What if AT&T stadium had audio issue during Eagles pick

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Centex

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    I know the thread is for fun but I hope nothing like sound disruption occurs. It would only bring negative press and make Dallas look bush league.
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  2. jrumann59

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    All Jerry needs to do is post NO UNION signs and most eagle fans will leave...
  3. CowboyFanInLexKy

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    Check out my avatar... LOL
  4. Idgit

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    The could just drop the volume way down, then spike it up and drop it down again. Get the speaker all confused.

    Or maybe slip footage of McNabb throwing up in the Superbowl into whatever highlight package they play for the Eagles on the big screen.

    All that would be so much more effective if they weren't the reigning world champs, though. I think we just have to take our medicine or make fun of the Giants.
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  5. Hardline

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    Something like that would ensure Dallas would never host a draft again. Which is fine by me. I hope the whoever announces the pick for the Eagles comes out holding a Lombardi trophy and flashing a shiny new super bowl ring and rubs Jerry's face in it.
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  6. CPanther95

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    How about wearing a Dez Bryant Eagles jersey? :eek:
  7. Redball Express

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    Just let Drew announce their selection.

    That ought to do it.

    All the TVs in Philly will switch to golf coverage.
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  8. ESisback

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    I suspect they'll have as many T-shirts and banners they can display that'll say Super Bowl Champs. Right now they're probably recruiting people to bus down to Dallas. They want to outnumber Cowboy fans on their own turf. They're brainstorming now, trying to come up with something that can't be topped. Showing up the Cowboys is all many of those mouthbreathers live for.
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  9. cern

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    there is no doubt whoever it is that selects for the eagles will try and get in the plug about super bowl champion eagles, etc. but no matter what he says will it never top what drew pearson did last year. that was sheer spontaneity. no rehearsed line will ever top drew's speech. one for the ages. never saw it coming.
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  10. ESisback

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    Oh, I agree that NOBODY can top what Drew did last year. I'm just saying that those cretins from Philly will make an unprecedented amount of noise.
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  11. cern

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    I just got the concession to sell ear plugs at the event.
  12. northerncowboynation

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    That would be fricking hilarious. " with the Eagles first pick of the draft they select".... garble garble garble, loss of video feed, blackout. I'd laugh my arse off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. MileyDancer

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    I could get a small .22 into the stadium easily. My ex used to sneak in mixed drinks in glass cups. It's not hard (not that I'm condoning it).
  14. Longboysfan

    Longboysfan hipfake08

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    I'm all for the mixed drinks.

    But not for the .22
  15. lukin2006

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    Actually, I think having audio issues every time Goodell speaks would be hilarious ...
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    Of course they will try to get someone to get the crowed ticked off to get back at what 88 did.

    What the crowd needs to do is be prepared as Cowboys fans.

    When they start their spew...turn their backs to the stage, just remain quiet and after they are done... say with that lameness out of the way...Cleveland is on the Clock and be done with it.
  17. atlantacowboy

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    Personally, I think it would be more funny and ribbing if everyone in attendance just gave a standing slow clap.............like its about ****** time that team won something.
  18. ESisback

    ESisback Well-Known Member

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    I'm thinking that if Jerry or the Cowboys did ANYTHING that would upset Goodell or his cronies, the team would pay the price later.
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  19. poke

    poke the older I get the better I was

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    if any of you have ever been to the stadium you will know that Jerry doesnt need to pay an audio guy to screw up the sound.
    that place has the worst sound system I have heard in a modern day stadium.
  20. KJJ

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    Drew Pearson’s rant last year fired them up. Maybe one of their former players can do the same for us. Jaws walks up to the podium and starts rubbing Philly’s championship in our face.

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