We Had a Guy Wide Open on the Fake Punt

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blackspider214, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Blackspider214

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    The more I am dissecting the fake punt, the more I am leaning the play design was not bad at all. It seemed we wanted to sell the run long enough to have the defenders come in a little and have the gunner running free down the sideline for an easy big gain or even score. As in the pic below.But a few things....Why did Wilson never even look up at all? Never even attempted to pass or even look down field. Also,Wilson is left handed so why is he running across his body if we wanted him to throw? Just a weird play all the way around. I do feel all he had to do was stop a little, set his feet and make an easy throw for someone who used to play QB in college. Might not have hit him in stride for a score but an easy pick up and big gain. It was still a very reckless call in the game situation and where we were at on the field but the execution seemed off, too.

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  2. Praxit

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    ...that's exactly what I saw, I thought we had it just throw the ball. Then he ran it back to LOS> .. ...Huh..????
  3. brooksey1

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    Yes, I re-watched it but Cedric never even looks for a WR and never intended to throw it. That's why you don't call that play at that time, there's a lot that can go wrong.
  4. SeanLee50

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    So this is the same as last years fair catch from Austin against Minnesota
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  5. Chocolate Lab

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    I think Wilson just had a major brain fart on the play.
  6. Blackspider214

    Blackspider214 Well-Known Member

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    I honestly have no idea what happened and doubt we ever get an answer. The line never moved down field leading me to believe they thought pass all the way and didn't want an illegal man down field. The gunner has his arm up expecting a pass. He's not even blocking. But Wilson never once even looked up at all. Such a weird call all the way around.
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  7. sunalsorises

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    I did’t mind the call but it looked like they never practiced it. It almost seemed like they quick drew it up in the dirt just before the play.
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  8. acr731

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    Look at the bottom of the photo.... there's another person wide open at the 27. That would have been a much tougher throw, though.
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  9. Cmac

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    Hero Ball.
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  10. Blackspider214

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    Wow. I didn't even look down there. Seems like for a left handed guy like Wilson, that would be more natural. Longer throw, though. But it seemed the play was designed to go up top as the guy down there was more of a decoy and just looking at the play. But it looked like he could score too had he thrown it there, too.
  11. HeavyBarrel

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    I think risk-reward was way out of whack there. The starters struggle with execution no way backups/ST guys pull that off lol
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  12. cowboyec

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  13. Risen Star

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    It was a brilliant play call.
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  14. Flamma

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    The easier pass was up top. But I never suspected a pass because it looked like the ball carrier had run as his only intent. But like someone else said, no lineman was down field so I have to believe pass was an option.
  15. DallasEast

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    That is my opinion also. The defense clearly bit on his run. If he had thought about it for a split second, it would have occurred to him to look for an open man on his side of the field. Not sure he would have risked looking for more than just that one receiver though.
  16. Legend

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    Even if he threw a perfect strike; the receiver could of dropped it like Julio Jones did on the trick play Atlanta ran against the Cowboys.

    Should have punted the ball.
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  17. Shane612

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    Doesn't matter. Fake punt at that point was a horrible decision.
    I wouldn't be surprised if it was Jerry's decision.
  18. Qcard

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    These type of phenomena happens frequently on Andy Dalton led teams....you don't get to 70wins 64 Losses 2 ties career by mistake.

    Andy Dalton teams force players to play out of character. Career 123Ints.....Andy's WRs and RBs might lead the league in tackles after INT
  19. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

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    There are only 10 defenders in that shot. The 11th would be downfield (the returner).

    That "wide open" receiver would be led right into the 11th man as he's coming forward.
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  20. DZSierra

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    Key question is did the coach throw anyone under the bus after the fact?

    The guy is given what he has to work with.

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