We need a Safety

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Mar 15, 2019.

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    The truth of this is that Dallas isn't so scared to put Heath out there that it had to overspend for a safety. We can debate that point, but I think the lack of activity at the position bears that out. Heath isn't that much of a step down from the lower-cost safeties available IMO so I expect Dallas to try to get better at the spot in the draft.

    The negative to that is that we can't use the draft to get better at every spot while other teams are supplementing their draft strategy with FAs.
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    Seems to be a lot of mixed feelings about Heath. I know what you are talking about with the "air tackles" (lol, love that phrase), and it was frustrating to watch last season. But is that something that can be improved?

    Is Heath improvable/coachable? Or are we looking at his "ceiling"?
  3. Runwildboys

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    Hopefully we move up to take the best one, or at least one of the better ones.
  4. Sydla

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    I think he is that big a step down.

    It’s sunk money anyway but he has a 3MM cap hit this year and you probably could get better safety play for half of that.
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    I actually like Phillips at SS better than Boston, who isn’t a strong tackler.
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    What about Darnell Savage of Maryland as a 3rd round option?
  7. Denim Chicken

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    We want to take the next step, brother. Better safety play is required.

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  8. gimmesix

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    I don't know. You reach a point where everyone left has warts. I am by no means a big fan of Jeff Heath, and I think we need to upgrade the position, but I can't say with certainty that any of the safeties left are a surefire update.

    At this point, I'd probably rather address another area of weakness where there are some clear upgrades left. The good safety market went quickly this year and Dallas let all the clear upgrades go elsewhere. Now, I don't have a problem bringing in one of those players with warts to compete with Heath, but it would be a move at this point like bringing in Allen Hurns to fix the WR corps or Nolan Carroll to be the safety net at corner.
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    I say if you're not gonna go elite in fa at a position go cheap.
  10. Undefeated

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    And Xavier Woods at 46, Adrian Phillips is 59. Anthony Brown is 62 and Awuzie is 70 among corners. I don't think Heath is a top safety, but bottom 3-5 is harsh, though he is clearly the weakest link. I would put him as an average safety who misses a lot tackles, but is okay in coverage, and makes a few plays every year.
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    Berry or Reid? till afew out there..who else? I know both have some issues but its worth a cheap look..
  12. Jake

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    My condolences on a wasted year of "ET will phone home" threads.
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    Okay, I'll be fair here. I've been bashing Heath a few days now, but in reality he was a solid player overall up until last season. He led all safeties in missed tackles in 2018 and that's a stat I can't get out of my head.

    If the Cowboys can get the Heath they had before they won't be in terrible shape. They won't have a star playmaker back there, but like you said, he's not that much of a liability either.
  14. Whirlwin

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    In the Packers game they don't call a penalty on the play when Jeff intercepted Rodgers we win that game very possibly. The man comes through when he has to where lucky to have football players like him on the roster. He's a great rotational player. Yes we do need a pure starter but in no way shape of form underestimate Jeff's abilities
  15. gimmesix

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    He's going to struggle in the strong safety role because his strength is back-end coverage not run support. He should be a backup free safety who comes in to play deep coverage on passing downs. I'm not trying to make him out to be more than what he is, but look at the scraps available on the market. Eric Berry is the only one who is a complete player, but we don't know if his injuries mean he's at the end of the road and he's probably not going to come cheap. (And our recent FA history concerning older, expensive players should tell us he's out of the picture.)

    Some have mentioned Tre Boston, but his coverage skills are concerning. He might make good competition for the SS spot, but adds a different set of problems to the position.

    Maybe there's someone I'm overlooking, but like I said, I just don't think we can truly upgrade the spot in FA now, so I'd rather concentrate on positions we can shore up and look to take one early in the draft.
  16. Bullflop

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    The Chargers re-signed him to a 1-year deal today. Base salary of $1 million and guarantee of $500,000.
  17. LatinMind

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    Has the draft already happened? I think we will be seeing Juan Thornill this yr #58
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  18. Sydla

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    You mean like when he botched the Goff fourth down run because he was "covering" a blocker?
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  19. Sydla

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    George Iloka is a better player than Heath.
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    Makes me want to puke. Even Heath fans should be able to admit getting someone in here will give him less playing time and probably benefit him more.

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