We will crush the Rams

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFever1973, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Do the Rams have a losing record? No? Then we aren't winning. 13 games into this season it's not a fluke. This team is not good and can not beat any team with a pulse. Our best win is against a very bad Eagles team whose QB is not good. Yay.
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    The Rams won’t be looking ahead, they are in a playoff fight with only three games to go. If this were week 8 or so, maybe then you could sell me on that :cool:
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    Yeah, not feeling it.. I hope I am wrong, and I honestly feel like Goff is WAY overrated, but we just aren't good right now for 60 minutes.
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    Would you rather have Goff or Dak?
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    The Eagles game in Dallas. You asked.
  9. cowboy_ron

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    A coach that plays not to lose instead of play to win doesn't "crush" anybody.
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    I don't think that's exactly true? They are always hungry for the country club atmosphere LOL
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    And of course their paycheck
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    The homers have said this the last 4 weeks and then go quiet by halftime of the game once the Cowboys show their true colors. :laugh:

    "We are better than NE and due for a win against them. They can't stop our offense. Blowout!"

    "The Bills are frauds. They've beaten no one. We will bounce back from the NE game with a statement performance!"

    "The Bears are falling apart. Trubisky sucks and Nagy is on the hotseat. This team will be inspired after the emotional locker room speech by Bennett!"

    Keep it coming next week too...that's the game that really matters. The Cowboys might as well rest their starters to get ready for Philly!
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    Cowboys will win if Frederick or Martin pancakes Aaron Donald. If Frederick or Martin can do that then whole Rams team will know they are in for a tough game. It is that simple. The oline needs to send an early message.
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    Yep, Jaylon looks hes way hungry for a win...
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  16. Praxit

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    ...Rule#1 Never spice expired Eggnog.
    ...Rule#2 Never overestimate the Dallas Cowboys.
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    Honestly Dak... Goff can make all the throws, but his best year was the year that McVay could talk in his ear until right before he had to snap the ball to tell him what the D was doing, that tells me he isn't a smart player. Dak maybe can't make all the throws, but seems like he understands what is going on presnap most of the time.
  18. AmariChill

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    That's the thing though. If Goff was really motivated, you can learn to read defenses and make smart decisions. He doesn't have that work ethic, but he could have it if he wanted to.

    Dak has what Goff doesn't. He, however, also lacks what Goff has. Accuracy and arm. That cannot be taught. I understand your reasoning, but Goff has a higher ceiling. I wonder if we could trade...
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    Whistling in the dark. This team has given up on Garrett. It is over. The troops are in bayoneting the wounded.
  20. shabazz

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    Agree, they both have some major weaknesses and strengths and both can be erratic and inconsistent. They are clearly 2nd to 3rd tier compared to their young peers like Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, and even Josh Allen in that they dont share the intensity and do whatever it takes to get the W as those top 1 or 2 tier Qb's
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