What I think happened at 10

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    I don't know, I might have traded down with the Bears. I like Oweh, I really liked Darrisaw and I'm guessing the CB Campbell is going off the board in the first few picks in the 2nd round IMO, I love that guy. All of those guys could have helped us and I don't know that Parsons is head and shoulders better then any of them, to be honest. Plus, you get a 4th this year and a 1st next year. I think I would have taken that, to be honest.
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    The choice was clear, Premium O picks were , Pitts and Sewell for us and one of two CBs. When all of them gone in 9 previous picks , we had no other choice to pick better defensive talent available. Going the Slater route is only justifiable if he is slotted as premium tackle , most scouts peg him as Guard. We do have 2 Connors . Also with all the D holes a starter LB is not something to sneeze at. Definite need , the draft is deep for CBs , I am told. Getting another pick in the top 100 is very much justified.
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    I don’t know. The Ticket had David Moore on today and I trust him. He’s fine going after the Boys so no reason to lie. He was saying that Parsons was the #4 guy on their board OVERALL and top D player so he was above the 2 DBs. You’d think only Pitts, Sewell and a WR were there. Someone can easily fact check this. I also don’t know why this isn’t possible. It’s not the 1st time our FO has been enamored with a guy that many thought was not on their radar or who was rated lower overall
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    Walker, when has Booger ever, EVER, been about the future beyond this coming season?

    I was in the 1st round thread all night and that was the reaction of most but we didn't even know if they'd been approached by CHI with that offer. Do we know if they were even approached by CHI prior to the deal with PHL?

    I assumed the Cowboys didn't care about Parsons because he'd been mostly attached to NYG in most mocks.

    There were some curves thrown to DAL and PHL and softballs to CHI and NE. I think CHI was watching NE to see what they were going to do and quite a few thought they'd trade with the Cowboys.

    PHL saw Chase and Waddle come off back to back and started to worry about Smith.

    How and why they traded with the Eagles is what I would like to know, that ain't the norm. Unless they thought the Giants were taking Smith and might trade out if he was gone but that requires a lot of crafty thinking and with this brain trust, I ain't buying that.
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    That must not be true.

    If he is your highest-rated player, and he is on the board when you are picking, why would you not take him?

    They have been pretty good going BPA in recent years...
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    The question is, was Parsons their top target? I say no way he was their top target or even in their top 4 targets. They had Sewell, Pitts, Surtain and Horn as their targets. When they were taken and Dallas could not trade down further, they selected Parsons. No doubt he is a great athlete, but it is like having a QB with no protection in front of him. And like I said, if he was at the top of their board, I am more concerned now than I was before the draft - and I was greatly concerned. Every time a team gets wowed by combine or pro-day workouts they get burned.

    And by the way, Jamin Davis ran faster than Parsons and jumped 8" higher on his vertical, 6" farther in the broad jump and benched two more reps than Parsons at his pro-day. If workout numbers impress you, then they should have taken Davis who has been compared to Darius Leonard. And I could argue that based on the videos of Davis, he has better instincts than Parsons. We will be hearing the comparisons of Parsons and Davis for a while because they are in the same division now.

    I am not suggesting Parsons is not a good football player. I am stating clearly he was not the right pick for the Dallas Cowboys, and as we stand right now, the Cowboys defense is not going to be better than it was in 2020 because the same weaknesses exist. Parsons was the Cowboys making the only pick they could because they were in a bad situation.
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    The X-factor is did we suspect or know Bears were moving up cause Giants could have easily taken Parsons. Maybe Bears did try and move up with us so we knew they were on the prowl ?

    Cause Giants could have spoiled our trading down.
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    Just curious how you know what their board look like or who they were targeting? You're just making a bunch of assumptions unless you work for Jerry and was inside the war room. Also how do you know they couldn't trade down further?

    All that being said Jane Slater said before the draft don't be surprised if they go after Parsons....... she was right just like she was with Trysten Hill. I take what she says over your assumptions.
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    DEN had been mentioned as a CB pick several times and the week of it came out that CAR really liked Horn. So they did have some warning of what might happen but the team I saw linked to Parsons the most was NYG, the pick behind DAL.

    That's what blew me away because as the board is moving, I am warming up to Parsons and when that trade with PHL was announced I was shocked. Ole Booger is always good for a draft gotchya! Then I assumed the Giants would take Parsons and I thought, they're trading back again with NE and will take a D player or Slater.

