What I think happened at 10

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Apr 30, 2021.

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    I think at several points in the offseason, the FO had discussions concerning the draft, their needs, what constituted a good day one and under what conditions would they consider trading in either direction.

    I think there were 5 players targeted that they had to come away with 1 of them and the worst case was that 4 of them would be gone by the 9th pick. The worst case happened but it wasn't the last player standing they thought it would be.

    All thorough the off season, it was about 4 or 5 QB's, Sewell, Pitts and 3 WR's. The odds of 2 of the 3 D targets being gone were remote. And certainly not the 2 CB targets. The Cowboys had Pitts, Sewell, Surtain, Horn and Parsons as their top 5. And were reasonable sure Pitts and Sewell were gone.

    Then on Tuesday, we began to hear rumbles that CAR and DEN might be eying the corners or some other team might jump into the top 9 for one of them but not both. On early Thursday, not only did I think they would be gone, so did the FO because they began to consider going up for 1 of them. The worst case scenario was developing.

    Trading with the Eagles was the shocker of the 1st round for me but the Cowboys knew they weren't taking the last man standing; however, the team most aligned with Parsons in most mocks was the Giants, that was the risk. The Cowboys knew the Eagles would end up with Smith at 12 so letting them have him at 10 was nothing but a 3rd round pickup for them.

    And what the Eagles did was of little matter, the Cowboys were looking at 0-5 on their targets in the 1st round.

    I do not know if the CHI trade was offered to the Cowboys but going to 20 would mean they do not get any of the 5 targets in the draft and that is failure. Doesn't matter about the 1st round 2022 pick, since when did Booger look beyond the upcoming season? Just not his MO.

    I think Parsons was firmly in that 5th spot and they centered most of their discussions around Horn v Surtain with Booger even making the comment about evaluating an opt out player.

    Micah Parsons was the consolation prize, they really wanted one of the CB's and the only other option was to roll the dice on Farley and a 2nd on an injury risk is not the same as the 10th or 12th roll of the dice.

    I think there is inherent risk with Parsons with his off the field behavior and that interview made him look as dumb as an email stamp. However, there is reward as well because he can hit and run better than anyone at LB now.

    I really do not have a strong opinion about this pick but I do know any team with the 10th pick and facing losing out on their top 5 targets isn't a good thing especially when you consider every person in the free world was aware that the Cowboys needed D more than any other team. In 80% of the mocks, they were the first team to take a D player in the top 10.

    Then, as drafts are prone to do, it began to get real 48 hours prior to the first pick and they did the best they could do.

    My grade for them, not the pick but for them getting 1 of their top 5 is a solid A.
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    I don't know...i am starting to think that Parsons was the target all along based on what is coming out. He was the highest-rated defensive player on the board for them, the info coming out that they were considering moving to 6 for HIM, not the corners.

    The fact that he was one of the "dawgs" up high, along with Horn.

    I see their order of preference as Parsons, Horn, Surtain...imo.

    I love what they did.
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    I think they had Sewell, Pitts, Horn and Surtain as their targets. I do not think Parsons was a target. If it is true they tried to trade up to 6 it was to get Sewell or Pitts if one fell and to guarantee they got at least one of the CBs. I think once the 4 targets were gone, the Cowboys tried to trade down and take another player as a consolation depending on where they landed. I also think they could not find a trade down partner, except the Eagles, or at least the Eagles were willing to give them the best deal. Parsons was not a choice pick, he was the best pick available for where they found themselves. If the Cowboys were honest, they would say they wished a CB fell to 10.

    Oddly they now have two first round picks and a second round pick at LB while having no 1st round picks anywhere else on defense. Maybe this is why their defense has been so bad.
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    The reported off the field issues seem to be highly exaggerated. Or at least based on what I have read. Also I think they love Parsons speed, attitude and how he fits in with what they want to do on defense.
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    If this is true then I am even more concerned about the cowboys front office now than I was before the draft - and I was very concerned before. I had not seen a mock draft, draft rumor, or anything else to suggest Parsons would go in the top 10, and certainly not in the top 6. I think the Cowboys are just doing what they do best. The blow smoke, and make it snow as deep as possible, to hype or justify whatever they do. And if they thought Parsons would go that early, then why trade down with the Eagles to 12? Weren't they afraid someone would jump up and take this future Hall of Famer? Why not just stay and 10 and ensure they got the guy they targeted all along?

