We are all guilty

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blitzen, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Our fandom throughout these past 3 decades makes this show possible. In case you are upset at what happened (again) yesterday, just understand that your interest and following of the squad makes it a perpetual experiment. We rehash the same stuff after each failed postseason.

    I’ve taken it for what it is. It has some entertainment value for me to an extent. I was shocked that the Cowboys won 12 games this season because last year’s defense showed so little. I was thinking 10 wins at most.

    The offense put up great numbers against the worst competition, and not so great numbers against the better defenses. Especially when you are talking about consistent point scoring in all 4 quarters (which I thought might be an interesting analysis-anybody know where I can find breakdowns of scoring per quarter, pass yards per quarter, etc?).

    The defense was substantially better in almost every area, but most notably for taking the ball away. They did it again yesterday (almost twice). They created a scoring opportunity for the offense, which the offense took advantage of. They still have trouble dealing with smash mouth styles of offense though. They held SF in check for most of the game, but could not hold after the interception from Dak. I was pleased with their total effort and game plan.

    Lots of problems on both lines and unfortunately at the QB position. I have no issues with Dak being signed long term because the Cowboys knew he would be a better option for relevance than trying to start over. It’s good business to take easy wins when you can get them, and this division provides plenty of easier wins.

    However, the Cowboys have very little chance to advance far in the playoffs without a premier QB, and they don’t have one. See the usual suspects in the final rounds and Joe Burrow showing so much promise on a Cincinnati club that has an extremely suspect defense and porous offensive line. There are typically only 3-5 QBs in the league each year that are on this level. They all require at least decent/average line play to succeed. Strong running games and defenses can help lift an average QB to later rounds of the playoffs, but a team with great coaching, elite qb, and good defense can go farthest in this league consistently.

    This and the divisional rounds are something for this team’s core players to aspire to. It could be worse, and I’ve cheered on pretenders before. Let’s pretend the Cowboys actually have a chance at a Super Bowl in the next few years. More fun than the alternative.
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  2. Aerolithe_Lion

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    Guilty as charged
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  3. JJHLH1

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    Such a sad ending.

    But unfortunately, not at all unexpected.
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  4. ChronicCowboy

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    I haven’t bought Cowboys merch or tickets since 2008. I quit supporting this charade long ago.

    It’s hard to take the black pill but it’s necessary as a Cowboys fan. This organization isn’t designed to win games.
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  5. SDCowboy

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    Are you going to stop watching? If not, then what's the point of this thread?
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  6. gmb1

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    Same here. The dollars don't make sense anymore. I think I only watched 2 games this season. Maybe 3.
  7. glimmerman

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    They played the way they do. This O-Line has to get better.. Was wanting them to execute. The QB draw at the end needed to be called earlier in the game.
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  8. Blitzen

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    Did you read the entire post? I still find some entertainment in it. So yeah, when I’m not doing something better I’ll prolly throw it on.
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  9. GINeric

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    It could be worse. We could be Washington fans rooting for a team with no identity and no hope. It sucks that we didn't go further this season but it definitely could be worse.
  10. SDCowboy

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    So you think we the fans are guilty of fueling this garbage, yet you aren't willing to fix that? This thread is pointless if you aren't going to be part of the solution to the problem you claim we are causing.
  11. Darkhound

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    Very accurate on your comments
  12. Bobhaze

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    Same here. This will always be my favorite team because of the team they were in my youth. But I stopped buying anything- tickets, merch, whatever- since 2008 as well. It’s the only statement I can make. I can’t control what other fans do with their sports dollar, but I sure can with mine.
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  13. jwooten15

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    Fan revolts never work. Jerry will be rich beyond measure whether you watch or buy his merchandise or not. It’s sad. I think if any of us true fans had a couple seasons as GM, we would truly go all out for a championship. The Cowboys never do that.
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  14. Aven8

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    We will see how it works out for Tenny and SF. Tenny has the number 1 seed with Tannehill. SF is advancing with Jimmy G. Both QB’s aren’t very good but both teams are very similar.

    I think Tenny might be the best team in football.
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  15. RustyBourneHorse

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    I am planning on getting a Parsons jersey cuz I did say that I'd get a jersey if we got a stud player on defence, which we do. I also plan on getting a custom made one for my fursuit. Other than that, I do not plan on spending anything else on the Cowboys for the foreseeable future.
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  16. Blitzen

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    If the thread is pointless, there are other threads for you out there.
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  17. SDCowboy

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    It would absolutely work. If the stadium stopped getting filled and the ratings dropped, it would absolutely matter. We start getting fewer prime time games, it would absolutely matter.

    The problem is there will likely never be a fan revolt, so it's a moot point. Fans will continue to pack the stadium, and the Cowboys will, for whatever reason, continue to be the most watched team.
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  18. Blitzen

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    I won’t be shocked if they make it to the conference championship (AFC weaker this season), but it would surprise me if they make the Super Bowl and shock me if they won it.
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  19. pasando

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    Agreed! I haven't gone to a game since 2007 and have not purchased apparel in years ( I even tell family not to buy me apparel for gifts)... I listened to 14 out of 17 games this year on the radio while doing yard work, etc... I am still living in the past of the 90's teams and hoping for a miracle now i guess..... I just listen and watch these days for some sort of entertainment and escape from everyday life..
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  20. RustyBourneHorse

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    If the Cowboys are run by ratings, perhaps it might be good to avoid watching on our own tvs. If we're to watch, use places like sportsbars and such. That way, we don't count as ratings.

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