What do you expect for 2019?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Thinking about the upcoming season, it's really hard for me to get a gauge on what might happen. I can see things going really well, and the team loading up for a significant run at a championship, or I can see a crash and burn scenario where they crash and burn.

    Either way, what I don't see is a middle of the road, 8-8 season coming.

    Do we start with the good news or the bad news first? Let's start with the bad news and end on a high note.

    We're looking at another year under Jason Garrett's coaching, with a totally inexperienced offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore being handed the reigns. That inexperience could be a recipe for disaster. There are an awful lot of moving parts in coordinating an entire offense, and this guy has but one year out of the game in coaching. If someone has an example of another team doing that, let me know because I've never seen it before, certainly not in the modern era. What if both Moore and Garrett buckle under the obvious pressure? Or can't figure out how to make things better? What if Frederick can't return to form and the offensive line continues to struggle?

    Then there are the various contract situations. Demarcus Lawrence is obviously at the top of that list as he is currently out of contract. And he either needs to be tagged or signed long term. If it's long term? No problem, he'll obviously be happy and available. If not? Does he accept another tag or does he grumble, miss the offseason, or even possibly hold out for some games?

    Then there are Prescott and Elliott. While both are under contract, it's rumored that both are looking for new deals. If they don't get them, might either or both also holdout? If so, that could be even more bad news. And missing either and certainly both, could totally derail the season.

    Now for the good news. What if Kellen Moore is as good as many people say? What if we do have the league's next wunderkind? What if he's able to realize what this offense's strengths are and play to them? What if this offensive line, that was so screwed up under the Paul Alexander debacle, returns to form? What if Frederick is healthy and back to being himself? What if an offseason in the system and practicing together helps to make Dak, Cooper, and Gallup a better passing game? What if Jarwin and Schultz continue to develop and improve? There's certainly a lot of potential upside there.

    If you can pair a potent, multi-faceted offense with the defense we had for much of last year - and they've worked out their tells - you might truly have a team to contend with. And if you were able to add an Earl Thomas to the mix to improve what I feel is that defense's biggest weakness, and maybe an upgrade at defensive tackle? Yeah, it wouldn't take much to convince me that this team would be a contender.

    And that's my point, I think this upcoming season can go one of two ways, either really good, or really bad. But I don't see an in-between.

    What say you?
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    I am an optimistic fan. I see a young team that gained playoff experience last year and will be better for it. I hope that Moore utilizes Dak's mobility more than Linehan did and adds that to the arsenal. The defense will only get better and signing EarlThomas will add a ballhawk to the already shutdown defense. I really think that we are Super Bowl contenders starting next year. I am not a Garrett fan but I think we have the talent to overcome the coaching. Go Pokes!!
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    i see more of the same as we have seen over the last 8 years a team that is capable of beating the bad teams and loses to the better teams I don't see them making the playoffs I don't see garrett being around after 2019
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    2019 is a very difficult schedule. I would say just winning a wild card spot would be a tremendous accomplishment.

    I would like to see moore improve the offense. With Zeke, Dak, and Cooper Dallas should be raining down Touchdowns. Do you remember the Aikman years? Dallas would win the toss and march down the field for a TD on the first possession.

    The defense could be one of the best in the league if Stephen Jones beefs up the interior lineman. He should have a better offseason this year. Just find some OL/DL help, a TE, and a Safety.
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    Pants half-full (ew): Moore is good; I don't expect the '99 Rams, but if they can move the ball consistently, control the clock, and then scores TD's, with the Defense hopefully being the same or better (with more experience for the young guys) and not as tired having to carry the load, this team could be VERY good

    Pants half-empty: Moore has deer-in-the-headlights syndrome and can't do anything on offense; the defense gets exhausted again (like last season) and cannot carry the team

    I hope to have full Pants, not just half-full, but I am optimistic that they will be closer to the positive than otherwise
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    We will have a tougher schedule next season, thanks to getting to the playoffs, and we don't have a 1st round draft pick. So basically, we have the same team from last season, with the same problems, that has gotten a little older and has a harder schedule. On the plus side, we should have some people heal from injuries.
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    I fully expect the following:

    Dak throws for 130 yards in a win: “heeeehaw! Whatever stat needs! All that matters is the W!!!”