    I don't care what the Cowboys say. Parsons was a consolation pick and if there were any other suitable options the Cowboys would have taken one instead of Parsons.
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    I have not heard any of that but these people backspin so I don't pay any attention to them anyway.

    If he was the highest rated D player on their board, I think Quinn put him there and I do not underestimate Sean Lee's input to go along with that. And Sean Lee puts a lot of stock in tackling.

    I really don't see all of the wailing about this pick when anyone considers just how bad the run D was last season. They had to start somewhere, this is just one piece of the puzzle.
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    Jerry told Fisher for a 1000 dollars he would take him to the war room and show their board to him to prove Parsons was his highest rated defender and not the corners.

    I would have paid it just to see the board and give you guys the scoop of where they will go today Haha
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    That's how I see it as well. When they heard DEN's pick, the wind went out of their sails.

    And think about their conversations leading up to the draft, they thought they'd have their pick of the D talent. It wasn't until the day before the draft that they started really considering their debates about Horn v Surtain were all in vain. They no longer had the choice; they had the consolation prize and I think Booger was so disappointed that he didn't really care if the Giants stayed at 11 and took Parsons, as had been mocked so many times.

    I think their decision to take Parsons got more applause when they saw what WFT did with their D. They're going to need a whole lot more than Parsons.
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    I don't think that Horn or Surtain where there top targets. It wouldn't make since to have spent so much time on looking at 2nd and 3rd Rd CB's, if they where. And we Surtain had not even heard from us at one point. That doesn't seem like normal MO, if those are your top targets.
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    I think version a is for sure correct

    Parsons was definitely high on the board.

    in fact two people who saw the draft board after the fact have confirmed it.
    And one of the two went so far as to confirm what Jerry said about Parsons being top defensive player

    I do agree that the trade up to 6 idea was to get ahead of the Lions for Sewell
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    The cowboys have done very well with their first rd picks over the years. Even Claiborne; he was rated very highly by everyone. Now of course you are going to have a dud now and then but the Boys have fewer 1st rd duds then just about anyone. So I reject the notion that they were fumbling around like drunken cub scouts.
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    I think if either CB had been there they would have taken them
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    Why? you scout players so if something happens and you can’t get your guy you have other options
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    I believe them when they say that Parsons was at the top of the draft board. But I think they would have taken Sewell or either of the corners higher because of the position that they play.

    Moving down to 20 and taking Darrisaw would have been better, if the offer was on the table. But I’d rather have their second this year then next year’s first.

    I hate the pick for so many reasons - the off the field issues, the fact that it makes our 2019 pick potentially irrelevant and takes Neal off the field, the fact that he’s a risk in coverage and this is a passing league.

    But the draft can still be saved with a great selection in round 2. No reaches please.
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    I call b.s. on this. This info came out AFTER they drafted Parsons. They are trying to sell this pick to us and themselves. No way was Parsons rated higher than Surtain and Horn. It makes zero sense. They were never going to trade up to get Parsons. If this was a supposed tactic, then why did they trade back to get him? No one above Dallas was thinking about Parsons at all. He was a fall back and someone they had to settle for. He sat out last season, has off the field issues and is not a polished LB. It's the same as the 2018 draft where Philly traded up and got the TE we wanted and we had to settle for Conner Williams.

    Taking a LB that high, especially one like Parsons is very meh.

    Surtain and Horn is who they wanted.
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    The Jonses' were set on one of the CBs and had them yanked out from under them. After that, they traded down a couple of spots to collect their thoughts. Do the trade down again and take a guy like Moehrig while getting some more draft picks of do you settle for Parsons? Jerry decided to settle for Parsons.

    I just never got the feeling the team was drafting Parsons. I had that feeling they got stuck with him because he was the last guy on the playground who wasn't picked yet. At least that's how I felt.
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    There were reports before the draft they liked Parsons.
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    I think the risk of losing Parsons was minimal because they had Slater as a fall back or the Bears to trade back with.

    The most encouraging thing about this pick and the Neal signing is the admission our LBS were trash. JJ is outwardly sunshine and rainbows, but its nice to know they are acknowledging how badly we needed improvement at the position.

    I honestly believe this is the year we attempt to shore up the middle of the field. I expect a safety and a DT 2 of the next 3 picks.
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    I read that too fast and thought you said "roaches." Same difference.
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    Should have traded up for Sewell or took Slater.
    The injury bug will re-appear for Smith, Collins or both and the lack of quality OT depth will be exposed again.

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