We need a a true deep threat

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    The Boys have receivers who can get deep and fight for the ball, unfortunately Prescot is too scared to let it fly. The 50-50 has all but disappeared from this offense. Take a hard look at Prescot when he's playing Sunday, the dude looks fricking drunk, with his weird stares and his glossy eyes that never seem to blink. We ended up with a Kirk Cousin situation and it's not going away for the next couple of years.........................
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    Facts are stubborn things. This article proves guys like you are nothing more than whining little know nothings.
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    There will not be many athletes in the 2021 NFL Draft who stand at nearly 6-foot-4 and can run a 40-yard dash under 4.4 seconds. Former Stanford wide receiver Simi Fehoko will be a rare option on draft boards as he ran a 4.37 (unofficial) time at Thursday’s Cardinal Pro Day.

    Fehoko took two attempts at the 40-yard dash on Thursday. His first attempt was reported at 4.39 and the second attempt was even better, unofficially timed at 4.37. Fehoko also impressed in the short shuttle (4.21), three-cone drill (6.78), standing broad jump (10’0’’) and the vertical jump (34.5’’). Overall, he appears to have elevated his draft stock with the performance.

    However, Fehoko measured in just slightly under the 6-foot-4 frame listed on the Stanford roster - and thinned slightly from his 227-pound playing weight. He was recorded at 6-foot-3.7 and weighed in at 222 pounds.

    Six-Foot-Four WR Simi Fehoko runs 4.37 in 40-yard dash (247sports.com)
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    Yes, we need more talent on offense that Dak can ignore.
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    Did Nehemiah or Gault, play football before the NFL?
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    Gault was a star at Tennessee a football player who ran track.....also. Nehemiah played some 8 man football in high school.
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    We've experimented with fringe speed guys but not a great investment in them.

    - We also had Reggie Davis in training camps ..twice.
    Davis was a legit 4.3 guy

    - There was also undrafted speedster Jon'Vea Johnson. but he never developed as a pro.

    i believe Kellen seems to be very fond of pure speed,.. just as McClay seems to be fond of WRs with length ..ala TJ Vasher, Brandon Smith, etc.
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    (sigh) ..i only wish we could get the " high hurdling " agility Zeke Elliott back ...... :(
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    Honestly I feel like we don't throw the 50/50 ball anymore due to the size of our receivers, not the speed. We don't really have a guy who can just go up and grab it. Gallup is injured now, but he makes some crazy catches when healthy. But he's still not a big body receiver.
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    What's Zeke doing wrong? What are the expectations for him? He's not that guy to get 100yards anymore, yeah he had a good run the start of the season with pollard but he's not what he once was and if you look at the last game his attempts were low so we're pollards.
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    He isn't even getting 50 yards anymore. He is killiing us...his inability to run is killing our running AND passing game. Defenses love when he gets it because it is essentially a give up play 9 times out of 10.

    The probably shake when Pollard is in the game.
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    sociopaths seldom blink.
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    why so Dak will under throw them or throw it over their heads out of bounds? Or most likely not even see them wide open
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    We should fix the offensive line first…because right now the future deep threat will never see the ball when Daks laying on his back.
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    Those guys were fast, but they also could run good routes and were good at catching the ball and all the other things required to be good wide receivers. They weren't just speed only guys because the position requires more than that one attribute. And Alvin Harper doesn't deserve to be on that list. Alexander Wright was a guy who only brought speed to the table. There are plenty of guys like that who made brief appearances in the NFL, but quickly went away because they could do nothing else but run fast.
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    Pollard definitely has more burst, but the slow starts can't really be put on Zeke. Pollard didn't do much last game either. So if they are stopping the Run or were not running the ball well, we have 3 WRs that are supposed to smoke the bums AZ had at cornerback. Yet that wasn't done. So it's either the WRs, Dak not making the reads, bad oline blocking or Kellen not scheming guys open. The last guy that can be blamed is Zeke. I'm primarily looking at Kellen / Dak because let's say the run game isn't clicking and the Oline isn't holding up to well, Kellen can call quick passing plays to get the ball out. And if he is, that means Dak is not reading the D correctly post snap.
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    What you aren't getting is no the role of SPEED RECEIVER doesn't take anything more than speed and catch that over the shoulder pass.

    You ever hear of The Mad Bomber Darly Lamonica, he got that name because he had a former Texas Southern sprinter named Warren Wells catching long passes, that was all he did and he put up some monster numbers. Wells was just a speed receiver, not unlike Bob Hayes. You get these guys to go long, chunk plays not catch five and outs.. Alvin Harper definately belongs as does Alexander Wright and Michael Haynes, Anthony Miller, Mike Miller, Pat Johnson, Chris Sanders, Jerome Mathis, Willie McGee, Wesley Walker, Earl McCullouch,

    You have that quick cat in the slot, big TE, possession guy catch that 15 and out then ya want that ZOOOMMMM.....ok?

    Wells had three seasons (popped for sales) 143 catches around 3500 yards, 42 TD's. He was a speed receiver.
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    I get the role of the speed receiver. Most of the guys you listed in the previous post were very good receivers who also happened to have speed. They didn't just play the one dimensional speed receiver role. They did way more than that. That is why Alviin Harper doesn't be listed with them. He was nowhere near the all-around receiver threat that those guys were.
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    but true
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    we need a qb that sees things lol, no time to throw junk bra
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