WFT Releases QB Haskins

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ShortRound131, Dec 28, 2020.

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    :clap:nice accurate post.
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    NO! I know this is 12 pages in and have not read one response yet but NO.
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    I hope you're correct.
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    Maturity issues been popping up for Zach Wilson too, let’s see if people take that into account or blindly hope to pick a new QB.
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    That wasn’t the question. You’re very good at evasion. Out of the 20 some odd first round qbs taken in the first round. 4 have hit. So your logic is a joke.
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    But @CATCH17 has a whole thread on him in the draft zone. He’s a sure fire prospect according to him lol
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    Exactly. But some here want us to jettison the guy with 40 plus wins and take a chance on a guy who could be the next Ryan leaf. Makes total sense.
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    Lol I frequent the DraftZone so I see. I like Wilson personally and I don’t mind drafting a Trevor Lawrence to replace Dak, but Wilson isn’t in Trevor’s league and we don’t have the pick to replace Dak.

    It would be irresponsible to draft someone that isn’t an Andrew Luck/Trevor Lawrence caliber guy to replace Dak as the chances he’s better are slim. Only way I see us doing it is if a team trades 2 first round picks for Dak via the non-guaranteed Franchise Tag and we use those to trade up, but that’s such a low-probability scenario.

    Realistically, extending Dak and using every draft/FA resource to address the defense is the only way you can do this. Hitting on 3-4 picks and 1/2 FA’s keeps costs low and provides the defense with the necessary talent to be competitive.

    Shoot with the way most of our offense is under contract for the foreseeable future, we have about 2 drafts of defensive resources that could be a part of a championship window.
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    That and his coach just finished chemo. Couldn't be more selfish.
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    He didn't take direction at all. There's a clip of thomas davis telling him that he's staring a target down. He denies it. Davis tried to help him and he just won't take it. Thomas davis is one of the most respected veterans in the league and he gave up in that clip.
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    You think they are going to go balls out to help the Cowboys or Giants?
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    “He got screwed over” you mean he screwed the team over.
  13. Captain-Crash

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    lmao, yeah, they should have got him a babysitter.
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    I’m starting to believe that some members here screaming to draft a new QB didn’t live thru the post Aikman era lol
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    Never said he was sure fire..

    I just like him.

    Draft is essentially a lottery and some players are safer than others. Especially at that position.
  16. Furboy

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    Exactly, and then I see posts like, "Well, if he doesn't work out, we can just draft another." To me, yes, you may hit the jackpot, but there's a higher likelihood of flopping. If you flop, you could potentially set your franchise back by decades. For QB flops, look at the Browns, Jets, Dolphins (before Tua who is a rookie), Buccaneers before Brady, and the Broncos since Peyton. Look how many QBs the Browns and Jets have gone through. The Cardinals before Kyler Murray went through a slew of QBs too.

    Drafting poorly in general will set your team back. We don't even have to look outside the division to see this. The WFT hasn't exactly got a record of great QBs lately. Since 2007, the Redskins/WFT have only made the playoffs in 2012 and 2015. They won a playoff game in neither of those matchups. They haven't won a playoff game since 2005 when they were QBd by Mark Brunell (who was in his 11th season), Jason Campbell, and Patrick Ramsey. In addition, since 2005, they have had losing seasons (below .500) in 2006, 2009, 2010 (when they were QBd by Donovan McNabb), 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019. That is 9 such seasons in 15 seasons! Think of how many high draft picks that they have had. BTW, their record in those losing seasons? 5-11, 4-12, 6-10, 5-11, 3-13, 4-12, 7-9, 7-9, and 3-13. So, when they have losing seasons, they tend to fail in style!

    Furthermore, and going back to what I was saying earlier, there haven't been many 1st round QB gems since 2015.

    2015 1st round QBs:
    Jameis Winston - Garbage
    Marcus Mariota - Garbage

    2016 1st round QBs:
    Jared Goff - Average at best
    Carson Wentz (Eagles traded a lot to get him) - Average at best/Garbage
    Paxton Lynch - Garbage and BUST

    The best QB in this draft was selected in a comp pick 4th round pick. I wonder which QB that was and which team picked him......oh yes, Dak! Selected by the Cowboys! Amazing!

    2017 1st round QBs (best of the draft classes):
    Mitch Trubsiky - Just now seeing the light, but has been putrid.
    Patrick Mahomes - Brilliant. One of the all time greats
    Deshaun Watson - great QB on a garbage team

    2018 1st round QBs:
    Baker Mayfield - may finally have something there, but turns the ball over a lot
    Sam Darnold - Garbage/Garbage team
    Josh Allen - Excellent QB, best of this draft class
    Josh Rosen - BUST
    Lamar Jackson - Brilliant running ability, decent arm

    2019 1st round QBs:
    Kyler Murray - Great QB
    Daniel Jones - Average at the moment
    Dwayne Haskins - Bust and just got cut

    That's 4 maybe 5 if you want to count Baker solid/Excellent QBs since 2015. I'm not counting 2020 because rookies take time to develop. With that said, this is a PATHETIC record for 1st round QBs. Then you have 5 or 6 average first round QBs, and 6 garbage QBs in that span. 15 QBs, and 4-5 solid/excellent/brilliant QBs. So, at best, we have seen only one third of those QBs be brilliant. In fact, only Patrick Mahomes is the kind of QB that you can truly say doesn't need all that much help given how elite he is, though having Travis Kelce and the Cheetah on offense helps. Oh, and their defence is excellent. Yet some think a 1st round QB is a cure all to end all? Imagine deciding that you don't want to keep a proven commodity in Dak and you end up with a Dwayne Haskins or Josh Rosen. Guess what? Now you've just dug yourselves a massive hole. Oh, and you have other areas on your team that you need much more desperately. With the way our defence is, specifically against the run, we can't afford a bust QB. So, let's look at the QBs this draft that are slated as first round picks.

    Sure, you have Barbie Lawrence, but he can practically begin moving to Jacksonville at this point barring some unforeseen circumstance occurring. After Barbie Lawrence, there aren't many QBs that I can see in this draft that are a sure fire QB. The BYU QB looks decent, but he will need development. Justin Fields might be good, but I'm not sold on him. Trey Lance of North Dakota State is probably the only 1st round QB that we have a shot at that looks good. He is a small school QB like a certain QB in our division that hasn't exactly panned out that great aside from one season. At this moment, we need LB, Safety, and DT (to compliment Gallimore) much more than we need QB at the moment.
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    That’s when I became a fan smh I was born in 95 so my first Cowboy memories include Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, and my personal favorite for that one cool season Quincy Carter.

    Tony was my favorite QB because he was the only one in my lifetime at that point to be excited about. Another reason why I appreciate the heck outta Dak and want to keep him unless there’s a surefire elite upgrade, which doesn’t happen often.
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    Personally if I wasn't hurting for money from a family perspective no. That's only if I'm really having fun in school and or I think I can improve my draft stock. They have insurance for that and if my family didn't need the money its not as open and shut as you make it seem.
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    I always feel that the current QBs get put in way too soon. Most would really benefit from al least a year on the bench if not more. Salary cap has really tanked that option along with GMs who need to show progress.
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    Dude you really must have become a fan during the Romo years and didn’t see how many QBs we went thru after aikman. Answer the question. Since 2016 how many QBs were taken in the first round? And how many have worked out? I’ll give you a hint. Not many. A handful

    you also liked Beathard and said he’d be better in the pros than mahomes. Lol. So when you like someone. There’s a chance they suck. A very high chance

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