What if Moore chooses to stay Dallas OC and turns down HC offers?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SoupcanSam, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. waving monkey

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    I dont either but ambition is well respected
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  2. SackMaster

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    Head Coach of Offense
    Head Coach of Defense

    I mean, is it that much stranger than "Passing Game Coordinator" / "Running Game Coordinator" titles we had under Parcells?
    :huh: :muttley:
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  3. TequilaCowboy

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    None of us here know what is in his head. But my spider senses tell me he does see his future as a NFL HC.....and i believe he would like nothing better than to coach the Dallas Cowboys. If he declines any HC jobs next season, it will be more obvious than it is now to me that there is an understanding between him and Jerry. Jerry cannot promise right now the job to him because of the Rooney Rule. But Jerry knows he does not want him to get away. And KM wants to be here. That's all i can say about that.
  4. fivetwos

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    Wouldn't be a shock.

    But that would be change for change sake, and they are going to need to hurt for a little while after Ben quits. I wouldn't be running into that situation if I'm Moore. Tough act follow anyway, add no QB on top of it, I'd probably stay in Dallas if I'm Moore.
  5. jrumann59

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    I think College would be safer bet for him. He can learn on the job and have more margin of error due to talent disparity in the college ranks. He becomes an NFL head coach he has seen the issues a "young" head coaches deal with, the are more non-McVays that have been cycled through the NFL than not. Also being a HC he cant bury his head in the offensive game planning only.
  6. ConstantReboot

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    He doesn't need to make Moore Asst. Head coach, etc. He just needs to open up his wallet and pay Moore head coaching money.

    Moore wants to be head coach which I assume is the money. He seems someone who is low-keyed and focused on playcalling. I can't see him handling other duties that a head coach has to worry about. Plus, if he takes a head coaching job it may not be a team that he would be interested in.

    Frankly, I don't think he's cut out to be head coach. He is a genius at playcalling and X and Os stuff and bad at everything else. This is probably the reason why the Eagles didn't hire him.
  7. GMO415

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    What if? Didn't he already turn down Boise for this year. Just rinse and repeat.
  8. zrinkill

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    I think Kellen is smart enough to see what happened to all these other coaches who took a head coaching job to soon and flopped.
    He is in a good position here and is 33 years old while the horrible meddling owner is almost 80.

    Bide your time young man.
    This could be be your boss soon.
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  9. davidyee

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    I would say that is a smart move at this juncture of his career.

    I would council him to continue to do the HC interview circuit to continue to experience and learn from the process, but jumping into the main job right now...especially with a league bottom feeder would be risky.
  10. AyeAtey

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    Transitioning not an easy task. Now you're responsible for "everything"
    not just one phase. Criticism, high expectations, heat and pressure (Jerry) can take you down real quick.

    Pay the man, if it's money, stock him with an OL and more weapons, depth.
  11. JD_KaPow

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    Except that the OC of the Patriots, Josh McDaniels, did jump at a HC job in Denver, where he failed before returning to the Patriots fold.
  12. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Kellen was OC under Garrett.

    Makes me wonder how this genius OC offensive guru , impressive mind of football, this outstanding talented mind, and almost godlike IQ of football…. makes me wonder why it didnt matter then .

    what might have changed ?

    dont say MM , because Kellen does everything in this team. MM is here for the ride. :lmao:
  13. Big_D

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    He’s really in a great situation. I’m sure becoming a HC is a goal, but running a top tier offense with the talent level that’s here just doesn’t come around too often.
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  14. Easyout66

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    I think he's going to leave, but I don't see him pulling a bad team off the mat, takes a strong personality to navigate a bad team to a winner
  15. nightrain

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    One of the inevitable questions asked of a coaching candidate would be who would they bring on at the top end of their staff. I would be very interested in hearing who his coaching tree sprouts with.
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  16. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Good Point .
  17. OmerV

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    A part of me thinks Moore could want to stick with what he started, knowing he could benefit from a few more years of experience before becoming a head coach, but at the end of the day a head coaching opportunity isn't something to take lightly. If he waited and the Cowboys had a disappointing year or two it could affect his opportunities.
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  18. NeathBlue

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    If we fall short of getting to the Super Bowl, there could well be a head coaching vacancy in Dallas that one of these (probably Moore) would be primed for..
    and if we won the Super Bowl, MM might want to go out at the top anyway.
  19. Bob-Lillys-War

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    idk , my 2 cents are :

    If :

    we win the superbowl . Kellen wont be here , because every team will want him . And the SB champ coach doesnt get fired.

    we make the superbowl after several decades but lose, everyone will want MM as their HC , and jerry wont let that happen. Kellen might get good offers.

    we make the playoffs and fail , Kellen will be evaluated on his results . being an OC for 3 years i doubt will get him a HC job , but maybe some team wants to gamble a whole season on a 3 year OC .

    we dont make the playoffs, kellen will be evaluated no his results, but not making the playoffs wont convince teams to hand over the franchise to an OC that doesnt make the playoffs.
  20. Praxit

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    ..I personally see him sticking around a bit more. 2-3 yrs maybe. HC is whole other ball game.

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