*** We do not allow non-official social media posts on CowboysZone ***

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It has always been the policy here to not allow non-official social media posts, but lately some members have been violating this policy which leads to threads being deleted and sometimes warnings given out.

If you are posting social media posts such as tweets or posts from Facebook, Instagram, etc., please make sure they are from a valid/official news source.

If it's Twitter you cannot go by them having a blue checkmark next to their name because anyone can get that now.

The sources need to be from a widely known news sources, TV station or radio station.

If it's someone who just has a podcast, youtube channel, blog site, etc. is not a valid source.

If you see anything related to money such as paypal, venmo, patreon, etc. links it is very obvious they are not official.

We hate deleting threads here, especially those with news or good information, but news, quotes, data, etc. require valid official sources to be allowed on CowboysZone.

Otherwise it leads to a lot of fake content being posted and no one wants to deal with that here!
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