What happens if our WRs cannot separate?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthwestDallas40, Aug 6, 2018.

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    This is why we need to abuse using Rico. He could command a double team, even as a one trick pony who just runs fades or posts
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    It's not a question of whether Gallup is good or not. I hope he is a future hall of famer. It's whether on that particular play if he created separation. The db clearly turned around and stopped allowing Gallup to get open. It was an obvious mistake by the db.

    Garrett's offenses have been called predictable numerous times. We need good schemes to help these WRs get separation.
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    I guess we'll have to wait and see if he can manage to pull in a reception vs the bengals saturday.
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    Our defense is starting to look like a top five defense, we just need better safety play. So Dak not looking good against them is not that bad especially since they aren't really running the ball I mean physically down after down. So the defense isn't taking what we are really built for which is running the football. Is easy to not feel confident in our passing game because there are no big names but dez didn't look the same. I know he can still be good but he isn't the 2014 dez anymore. We've replaced savvy , experience and strength with sharp route running athleticism and speed. Dez and witten had their style but they were here during the Romo era . Romo knew what they liked and they knew what he liked. These knew guys are trying to learn dak and vice versa. I know one thing the tightends are much faster when you see jarwin and gathers . I really hope we keep gathers because he is so big and athletic that he is an automatic mismatch for anyone. The blocking will come and it sounds like every one of the tight ends are having trouble maintaining blocks. If we keep gathers , that alone will excite me about the offense. The whole team is young and I'm confident that Dak will lead them and they will learn what they need to learn
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    I always said need new schemes. Patriots receivers able to get opened easily against Eagles defense during Superbowl. Some 5 to 10 yards of open space.
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    Antonio Brown is arguably the toughest guy in the league to stay close to due to his speed and shiftiness yet they were constantly using WR picks to get him open. In our system, he would be solely responsible for creating that separation. I think we need to consider that the WRs and coaching staff are equally responsible for separation. Again I agreed with Dez that we weren't doing nearly enough from an offensive system standpoint to create openings to throw through.

    No knock on Gallup from me - he made the play. But even Jalen in that GQ article talked about how important the scheme is for a QB.
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