as a tool to augment the roster.

    There is no help with these guys calling the shots.
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  13. ghst187

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  14. black label

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    Can lamberger play lb?
  15. Vanilla2

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    In Jerry we trust. I applaud any and all future moves.
  16. waving monkey

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    zeek how do you handle the cap issues
    Steele is an UNFA that cost little and is showing more then the other OT's behind him? Cut Them
  17. GMO415

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    Time to rebuild OL for sure
  18. xwalker

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    Dak will be on the roster in 2021 one way or the other.

    The cap hit is too much to cut Zeke before 2021.
    Just because a player is over-paid, does not mean that he does not have value on the field.

    Project Players means young developmental players, not older veterans.
    Steele is the only young player in your list.
    Why cut Steele? Even highly drafted OTs often don't start as rookies. The fact that Steele as a rookie UDFA was able to do anything means he might have future upside.

    Making progress with the new defensive scheme to the top priority on that side of the ball.
    - Teams can't make progress with a new scheme is they only play inexperienced players.
    - They're already playing many young players and including rookies.

    Agree on focusing on DL in the draft. DT or CB is the biggest need in the draft but OT should be in consideration with the 1st round pick if that is the best player available.
    - They draft better when they go BPA.
    - Counting on any specific rookie is not a good plan.
    - Follow a BPA strategy with a lean towards need when the talent is similar between big need and less need positions available.
    - Draft Lamb in 2020 gives them the option to move on from Cooper after 2021 or to not be forced to over-pay for Gallup when he becomes a free agent.

    RB Tony Pollard ran a 4.37 forty...

    The very fastest DBs in the draft are not always the best DBs. They need DBs that can play the ball in the air. Awuzie is fast enough but has issues playing the ball.
  19. FiveSuperBowls

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    #4 should have taken place 4 games ago. Yes, play the youngsters, but some hear call it tanking when actually let's see what they got, maybe the team can start winning. i.e. I was not surprised that Wilson was a better safety than Thompson.
  20. Praxit

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    ....they need GM with guts in Dallas. It starts from the top. I'll leave it at that.

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