    Dak throws for 300 yards in a loss: “heeeehaw! Dak outperformed the other QB!”

    But to seriously answer the question I except us to compete for the NFCE title again. I think a full season of Dak and Cooper (with a full offseason) will help this offense. I’m actually intrigued with what OC Moore is going to bring to the table because it cannot (at least it’s hard to imagine) be any less creative and dynamic than it was under Linehan.
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  9. stasheroo

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    Personally, I think this offensive line needs to have their manhood challenged. You want to talk about the biggest disappointment of 2018? In my opinion, it's on the offensive line.

    I know that Frederick was out, but it wasn't as if Joe Looney was terrible, or the one weak link in an otherwise stellar group. The fact of the matter is that the entire line underachieved and disappointed. Nobody played up to past standards, not even Zack Martin. And before anyone chimes in about it, I know he dealt with injury. But it doesn't change the fact that neither he nor anybody else played as well as they had before.

    The offensive line is supposed to be the engine for this team, the rock upon which this is all built. First and second round picks across the board, and huge salaries on top of that. They simply didn't play up to that in 2018 and that needs to change.

    The Alexander debacle didn't help, but there's no excuse for giving up that many sacks and being that sorry in short yardage and goal line situations. A big reason why this team was bottom of the league in red zone scoring? Because their vaunted offensive line did not and could not get the job done when it mattered most.

    That has to change.
  10. TWOK11

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    11-12 wins, win the division again, ideally make if at least to the NFCCCG

    We have no excuse to lose out on the division crown. New York and Washington have entered the QB wilderness and Philly is gonna have to cut several good players just to make it under the cap.

    However, once you get into the playoffs so much of it is luck. Both SB contenders this year got there by blind luck in their respective conference title games. You try and win consistently then have the breaks fall your way in the playoffs.
  11. Pants

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    No argument from me, and I think that Columbo may bring some attitude now that he is in charge of them....I would also add in to your comments the I thought Collins would bring that nastiness on the line, and we didn't see it....

    ...in any event, for Moore to be successful IMO, he has to be left in charge of the offense (not garrett intervention) - sink or swaim, I mean swim....lame duck garrett should have no say in the offense - if he does, then we won't be able to see if Moore can be creative and successful
  12. stasheroo

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    I thought the same and I share your disappointment. I was hoping to see the next Erik Williams, dishing out punishment, but it hasn't happened. In Collins defense, I think he's had to deal with quite a lot.

    First, having to completely reverse his technique to play on the right side. Compounded by the fact that the big fella is left handed. You try to do everything with your non-dominant hand and you'll quickly find out how tough it can be.

    Secondly, just as he was starting to feel comfortable with tag switch, the team makes the huge mistake of bringing in Paul Alexander, who proceeds to "fix what ain't broken" and screws up everybody. Nobody was set back more with that change than Collins.

    I agree. If Moore is your guy, ride with him. Go down swinging. But don't curl up in the fetal position or undermine who is supposed to be "your guy".
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  13. stasheroo

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    I think "luck" is a nice excuse when your team doesn't get it done. Of course then it's "bad luck".

    I recognize what you're saying about both of those games, but both teams made it there, and all four of them were good enough - not lucky - to have been the 1 and 2 seeds in their respective conferences. That's not "luck", that's being consistently better than everyone else.
  14. Risen Star

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    All signs point to a rough season and a new head coach in 2020.