    Then they take Parsons and my first thought was 'Booger, was this the opt out player you wouldn't consider evaluating"?

    I am fine with the Parsons pick but I would prefer they keep the interviews to the minimum, he gives rebirth to "dumb jock". I know, I know, he can't help it if he's dumb but it's like ugly people, they can't help it either but they don't have to come out in the open so much.
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    Its a lot of smoke and mirrors. If you look back few months Parson was rated the top defensive player. He starts to fall when rumors about character issues showed up. Take everything with grain of salt. Every team says it has done well after the draft.
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    His “ dumbness” is all part of it. And why were pleased it turned out as well as it did.

    And we can add to it tonite if we use that pick wisely.
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    I do not believe they fell in love with parsons. They seem to value character. They just didn’t want to trade too far down and get stuck with yet another g/c that wouldn’t move the needle much
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    Davis is nowhere near the prospect that Parsons is. There is isn’t a reputable scout that thinks that. Your feelings are hurt because we didn’t get the guy you wanted. That’s fine. But you stating that he was not the right pick means very little. The fact is the cowboys drafted arguably the best defensive player in the draft. That’s not what I say, that’s what many in the scouting community believe.
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    What do we know for sure?
    It would have cost them a ton to trade up for Pitts or Sewell, if the other teams were even willing to make such a trade, and they weren't willing to do that. I agree with them.
    They would have had to trade up to get Horn or Surtain, if those teams were willing to make such a trade.
    Parsons was obviously the next guy on their board, whether or not he was their top D guy from the beginning. They had him higher than Slater.

    The rest is speculation.
    I think they had Parsons and maybe a couple other guys as a clear top-talent tier when pick 10 came around. That's why they weren't willing to go down to 20.
    I wonder if they tried to trade down to 15 with NE but NE was willing to just take their chances at that point.

    Overall, I think it's pretty clear the draft didn't fall the way they hoped, but they definitely thought very highly of Parsons.
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    Extremely exaggerated. Heck, Payton Manning, and Brett Favre have both done worse, and no one bats an eye.
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    Consider this if the Parsons was the guy all along is a spin. It might not be for the brain trust justifying the pick but for Parsons feeling like he wasn't a fall back. I don't know much about this kid at all except what I've heard in interviews and he's a little different.

    It would not surprise me for Booger, McC and Quinn to make Parsons feel you might have been the 3rd D guy taken but you were our #1.

    I know, I am making them good guys and I just hate myself for that. You can hate me too. I won't even cuff you for a personal attack!

    One thing about this pick reminds me of what I did immediately following the Yosemite pick. Most were pissed and said they reached and could have had him in the 2nd round. So, I did a little spinning to myself, which is not only allowed but encouraged in the pursuit of happiness.

    The only thing I know for sure is that they absolutely have to address this defense and that begins with the rush D. Whether that's a CB, LB or DT doesn't matter because it's not just one position they need to upgrade. I look at this as a start. They did not start until round 2 last draft and most of the time go O with their 1st pick so this is positive to me. Nothing but positive.

    I do not have to sell myself or spin this, Parsons is a very talented LB and a fine tackler and that's a great start addressing the #1 problem.
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    Slater suggested Parsons.

    The last thing we heard from McCarthy was they wanted to inject speed and energy.

    That should have spelled it out for everyone before the draft started.
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    I don't think either of them are worth a top 10 pick.
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    As far as the character questions about him, he's well aware of that because he keeps hearing all of the analysts say he's first D off the board if not for that. So, that has already cost him some money and stature and he was holding his 3 year old son last night in those pre-interviews for a reason.

    That Micah Parsons, the one you've all heard bad things about, he's been replaced by this one. He has the chance to erase all of that on the most covered team on the planet.

    Good people do stupid things but that doesn't mean they keep doing them. Do him and yourself a favor. Instead of expecting him to do wrong, expect him to put all of that behind him and get a reboot on his life. If you are wrong, that's OK. If you are right, you will feel better about yourself.

    I just hope the ever negative Dallas media doesn't use this as their fodder. They're lazy and like to pick the fruit off the ground. And some have already decided he's a bad apple.
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    They could’ve had Parsons as the top rated D player and still had Surtain, Horn, or both as their preferred picks. Teams do not always take the very highest rated player, especially in the first round. Positional need always becomes part of the conversation, especially when the players are ranked very closely.

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