What if Dallas wins the Super Bowl this season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by InTheZone, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. InTheZone

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    What coaches and players do you think we double down on to retain? Does JG get credit and does he get an extension, as I've not ruled out before, that would have him competing with Tom Landry for longest tenured DC HC? Maybe not coach in more seasons than Landry, but still set the bar for modern day head coaches for a single team.

    Would winning change how we operate and keep players?

    9 years before a ring, how many more years would Garrett get to chase another if we continue to miss the playoffs or possibly get one WC in?
  2. John813

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    JG becomes coach for life. Jerry's move paid off. He gets credit for building a SB team with the coach he wanted to win it with. He can boast about being right about Garrett and believing in him when many got off etc..

    Nope. Only harden the process.
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  3. Blackthorn

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    I always think Dallas will win the Superbowl. Dak, Zeke, Coop, Martin, Collins, Tyron, Jaylon, Brown, Awuzi, Jones and Wolf Hunter are the best in the league.

    But others:

    • Some fans on this website would have a meltdown.
    • Fans would complain about the play calling.
    • Fans would complain that Jerry has not won since 2020.
    • Fans would moan about the Jersey color.
    • Garrett won with Jimmie's players.
    • There would be threads about Romo and/or Dez
    • Eagle fans would be suicidal.
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  4. charron

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    That would be proof that hell has frozen over.
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  5. Falco78

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    Then unicorns and smurfs are real...
  6. Shinaoi

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    Jerry sold his soul to satan for the first 3 wins, the curse was to never win again. So I would be shocked!
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  7. Sydla

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    Then we party.
  8. Rajat

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    To win the Super Bowl, we have to get to the NFC Championship game first. Have you seen that game on our schedule lately? :grin:
  9. NorthwestDallas40

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    Can I have some of what you are smoking?

    With our brutal schedule, a new OC, doing little so far to bolster a DL that gave up 275 rushing yards in a playoff gane, and losing a key chain mover in Beasley, I’d be surprised if we made the playoffs. 8-8.
  10. TexasHillbilly

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    I really like the last one.
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  11. Diehardblues

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    It would solidify the process.
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  12. JW82

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    A very very hot place will freeze over...
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  13. InTheZone

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  14. Reverend Conehead

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    With a Super Bowl victory, Garrett will have earned his spot and will be with us for a lot longer.
  15. ClappingCarrot

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    If Dallas wins the Super Bowl, I will cry physical tears of joy.

    These 20+ years have been grueling. Can only imagine what Cubs and even Red Sox fans went through for so long.
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  16. UpNorth

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    We don't have the talent, staff, or pedigree to even talk about this in open spaces
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  17. JoeKing

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    I wish that would mean all of you that criticize JJ and JG would stop but unfortunately nothing will stop that because you don't know how to admit you were wrong.
  18. cowboyblue22

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    you have to win a divisional playoff game then win a nfc championship game first the last guy to coach a cowboys team to a divisional playoff win was barry switzer
  19. Aerolithe_Lion

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    From Garrett’s perspective, forcing him on yet another lame duck season is very disrespectful. If I win the Super Bowl in my Lame duck season, even if It was with the Eagles, I’d be like


    Then Go find a team where winning the division isn’t grounds for termination.
  20. InTheZone

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    So even if we continue our normal path of being average for 3-4 years or longer after we win one he's alright in your book?

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