We are all guilty

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blitzen, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Aven8

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    If Henry is back expect it. Unlike us they beat good teams. KC, Rams, SF etc
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  2. RustyBourneHorse

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    The tricky bit is asking away fans to not flood the stadium. Jerry doesn't care if his palace becomes away games for the Cowboys as long as his pockets are lined.
  3. stinkface

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    What we lack and most teams lack is a stone cold killer at QB. Call it the eye of a Tiger or whatever, but one who just cant be ruffled and who makes ALL the talent around him better.

    Brady has it, Roger's has it, Troy had it as well as Montana and a few others. There are a couple of young studs out there that have it such as Josh Allen, Mahomes and Probably Joe Burrow. Sadly Dak doesn't. Doesn't mean he can't win the super bowl. Lots of Bus Drivers have won the Super Bowl and some are currently back ups in the league.

    Ww have to go all in and sign a good left guard and a stud inside DT. Cap be damn. They don't put Managed the cap well on your Tombstone. They put Super Bowl Champion.
  4. Blitzen

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    It will be the slow decay model. Like if another 40 years go by without another Super Bowl, you might see some attendance fluctuations. Most fans are happy to go pay $300 for a few hours of drunken entertainment and escape for awhile.
  5. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Not really, we are the ones paying a broken RB and average QB elite money. They aren’t.
  6. Risen Star

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    I'm guilty but I'm like a tenth as guilty as most fans. I buy the Sunday ticket. I watch the games. That's all I do. I haven't bought anything else Cowboys related in over 20 years.
  7. Cmac

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    With all the hype, expectations, and excuse making, I'd check for my wallet remaining in my possession, constantly around this type of team

    FVSTONE Well-Known Member

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    Because of their lousy finish in 2020 they had a mediocre schedule with a mediocre QB at best. I knew going into the playoffs that this team needed to hit another gear, but unfortunately Prescot doesn't have the ability to get there. Also, Romo kept us all in tune the whole game when he would mention several times of the open receivers or TEs that he wasn't throwing to or was late getting the ball out. I know Romo is sitting up in a box somewhere and can see the whole field, but Prescot was so slow with his reads most of the game and that put a huge amount of pressure on the O-Line the entire game. We're stuck with a KIRK COUSINS CLONE FOR YEARS TO COME..................
  9. jnday

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    I can’t believe that anybody was surprised by the final result of the game. Throughout this season, I have read post comparing this super soft team to teams from the 1990s. It was ridiculous, especially considering that this team has a long history of losing to decent teams. This team plays soft and sloppy. Both of these traits are a reflection of poor coaching. Dallas is exactly what they have been accused of being, highly paid losers.
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    This is correct. The tv money alone will make generations of Jones’ rich beyond belief. Additionally, that stadium is packed along with the suites, and don’t for a minute think Jones cares if it’s packed with 50% opposing fans.

    what i find somewhat crazy is when I see people going gaga and screaming/clapping for this idiot owner when he’s coming off the field pregame or at training camp. The man has absolutely destroyed the winning tradition of this once proud franchise
  11. shabazz

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    yup, casually watching something entertaining for free and not having faith in this team to win the SB are not mutually exclusive

    the sooner people don’t get emotionally involved and realize they have absolutely no effect on the teams performance, the happier they will be.
  12. IceStar-D7

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    I'll never buy anything Dallas again until this "IT" stops! We as fans been lining Jerry's pocket for the last 26 years and Jerry gleefully takes our money then bend us over. This team has been giving me 9 yards of D-"IT" for years. And I'm tired of it.
  13. shabazz

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    …..anytime we tried to point this flawed way of thinking was, we were branded as trolls, malcontents and sodomites…..so all we could do was just watch the inevitable unfold as we thought it would

    #6 seed losing to #3 at home with the #1 offense being rendered emasculated, broken and flacid
  14. shabazz

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    Buy the bootleg versions of those and the NFL and Cowboys won’t get a dime of it. China needs all the help it can get in these tough times…..
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