    Same front office though. Since they always do such a great job.
  15. stasheroo

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    Can't fire the guy that writes the checks!
  16. CouchCoach

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    Like most seasons, I do not have any expectations for this season because of the "what if's" stash mentioned. I don't know what it is about this team but we always seem to have these critical unknowns but on the plus side, no expectations means no disappointment. And starting the season with childlike wonder at seeing his first snow isn't a bad way to approach it.

    I do think the team could end up around that .500 mark because of the schedule as it is now and because management is too Pollyanna about the talent level of this team. How many times do we have to see "we like our guys" to know the Emperor's Clothes is the norm for management? The last ones they liked was that WR corps. It is the challenge with an always half full glass calling the shots. That's why NE is there every season, Belichick is never satisfied and is already looking at his card collection with trades in mind. Good enough is never good enough.

    The only thing I do expect is as much, if not more, coverage of the Cowboys coaching staff with a lame duck HC and first time OC with permission to ignore his HC. Can you set it up any better for the media than that? LMAO, Garrett has already nicknamed Moore "Brutus" and Moore will say "excuse me, you are in my chair" to Garrett several times this season. This is going to get worse than Brad and Angelina.

    One "what if" I do not remotely expect is a hold out from either Elliott or Prescott. Elliott is under contract and not tagged and he's in the midst of trying to clean up his image. Prescott is also under contract and isn't on every teams wish list, holding out at the QB position is almost unheard of because that is more extortion than negotiation. "Holding out" when tagged is not viewed the same as under contract.
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    That’s my point, you strive to win consistently in the regular season then hope it’s “your year” in the playoffs.

    Skill wins out over a 16 game schedule and good teams genealogy rise to the top. In a 3-4 game postseason sample size, luck plays a HUGE role.

    How many times in the SB era has the best team that year win the title? Only 32 out of 53 times I think. About 40% of the time a team other than the one entering the playoffs with the best record has won it all.

    Look at the Chiefs, they have entered the playoffs as one of the top 3 teams in the league 5 times in the last 25 years and have made 1 conference title with non SB appearances. The Giants have won two SBs as a wildcard in the last 12 years but only made the playoffs a total of 4 times.
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  18. stasheroo

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    Good points, all.
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  19. TwentyOne

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    Ok here i go:

    After the Rams desaster i think we will go DT. In the draft as first priority and in FA. We need a deeper rotation here. I would also keep Irving. He is a problematic player and may be gone for the whole season. So i need to prepare myself for that. But then i would try to keep the rights for him. There would be no negative effect for my franchise if he would be suspended. Woods is a great find. Id keep Collins around too.

    I am not sure if Dak or Zeke will really hold out. If, then i think possibility is one of them will do, not both. I tend to believe it will be Zeke and not Dak. But in both cases i would go the hard way. Let them hold out as long as they wish.

    To prepare for Zeke is much easier. I would love to draft a RB in latest the 3rd round. That would be a capable RB that can keep us in contention. With Dak i really dont think he will hold out. The damage he would to to his own image would be enormous. To prepare for that case is just hard. I as a GM would try to live with the risk. If he holds out. Bye bye 2019. And look for a new QB in 2020.

    As i stated in a lot of my posts i would never give DLaw a longterm contract. FT him again and give Taco some more time to develop. He was and is still his planned replacement.

    That leaves Cooper. Give him a longterm contract. Not that i am fan of the deal but the deal itself demands for it. So do it this year. Because its a set thing. So better sooner then later.

    We need better safety play. But i dont think i would fix it this season. Trenches was and is the problem if we want to compete. Safety is an issue but not THE most important one. And we only have so much resources to spend.

    As to the coaching changes i really dont know what to expect. If the rumours are true that the FO didnt want Garrett as the playcaller then this could hint for bigger change to the better. But in reality i do think Moore will be another Garrett brownnoser and just call plays from his playbook. Kitna is a good choice but you cant make gold from crap.

    This will be a hard season. Still i expect a winning record and a playoff spot. Dont know if we can repeat the divison titel thou.
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    19-0, clearly

    Or 0-16

    Hard to tell
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