What happens if our WRs cannot separate?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthwestDallas40, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Corners have quickness to. If I'm a corner and Beasley is lined up outside I'm pressing him and getting him out of bounds. Beasley is a slot receiver only, and whenever Hurns, Austin or Thompson go to the slot I would put Beasley on the bench and have Williams and Gallop outside.
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    what happens???
    another season of bull-****...thats what.
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    They didn't double Beasley per say teams just dropped an extra man into coverage to take away our short passing game
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    Players still have to play.
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    Not that simple.

    And "big corners" was the term used. Most big corners can be abused by quickness.

    Teams line slot WR's outside at times to mess up the D.

    You guys are acting as if if we line Beas outside, we hv to leave him there all the time. Have you really never heard about lining WR's up everywhere to screw w/ the D? I mean, this is simple stuff.
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    They are never gonna be what some are wanting. They could go undefeated and some will still be unhappy.

    What sucks about this season Offensively is that our Defense should be what we needed in 2014 or 2016, when our Offense was running strong.

    If our running game is as strong as 2016 then we will be ok. Dak isn’t matured enough to change a lot of stuff at the line. He still can’t throw a WR open. And maybe that will never be his strong point. But I refuse to believe he is gonna suck.

    In 2016 he came in and was backup. Romo goes down and Dak is thrust into the starting job. He starts and plays 15 games and helped this team win 13 of them. If he played the last game instead of letting butt fumble and friends play he would have helped win 14 games. When Romo went down the HC and OC ran a simplified Offense and Dak had Romo helping him in the film room and practice. He said that Romo was always drawing things up for him to help.

    In 2017 the staff gave him more responsibility. You suddenly see him going to the LOS and turning his back and changing plays. The staff wanted him forcing the ball to Dez and that got more apparent as the year went on. Just like Dez said in a recent rant, they been lining up the same way forever. OC or HC changed nothing, they just opened the playbook up more and probly should not have given Dak that much power in his second year. As the year goes on the O-Line gets dinged up. He eventually loses his blindside protection and is replaced with Chaz. Elliot the whole year was either worried about being suspended or just suspended.

    First half of the year was perhaps a little above average and the second half the Offense began to get stale and flounder. How many quarters with no TD passes? Dak gets all the blame for it but realistically didn’t deserve all the blame. The staff offered no fixes other than having him try harder to force the ball to Dez and he isn’t the same player he was. Even opposing defenses said they no longer worried about double teaming him every play. They simply stacked the box and double Beez.

    This year isn’t just about Dak showing improvement, the OC and HC have to make changes to make this work. If we go out with the same plan and just plug new WR and TE in then defenses will have a easy time of it again and we will struggle. Our Defense will carry us and our run game will be strong. That only gets you so many wins. Dak will show up and should improve.
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    I get what your trying to say but the facts don't back it up. In 2016 Dez averages 7.76 targets per game and in 2017 he averages 8.31 targets per game, you really think that extra half an attempt a game was a game changer? Here is another stat for 2017 in our 1st 8 games last season Dez averaged 9.37 targets per game (we went 5-3) in our last 8 games Dez averaged 7.3 targets a game and we went 4-4. So in our 1st 8 games Dez averaged 2 targets more per game than our last 8 games and we had a winning record, but like i said for the season he averaged half a target more per game than he did in 2016 if that half a target more is the reason we went 9-7 last year as opposed to 13-3 in 2016 than as a team we are in big trouble
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    I accept your apology.

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    What happens if the coaching sucks, Zeke gets hurt and the Oline gets hurt and the receivers cant separate? We suck again.
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    Separation in the NFL is one step. For NFL quarterbacks, that's enough.
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  12. CowboyRoy

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    Neither season or record had anything to do with Dez.
  13. glimmerman

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    I get what your saying. And numbers don’t lie. I will miss Dez. But he just seemed to less effective and the attitude seemed worse. What I am thinking is that even though the targets or attempts to Dez maybe higher or slightly lower, the attention Dak paid to him had him missing attempts to other WR. He is watching Dez and missing opportunities and windows to others. Plays were breaking down right and left. And a lot of that falls on Dak. His reads and the way he does his progressions hasn’t changed I don’t think. I am hoping he grows along with these youngsters.
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    We typically have slightly above average seperation but the problem is if Dak is trying to get the ball out quick then he is throwing shorter passes right into a crowded area of the field. These receivers will have to be good at fighting for the ball in traffic. Dak needs to get better at ball placement not just getting close to a receiver. Witten was the best at using his body to shield a defender, that is what made him open even when covered.
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    For the guys that are new here.

    Don't make uninformed posts like this, just a rule of thumb.
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  16. glimmerman

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    Which is why I am wondering if that’s gonna be Rico’s job now.
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    It all begins with the 5 OL up front (and the TE and WRs blocking). If they are creating running lanes for Elliott, the WRs will easily get separation. If the OL give Dak and the WRs time, the WRs will get separation.
    If the Cowboys can consistently run the ball on 1st down for decent yards, and the Cowboys can consistently run the ball on third and short, there will be no problem with the offense. It basically does not even matter who is out there at WR.
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    I guess you didn’t watch the practice as he threw 2 beautiful TD passes. Bad int pass that Brown got, but he was being pressured by Smith. The other int was off the receivers hands. I still don’t understand why people hate on Dak after all he’s shown and done. Our fans are the worst.
  19. glimmerman

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    Was the same way when Romo was QB. Some want perfection. It ain’t gonna happen. Dak set the bar so high his rookie year it’s impossible to impress.
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    I guess Dak is not yet an NFL QB, right?
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