What has happened to our run game!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Jan 17, 2022.

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    First all, let's take all the emotion out of the disappointing end to our season and really dive into why the offense just wasn't the same in the 2nd half of the season.

    Ever since the Denver game, teams just weren't afraid of our run game any longer. Opponents started playing extra men in coverage and dared the Cowboys to beat them on the ground and they just couldn't do it.

    DC's took away all the big play chunk plays and forced the Cowboys offense to consistently drive the entire field to score points. This really affected Dak's performance as he either had to check it down or try to buy more time in the pocket to find open windows. To effectively drive the football field and convert multiple 1st downs, you need to play clean football. The Cowboys led the league in penalties and force Dak to face many 3rd and long situations, in which every QB would struggle with.

    Let's look at the stats:

    First penalties committed:

    Connor Williams-12 (10 holding flags)-he clearly has played his final game with the team.
    Biadasz-9 (This is unacceptable for the position)
    McGovern-2 (very limited snaps, but good)
    Zach Martin-2 (you see why he is an all pro player, doesn't hurt his team)
    Tyron-7, Collins/Steele 8. Mind you all these Tackles haven't played a full schedule

    As you can see, the penalty issues are across the board outside of Zach Martin. In my opinion, if this issue is among most of our starters, blame needs to be pointed to our OL coach and he needs to be replaced.

    Let's look at our rushing stats:

    5 Games we averaged 195 yards on the ground (Eagles twice, LAC-terrible run defense, Carolina, Giants) 35 carry average. Team record 5-0! Zeke reportedly got hurt late in that Carolina game. Run game tanked 2 weeks later. Why did the coaches continue to use Zeke so much after he clearly was hurt? This is on the positional coach and more on MM himself.

    Other 12 Game average was 95 yards a game, 100 yards less. 25 carry average

    Kellen Moore also deserves blame for his lack of creativity, becoming way too pass happy and not playing the healthier back in Pollard more. All the offensive coaches including MM deserve blame for this.
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    I would even turn Cooper loose if we can get in free agency an All-Pro Olman for that salary amount.

    The OL blocking was poor most of year. That is why DAK became one dimensional after first half. He is not an elite QB. He can be elite only with great running game.

    Collins was no better than average this year. Is he dimished in talent due to his hip surgery.

    Connor Williamns holds a lot when he is beat, whhch is too often. Perhaps guard is not his best position. He has outlived his welcome.

    Biasdasz should be considered for guard if we can find a better center. He does not dominate as a center. We need a center upgrade, unless a new OL coach believes with better technique he can get better and is worth investing.

    Collins should be considered for LG if we believe he will be better than the Connors. If so, we should find a stud RT, who will eventually move to LT. If not, see next point.

    We need to consider a first year starting guard in first round who is a proven mauler, hole opener, road grader, Quentin Nelson/Zach Martin type. Most teams do not fraft guards so high, so the OT's would go earlier.

    Don't blame Dak. He can't put up points in early games when his coach is OUTSMARTED EARLY IN GAMES, and he hs no Ol to open holes. Jimmy Johnson's and Tom Landry's OLines were always able to open runniig lanes.
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    Zeke is slow now.

    Pollard is good, but only for 10-12 plays a game.

    Drafting Zeke’s replacement needs to be a priority in this year’s draft.

    Dak requires a good running game to support him.
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    Oline sucks. And Moore panics too much and gets away from the run. If he had any imagination het Pollard, Lamb, etc on short quick passes in the middle to use there athleticism. Kind of like Deebo
  5. Cmac

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    Panic attack occurred after the first SF TD.
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    yes, let's draft future hall of famers. Great plan. Those guys just grow on trees. We shouldn't need HOF's at every position. Find a decent LG/C and coach the guy up. They don't need to be all-pros, they just need to do their job consistently and avoid the penalties.
  7. SFloridaCowboy

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    Let's cut to the chase, very simple.

    Boys' OL cannot run block. The whole NFL knows that. So an offseason OL overhaul is required. You do not have to be a rocket scientist like my younger son to see this and undertsand it.
  8. G2

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    Not to mention Prescott was a shell of his former self running the ball.
  9. SFloridaCowboy

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    "yes, let's draft future hall of famers. Great plan. Those guys just grow on trees"

    Quality like Tyrone Smith, T Fred, Zach Martin, all home runs, or grand slams, in first round. That is what is needed. Any other Dallas first rounders on OL drafted in past 12 years? McClay needs to focus on this critical need to justify 40M to Dak.
  10. noshame

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    The easy answer?
    Nobody fears our pass game
  11. Cowboyny

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    If nobody fears our passing game, why are they using extra men in coverage? Exact opposite nobody feared us running the football
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    Quick answer -- "Holding, Number 52, offense", plus the other holding calls. OL hold when they're being overrun and can't hold their position and move the guy across from them.
  13. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Looks fine when Pollard and Steele are playing.
  14. goshann

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  15. Kumala808

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    Need an oline that can bully the dline and they did not
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    Our 15 million dollar RB is cooked, but Jerry can't be made to look like the idiot of a GM that he is.

    That's certainly part of it.
  17. KJJ

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    Zeke isn’t what he was and the OL isn’t what it was. That’s what happened to the running game.
  18. fivetwos

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    That's certainly part of it.

    Laell Collins is fat lazy and stupid...in several ways.

    Williams isn't a good player and is also stupid.

    Biadasz isn't an NFL starter on a team that wants to succeed.

    Tyron is still a good player but is banged up constantly (would you drive your shiny Bentley with 250k miles on it across country? )

    And honestly Martin, as his career winds down (yet another HOF player wasted) isn't enough to overcome the rest.

    The OL needs to be severely revamped. I have NO idea if Jerry will get it and/or let it happen....
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  19. Tabascocat

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    The easiest answer is Dak can’t make defenses respect his passing game.
  20. Cmac

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    Game plan or ideas tossed in the shredder, the day KMoore became OC. Team is a finesse team now......no need for that when running is not an option. When all else fails, just get punk'd.

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